How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

You have a bit of control over what you share on Facebook and how people react to it. You can delete Facebook comments, turn off notifications, send a wave to someone on Facebook, delete the thug of life game on Facebook, disable the feature to make people share stories on your timeline, and even make a Facebook post shareable or denied people from sharing or restrict people from seeing your posts on Facebook.

We can keep mentioning a lot of things that you can do on Facebook; it’s still not limited to muting conversation, play games on Facebook, lock Facebook messenger head, block Facebook users, turn on and turn on Facebook dark mode, download Facebook data if you want to take some time off the platform and do a whole lot of personal settings to your Facebook account.

However, this post is taking another turn today. In this our guide today, you will be able to end unable to share a Facebook post in and on your Facebook timeline. That is, we will teach you how to make Facebook posts shareable.

In this guide, you will be able to make both the old and new Facebook posts shareable, and also walk you through a single move that turns on the Facebook shareable feature in your Facebook account.

How do I make a Facebook Post Shareable

Do Facebook makes post shareable by default? If not, how do you make post shareable on your timelines and for your friends and family to see your post and be able to share them? To make a shareable Facebook post, follow the procedures below.

How do I make a shareable post of Facebook on PC

Below is how to make your Facebook posts shareable public on PC or computer for others to be able to share it.

  • Go to or
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on “Log in.”
  • Tap on the drop menu located at the top right and click on “Settings & Privacy.”How to make a Facebook post shareable
  • Tap on Settings.Settings on Facebook
  • Click on “Privacy” on the left of the pane.Privacy
  • Under “Privacy Settings & Tools,” click on “Edit” on “who can see your future post.”How to make a Facebook Post Shareable
  • Select “Public” and click on “Close.”How to make Facebook posts Shareable
  • This how to make your Facebook post shareable.

Henceforth, all your Facebook posts will be shareable.

How to make old Facebook Posts Shareable

If you have Facebook posts that are not shareable or not made public in your timeline, here is how to edit old posts that are not shareable and make them shareable.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Click on the “three dots” located at the top of the old post that you want to be made shareable.More Facebook posts option
  • Click on “Edit Audience,” and a new pop-up will appear.Edit Audience
  • Select “Public” under “Select Privacy.”How to make Facebook post shareable.
  • Done.

The Facebook post will be made public and made shareable from your Facebook timeline.

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

You can as well decide to make part of your posts shareable and some not shareable. The posts made shareable on Facebook will be shareable by the public, while other options will restrict the post according to the privacy and settings configuration.

  • Log in to your Facebook account on a browser or using the Facebook mobile app.
  • Click on “what is on your mind” to create a new post.
  • Click on the lock drop menu.Create a Facebook Post
  • Select “Public”  for anyone on and off Facebook to see your post.
  • Write hat you want to share and click on the “Post” button.

Only this post will be shareable. Others will not be shareable. However, to make all your Facebook posts shareable, follow the steps, I shared above under “How do I make a Facebook post shareable.”

This guide on how to make a post shareable on Facebook works on all devices, including a Windows computer, macOS, Android, and iPhone (iOS).

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