How to Fix 0x800488fc on Xbox

0x800488fc is Xbox error code that pops up when you try to sign in to your Xbox live account with incorrect password/username. The Xbox error code 0x800488fc appears when your Xbox Live login ID is typed wrongly or you Xbox Live server is having a bug affecting users from logging with their login ID.

So, if you are trying to log in Xbox and suddenly, the 0x800488fc failed signed in error code appears and you couldn’t progress further to access your Xbox Live account here is a guide for you.

Here in this guide, we’ll highlight some of the reasons why the Xbox 0x800488fc error code appears and how to fix it.0x800488fc

Causes of 0x800488fc Error

The reason why 0x800488fc error code on Xbox Live pops up varies from individual to individual. However, from research and what we have encountered signing in to Xbox Live, some of the causes of the error code are listed below.

1. Poor internet connection could be the reason why you are unable to sign in to your Xbox Live account. If there is a sudden drop in your internet connection when you are attempting to sign in to your Xbox Live account with the correct username and password you will experience 0x800488fc Xbox Live error code.

2. Xbox old firmware can cause this error code and hindered you from logging in to your Xbox Live account. Often time, Microsoft rolls out Xbox software update to prevent this kind of occurrence. So, if it’s has been a while that you followed the instruction of Microsoft to update your Xbox firmware to the latest version, this could be the reason why you are seeing the error code 0x800488fc on your Xbox account.

3. Xbox Live server down is also another reason why the error code 0x800488fc appears. When your game consoles cannot communicate with the parent server you will not be able to sign in to your Xbox live account.

4. Incorrect Xbox live login is often the reason why 0x800488fc error code pops up. Hardly can Microsoft server down. You can’t experience that often, and if at all it happens, it’ll only last for a couple of minutes after which the error code 0x800488fc will disappear itself and you will be able to sign in.

With either of this error considered valid from your end, we can ascertain solutions to fix the 0x800488fc instantly.

Fix 0x800488fc Error Code

Follow the procedures below to fix Xbox Live login error code 0x800488fc.

  1. Update Xbox controller firmware
  2. Disconnect your game console from the internet and reconnect again
  3. Restart the game console
  4. Try to login again.

The four attempts above fix the error code 0x800488fc when you want to sign in to Xbox Live. We’d now take each of the solutions one after the other to make it DIY.

How to Update Xbox Controller Firmware

This is a DIY guide to update Xbox controller firmware to fix 0x800488fc error code.

  1. Connect the game controller to your console.
  2. Navigate to “Menu” >> “Settings”.
  3. Click “All settings >> select “Kinect and devices”
  4. Select “Devices and Accessories” and click then “Not assigned” from the new window.
  5. In the Xbox One or Xbox 360 wireless controller setup navigate to “device option” and select the “update” button.
  6. Connect your game controller with a USB cable and click “Continue” from the options.
  7. Follow the instruction on your screen to finish the update.

After you have updated the Xbox controller firmware to the latest version try yo sign in to your Xbox Live account to see whether the error code 0x800488fc still appears.

If the error persists you need to check whether Microsoft server isn’t down at the moment.

Disconnect Xbox from the Internet

If you presume your internet connection is the reason you are unable to log in to your Xbox Microsoft account you should disconnect your internet and re-enable it again. Doing this might save you the stressing of searching for how to fix Xbox error code 0x800488fc.

Restart Xbox Game Controller

If you don’t normally shut down your Xbox console this might contribute to your inability to sign in to your Xbox Live account. Therefore, we’d advise you to restart the device and see if it fixes it.

1. Press and hold the button on the controller until you see a “Power Center” menu.

2. Select “Restart Console ” and then “Restart” to restart your game controller instantly. If you have an ongoing game that isn’t saved it’ll be lost, therefore, save all ongoing game before you proceed to restart your console controller.

There are some other ways to restart your Xbox though. However, the quickest to restart your game console is to press the power button until it is switched off.

Some other gamers suggest you create a new Microsoft account for your Xbox live streaming. Well, it works, but if the reason why the Xbox live streaming error code 0x800488fc clears and it’s caused by outdated controller firmware you will still need to update your firmware.

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