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MP3skull is a free music download site to search and download any music for free. If you see music as part of life and you would love to know sites for free MP3 music download which are like MP3skulls or that can serve as core alternative to MP3skull to download MP3 for free without violating owner’s right here is a post for you.

MP3skull free music download site is well design and easy to navigate in order to be able to search for favorite music in each category such as latest English music, Top English track, Top 100 on the list, local and international music and the likes.

It’s fun downloading music on MP3Skull on Android and iOS but a bit scary on PC because of poor desktop version

However, if you want to increase your free music download Arsenal  and you are on the look out for sites like MP3skull to download latest music free here in this post we have put together best of the best free music download site to search and download your favorite MP3 online and listen to it at will that are similar to MP3 skull.

Meanwhile, some of the list of free MP3 sites like MP3skull you will get to know in the post support web stream before download which will help to safe your data from downloading irrelevant music.

So, without wasting much of your time just take a scroll below to check out MP3skull alternative sites for MP3 music download for Android and iOS.

Free Music Download Sites Like MP3Skull

10 Free Music Download Sites Like MP3Skull

Here are the list of 10 best websites similar to MP3 skull to search and download your favorite MP3 music for free and safe in 2017 without violating any music owner’s right policy.

1. MP3Juices 

MP3 Juices is a music search engine to search and download MP3 music for free with just a click. MP3 Juices has cool collection of latest music from online music database. MP3 Juices as alternative to Mp3 skull accumulates music searched result from top notch music site and make it possible to download with just a click. MP3 juice has two options to download free music.

The searched music can either be played on the web or download for offline purpose. Whichever one of the free music download site option you choose to go for MP3 juices is a stand alone free music site that is just like MP3 skull to download MP3 music for free and convert YouTube video to MP3.

2. LastFm

LastFm is another popular free MP3 music download site like Mp3 skull to search and download latest music online for free and safe. Last Fm as alternative to MP3skull serve as a direct music download site with just a click. The music search engine allows registered users to favorite music of their choice for latest stream or download without the need to go through the same stress to search before download the music again.

If you are looking for free music download site like MP3 skull with click to download option you may want to consider lastfm free MP3 download site.

3. BeeMP3

BeeMP3 is a free music download site like MP3 skull to search and download music for free at no cost and without registration. Free music on BeeMP3 site are arranged in alphabetical order such that you will be able to sort music accordingly.

The first to see on MP3 music download site is top 20 artist and top 20 songs. BeeMP3 serves as a music search engine that searches the entire web and provide a direct link from available source for you to be able to download your searched music free.


Skreemr is not new from being an MP3 song search engine database which is one of the best sites similar to MP3skull to search and download music for free. If there is a certain music both old and new you couldn’t find on Mp3skull I would advice your check Skreemr for it.

5. MP3Raid

MP3raid is search to play and download free music site similar to MP3skull. MP3raid has over 1 million free music that you can either listen to on the web or download for offline purpose. In the same sense, user can upload their music to MP3raid for others to download via profile page.

From finding I have found out that MP3 raid is one of the most widely used free music download site to download MP3 safe without violating policy and all for free.

6. AirMP3

AirMP3 is an organized MP3 free download site similar to MP3skull to search and download music for free online. The first day I made do with AirMP3 to download MP3 free I was carried away with the website’s design and I instantly fell for it.

Outside the fact that AirMP3 has a well organized homepage which makes it extremely easy to sort music based on trending, hot and new music you can just search for the free music to download and choose to play it on the web instead of direct download.

As it were, AirMp3 is one of my favorite sites to download free music as alternative to MP3skull.

7. Loudtronix

Loudtronix is another popular music search engine that works almost the same way MP3 skull works. You relate with Loudtronix the same way you relates with MP3Skull to search and download free music without penny cent. Loudtronix is a two in one free music download site. Using loudtronix you can easily convert YouTube video to MP3 using loudtronix online tool as the third party to make the conversion easy.

8. MP3Int

I’m a true fan of MP3Int and I always use it when I don’t feel like using MP3skull free music download site. Over time, MP3Int has served as a unique music search engine I visit almost every now and then to search and download music free without registration.

One feature of MP3Int that caught my attention is the ability to stream music on the site without downloading it. Am fully convinced that MP3Int is one of the best alternative to MP3Skull for free MP3 download.

9. Soundclick

Soundclick as alternative to MP3skull has almost 19 years experience in uploading both old and free music for download on their database without breach of agreement of copyright owner. Although the design looks scary but there are more to it than just passing your judgement from mere look. If you are looking for best free music download site similar to MP3skull in all angle you may want to check out Soundclick.

10. Emp3z

If you want to enjoy the ultimate power of free and latest music download you have to check emp3z site to see yourself. Emp3z is well organized with easy to navigate user interface along isde search box to search for music to download for free.

As it were emp3z is a site like MP3skull for free music download without registration and without paying even a penny or taking any survey.

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