How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

There are actually a countless number of ways to download YouTube videos on an iPhone. And among ways of downloading them include using some native iOS apps.

But if you ask us, if we’d recommend these apps, the simple answer would be no. These apps would help download the videos you want, but very often they’d also carry out some other unpleasant activities on people’s phones. Activities these apps carry out, include harvesting people’s data and sending them to a remote server. The developers of these apps, then gather the received data and sell them.

While this can be quite shocking for some people, such a practice isn’t the worst these apps are capable of. In short, if we’d be recommending anyone a way of downloading YouTube videos on iPhone, we wouldn’t be recommending them any of these native iOS apps designed for it.

What we’d rather be recommending are online YouTube downloaders. These online downloaders simply fetch you the video from YouTube. And after fetching the video to their server, you’d be provided download links you can use to download the video. This way, you can download videos, knowing no app would be doing any stupid thing on your phone.

It is, however, worthwhile stating that these online YouTube downloaders often contain ads, so they might be a bit annoying.

Now that you’ve already stated there are online YouTube videos downloaders, which one of them can you recommend? Well, one of the best online YouTube downloaders we have come across is the one called SConverter. This tool has been around for a while, and there’s hardly a time it doesn’t work. And if you’d love to learn how to use it, you should read on.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

Here is a detailed guide to download YouTube videos on your iPhone.

Step 1: Find and Open a Video You’d Like to Download

For anyone who’d like to download a YouTube video using SConverter, the first requirement is to have a video you’d like to download. You can simply log on to, and find a video you’d like to download. If you already have a specific video, then you can paste its URL into your browser, and load its YouTube page.

You should, however, note that for this online downloader to work properly, you’d need a standard web browser. Safari is a standard web browser, so it should work. But if you wouldn’t be using Safari, just ensure whatever browser you’re using is a standard one.

Once you have a video you’d like to download, and you’ve opened its YouTube page, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Replace the “be” in “YouTube” with “10”: to

After finding a video you’d like to download, the next thing that is needed to be done is to send its link to the SConverter tool. A typical YouTube video link would look like this: But how would you send the link to the tool? Well, there are two approaches.

The first approach has to do with visiting And when the page loads, you’d be asked to enter the link of a YouTube video.

However, this process can be quite stressful for some people, especially when trying to download a lot of videos. So rather than manually visiting the web interface of the tool and providing the link of the video, we’d recommend you choose the second approach.

To make use of the second approach, you just have to edit the link of the YouTube video. You need to replace the “be” in “YouTube” with “10”. In other words, if the original link is, you should change it to: And once you change this link, you should load it in your web browser.

Loading the modified link would cause the web interface of the SConverter tool to be loaded. But this time around, you wouldn’t have to enter any link again. The tool would rather take a few minutes to get the video ready for download. And once the video is ready, you’d be provided with download links to the video.

Step 3: Select a video quality

Note that towards the end of the previous step [step 2], we stated that the SConverter tool would provide links, not link. This is not a mistake or some redundancy. And the reason for this is that the tool not only allows you to download YouTube videos, but it also allows people to choose video quality. Most times, the tool provides download links for the following video quality: 360p, 720p, and 1,080p. So you can choose which video quality you’d prefer.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

It is however also worthwhile stating that the tool also gives room for downloading the audio of a video. In other words, if you’re trying to download a music video from YouTube, and would also prefer having mp3 as well, the SConverter tool can also help you with that.

It might also be important stating that there are times when clicking the download button wouldn’t cause the video download to start. Rather than the download starting, a new tab would be opened, and some advert page would be displayed. If this happens to you, all you have to do is to close the advert page and click the download button again.

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