Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth, Husband and Kids

Elizabeth Huberdeau is John Cena’s ex-wife. She is also called Liz Cena. Elizabeth and John’s marriage lasted for three years, between the 11th of July 2009 and the 1st of May 2012. Liz and John’s relationship can be traced back to their high school when they were in high school. However, it was reported that the conflicts ensued between Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena, leading them to go their separate ways.

John Cena, whose full name is John Felix Anthony Cena, is an American professional wrestler, actor, and former rapper. Cena is globally regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. The 45 years old Cena was born on the 23rd of April 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States.

John Cena, whose parents are John Cena Sr., and Carol Cena, has four kids, Matt Cena, Sean Cena, Steve Cena, and Dan Cena is currently married to Shay Shariatzadeh, an Iranian-born Canadian citizen.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Early Life

Elizabeth was born on the 29th of November 1979 in West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States. She attended the same high school as John Cena, and they became familiar before they later got married. She attended “Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States.

Elizabeth and John were high school sweethearts back in their high school days. After high school, Elizabeth enrolled in a real estate business school, Springfield College, where she obtained her high education certification as a certified realtor.

Elizabeth doesn’t hold on to a single career. She also focuses on her modeling career, but little or no information about this intuition is revealed to the public or media. Her modeling career didn’t boom, but she was later recognized as the wife of a world heavyweight champion, now ex.

However, Elizabeth married John at 30, and they were together for three years. The couple didn’t have a kid together before they separated.Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth

However, John is already married to his new wife, while Elizabeth is also in a committed relationship with her new boyfriend, Eli Ayoub.

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Age

Liz Cena, the ex-wife of John Cena, is 42. She was born on the 29th of November 1979 in West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States. She was born in the same state as her ex-husband, John Cena Jr.

John Cena Ex-wife Date of Birth

John Cena’s ex-wife, Liz Cena or Elizabeth Cena Huberdeau, was born on the 29th of November 1979. Her ex-husband, John Cena, was born on the 23rd of April 1977.

The American professional wrestler and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time marriages her ex, Elizabeth Huberdeau, in 2009, and they were together as a happy couple for 3 years. The couple didn’t have a kid together.

Both ex-couple have moved on, and Cena is married to Shay Shariatzadeh, while Elizabeth is also committed in her relationship with her boyfriend, Eli Ayoub.

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What Elizabeth Huberdeau is Known for

It could lead to a tantrum if you argue what Elizabeth is known for other than the ex-wife of a professional wrestler, John Cena. Before Elizabeth married John in 2009, she had a career of her own that put her in the media.

She is known in the media industry as Liz tried to push through the Media industry to create her empire.

However, Elizabeth changed her career and moved to real estate, where she is into construction, trading, buying, and refurbishing commercial and private properties for her client.

As a real estate person, she also serves as a real estate agent where she helps her client get the best apartment within and outside her region, and she built her career around real estate.

However, she became more famous when she was engaged to John Cena, and she has been in the media since then.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth

Elizabeth Huberdeau net worth catapulted after her separation from her ex-husband, John Cena. When the couple divorced, it was reported that John parted away $50 million with her ex-wife, Elizabeth John Cena, as their divorce obligation.

Therefore, as we speak, Elizabeth is expected to be worth about $55 million in 2022. We do not know the current net worth of Elizabeth’s boyfriend, so we are not sure of their combined net worth.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Now

Being the wife of a celebrity put Elizabeth in the media, and everyone talked about her. However, since she divorced her husband, John Cena, Elizabeth has decided to maintain her private life and live her life out of the media.

However, Elizabeth is enjoying her life with her new boyfriend, Eli Ayoub, in private without involving the media.

Elizabeth Huberdeau New Husband

Elizabeth is yet to remarry, but she is in a relationship, as we write. Her boyfriend’s name is Eli Ayoub with little or no known information about her boyfriend.

However, this doesn’t mean her boyfriend or new husband to be isn’t in the media or is not a public figure, but the two choose to make their relationships private and let out of the bag whatever they deem fit.

Moreso, we cannot ascertain Elizabeth Huberdeau’s new husband’s net worth or their combined worth, unlike her ex-husband, John Cena’s net worth, which is estimated to be worth a whopping $80m in 2022 after he parted about $50 million from his fortune to his ex-wife when they divorced in 2012.

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Kids/Children

There is no information about Elizabeth’s kids/children at the moment. However, it was revealed that Elizabeth doesn’t have a child for his ex-husband, John Cena. Although John has 4 kids, he has remarried Shay Shariatzadeh, a 33 years old Canadian citizen.

John Cena Ex-wife Height

John Cena is taller than his ex-wife, and as a professional wrestler, he’s more built and physically fit for this WWE career. However, Elizabeth’s height is approximately 5.5ft which is equivalent to 1.67m. In centimeters, she is 167centimetre tall.

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