How to Create Fingerprint Scanner Sensor on Android Phone

Fingerprint scanner sensor is one of the motivating specs of Android phone which started openly back in 2016. Before it was an amazing camera specs and battery capacity but now, an average smartphone of 15000 has scanner sensor to improve its security measure.

As an Android phone owner with finger printer sensor you have 100% control over your devices. All you just need to do is create fingerprint scanner as your password and you are good. This means that without your permission third party cannot have access to your phone except you decided to unlock it yourself.

The advantage of the security feature on your Android phone is that it override other security measures. It override lock pattern, PIN code, face detection and other forms of security measure on your Android phone.

There are fingerpring scanner apps for Android, and iOS such as iPad, iPhone etc for smartphones without fingerprint sensor at the back. While this fingerprink scanner sensor apps might not work as the inbuilt fingerprint sensor for smartphones but you may still want to try it. Or better still check out the list of smartphone under 15000 with fingerprint scanner sensor.

Most Android phone fingerprint sensor are located at the back of the device. Some are located below primary camera while some to either the left or right of the back camera. However, whichever way, one of the core feature of this scanner is to unlock your smartphone when locked. But the features of this new smartphone spec is far more than that.

Infinix Note 3 fingerprint scanner sensor has 5 functions that makes the device very easy to use. Although some complained that the device is too big but with the fingerprint sensor at the back you can perform a lot with the device on the good.

5 Usefulness of Fingerprint Scanner Sensor on Most Smartphone

This spec on individual smartphone varies and it all depends on the quality of the phone. But for an average smartphone with fingerprint scanner sensor, not the one using fingerprint scanner app you should be able to boost of these 5 usefulness on your device.

Take Selfie

I’ve seen most people taking selfie without touching their camera shot. What people normally use now is taking selfie with their device fingerprint sensor without selfie stick. Literally, the function of selfie stick while taking selfie is to create more convenience while taking group picture. However, with fingerprint scanner device you can ease yourself the stress of buying a selfie stick while you can stick to your device scanner sensor at the back.

Accept Call

This is another feature of this spec on Android phone. You no longer need to worry yourself pressing receive key before you can pick calls on your Android phone, with fingerprint scanner sensor you are good. All you need to do is set the spec to pick call and once touched it will pick incoming calls.

Browser Photos

For easy picture browsing you can make use of fingerprint scanner sensor at the back of your device. To browse picture to the right swipe your finger to the right and to browse pictures to the left swipe your finger to the left.

Call Recording

Personally, this is my second most used feature when it comes to playing around with fingerprint sensor on my device. Gone are the days when you need to move the phone from your ear and tap to start recording but with fingerprint scanner sensor, a touch will enable recording on your phone while conversation is going on.

Dismiss Alarm

This easiest way to stop that disturbing alarm while enjoying your early morning sleep enabling your fingerprint sensor to stop your device alarm when it rings.

Meanwhile, you do not need to set up different fingerprint for each task once is OK but you can set multiple fingers to access your phone. Like in my case I have four different fingers that can access my device including my spouse access.

How to Set up Fingerprint Scanner Sensor to Perform Multitask

 To enjoy this multi tasking on your smartphone you need to enable them so that when you finally create fingerprint Scanner Sensor on  your Android Phone you will be able to enjoy them all in all. The steps below are what to do to put your fingerprint sensor into work.

Locate finger print icon on your device. Most times it’s found on your phone desktop. If it’s not on your desktop you should see it under security. That it, it should be here:  Settings–>security–>Fingerprint–Touch function.

Create Fingerprint Scanner Sensor on Android Phone

Once you are here just enable everything and you are good.

Create Fingerprint Scanner Sensor on Android Phone

This is exactly the heart of this post; how to create fingerprint scanner sensor on Android phone without apps. Here in this subheading we’d share with you how to create a more secured fingerprint sensor on your device using the right finger. Although no finger is wrong but ‘ring finger’ is preferably because it can easily be controlled compared to other fingers.

Launch your device settings and click on security. Then click on Fingerprint below screen lock and above smart lock

Click on Fingerprint management and unlock your device if you additional security measure set up already.

Create Fingerprint Scanner Sensor on Android Phone

Click on create fingerprint and place your ring finger on your device fingerprint scanner sensor at the back of your device.

Create Fingerprint Scanner Sensor on Android Phone

Rotate the finger you placed on the sensor.

Create Fingerprint Scanner Sensor on Android Phone

Remove the finger and place it from another direction.

Create Fingerprint Scanner Sensor on Android Phone

Let it stay for like 3 seconds, remove it again and place it until the while fingerprint sensor is filled with your fingerprint scanning by the sensor. Once done click on finish and you are done.

Create Fingerprint Scanner Sensor on Android Phone

Note that when next you want to unlock your device you can only use this finger to unlock it. You can delete it and set another on and you can set more fingers for those you trust and can take proper care of your device.

What do you feel about device with fingerprint scanner sensor? Do you think it improve the device security measure?

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