Google Play Service v16.0.87 Download for Android

Google play service is a Google Android background check to make sure the OS and all connected services like apps update, apps and games download, phone performance, OS update, bug fixed, Google play music, Google play games, etc are working fine.

It’s the Google play service that is responsible for the well-being of Android OS apps, maintenance of battery life, bug fixing in Android OS, Android OS upgrade notification, apps updates and download, phone performance, and many more you can think about the Android OS and its API.

Without the Google play service, you will probably won’t enjoy much of your time using Android OS. There are many Google services associated with the play store and are glary different.

Like the Google play store, it’s a different service that needs the Google play service to work effectively. But, the reverse isn’t the case when you want to talk about the relationships between the Google play service and the Google play store.

Google play service v16.0.87

Google Play Store Vs Google Play Service

The Google play store is a pre-installed app on Android OS device to search and download apps, update old apps, buy apps, redeem Google play store coupon code, and a lot more.

The play store needs to be updated constantly to be able to enjoy the smoothness of the play store app and download and update time.

However, the case is different when it comes to the Google play service on Android phones. The play service is responsible for the overall performance of the OS, how to bring the newest OS update to a phone running the OS, fix bugs, update old apps and games that are available for download in the Google play store, and lot more.

In another simple language, the Google play store app is accessible and can be forced to stop. For the play service, once it’s forced to stop all connected API on your phone will stop working. In fact, if the service is outdated, it’ll affect the performance of your phone.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to update Google play service on your phone on a constant basis.

Check Current Version

The Current version is v16.0.87 Beta and it’s available for download in the Google play store and other sources different from the official source.

Before you choose to update the Google play service on your phone you need to make sure you are running an older version that is different from v16.0.87.

Despite that there are two ways to update the older version to a newer version, it’s expedient to check the current version to know whether you are on the safer side.

As at the time of writing this post, the current version to upgrade to is v16.0.87 Beta.

Here is how to check the version of the Google play service your device is running.

1. Go to your phone settings

2. Scroll down to apps or applications and tap on it

3. Make sure the apps option is in “all” and click on “Google play service”

4. Under the app name, you will the current version you are running.

As at the time of writing this guide, my device is running v15.0.90 which means I need to upgrade to the newer version 16.0.87.

Version 16.0.87 Beta Stable?

No app version is ever stable. In most cases, developers would prefer to call their apps a beta version which is probably unstable.

However, if it’s stable, there won’t be any need to roll out another update to help fix bugs, improve app performance, and claim to be better than the previous version.

The current Google play service app v16.0.87 is not stable. Google developers will soon release another update better than the beta that is available for download.

Update from 15.0.90 to 16.0.87

There two way to update Google play service. Both ways are perfect. But, one is simple and the other requires a developer’s approach.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at both approaches so you can go with whichever approach you prefer.

Google Play Store

Yes! You can upgrade the play service directly from the Google play store which is a recommended approach. To do this, kindly follow these procedures.

  1. Launch the Google play store app on your phone
  2. Make sure you are logged in to your Google account and it must be the Google account associated with the phone.
  3. Type “Google play service” in the search box without the quotes
  4. Tap “update”

In most cases, you may be asked to deactivate the service first. Do so, and then re-download it again to download the latest version.

Download APK

Another working approach to download Google play service is by downloading the app APK and then install it. To do this, you first need to prove to your OS that you know what you are doing by enabling install from unknown source.

1. Go to phone settings >> security >> unknown sources >> Tap to enable >> OK >> Done

2. Now, launch the Apkhere APK or APKpure APK or Uptodown APK on your phone and type ” Google play service” without quotes.

3. Click on v16.0.87

4. Tap on getting the app or download app and accept the popup term

5. Tap install to the bottom right

6. Wait for some couple of seconds and the play service latest version will be installed successfully.

If you are not a developer, navigate to your phone settings to disable install from unknown sources.

Troubleshooting Google Play Service

If the app isn’t working as expecting or you are undergoing a sudden crash and your phone is shorting down without permission. It could be because the service is crashing. That is the more reason why all versions are unstable. For this, you need to troubleshoot the play service following these procedures.

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap Google Play Services.
  4. Tap the ‘Force Stop‘ button.
  5. Tap the ‘Clear Cache‘ button.

The same approach can also be used to fix Google play music of Google play game when crashing.

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