123movies Free Movies Streaming Site – Legal or Not?

Whenever anyone is looking for a free streaming movies sites, 123movies.to is always the first to check out. As a website with free contents from paid and free service, 123 movies attracts a lot of users who streaming contents on the free movies sites day and night.

It’s not a doubt that with the millions of contents available on 123 movies.to that, it’s one of the largest streaming websites on the internet even larger than Gogoanime free streaming website. And at the end of all these good news about 123movies, you may be wondering whether the website is legal or not. You don’t even know whether it’s safe to rock 123movies without a VPN?

Is 123Movies.to Legal or Not?

The website is far from being legal. A lawsuits case was filed against 123 movies on the 18th, March as one of the most notorious websites publishing private contents by Motion Picture Association of America. This notorious list includes the popular Torrent site, The Piratebay.

All other 123movies subdomains such as GoMovies, 123MoviesHub, and other emerging 123 Movies clone websites were targetted. In the list, the 123Movies streaming site was list as the World’s most popular site to stream and download movies illegally.

With the largest audience 123 Movies has pulled over the years, the MPAA analysed the site traffic and estimated that the websites receives an average on 98 million monthler visitors. With this, the MPAA recorded that it was extremely for an illegal site.

According to the report from MPPA, it was claimed that the 123 Movies site seems to be on an hosting server from Vietnam, and claimed that they are visiting and working directly with the Vietnamese officials to make sure the streaming websites is taken down permanently from the internet from the Office of the Police Investigation Agency C44.

On that 18th March, the 123 Movies published a take down notice on their website that they days on the internet are numbered. Fast forward to 3rd April, the take down date was set for 5 days which means that on the 8th April, a month after the MPAA sound a warning noticed the www.123movies.to streaming site has still not gone into the dungeon..

However, it seems 123 Movies.to is not taking down the website anytime soon. As almost half of their contetns are still accessible. And their service is still working perfectly which means that the website is yet to be taken down some of which are 123 Movies Hub, Go Hub to mention a few.

This does not mean that 123 Movies is still fully available on online. However, if the Office of the Police Investigation Agency C44 has done their assignment it may likely be the websites caches that are showing up in some regions from the wayback machine.


How 123Movies.to Scrap Contents

With a lot of controversy about 123 Movies and the crowd the movies streaming website has pulled over the years, one could say they are not actually violating the law. Since 123Movies websites does not host contents directly on their hosting server and does not allow users to upload contents on their own, then, it worth an attention of how the streaming giants scaps it conent and became the world’s largest illegal movies website.

Although, it may be claimed that they upload contents to a separate server with the help of CDN which mask their actual host and make it very difficult to trac and track down. However, if linking to a private contents from other sources that uploads the contents is against the law them one can say 123 Movies.to is actually violating the law.

This means that, even when someone link to a post even on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc the person is violating the law.

How 123Movies Really Operates

So, if 123 Movies is not violating the law directly how does it then works? The streaming website embeds various videos and movies from popular streaming sites from cyberclockers on the internet and pull contents directly from their. With cyberblocker, 123Movies can pull contents from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Showtimeanytime, and from other piracy sites.

With this process, 123 Movies is able to have a huge database collection of different movies from a different source which they do not control¬† and do not host the contents on their websites. It’s more like embedding YouTube videos on this site while YouTube is the actual hosting server.

123Movies App Download

When you do a quick search on 123 Movies app to download 123 Movies you will end up with thousands of them claiming to be the official 123 Movies.to app. If you own an Android device or other media players like Roku, Apple TV, Kodi to mention a few, you may be tempt to down the app so that you can stream favorite movies on your device.

And with a quite large number of fake apps on the internet, you need to go slow when you want to download apps from an unknown source most especially the APKs.

However, from our experience with the 123 Movies APK ap,p we discovered that the app download doesn’t worth your time. Even though you don’t care whether the contents you are streaming is legal or not, it is better to streaming them on browsers and even use a VPN if you can afford it

This fake 123 Movies app may contain malware and it will not be good for your phone whatsoever, so, take your mind off downloading the app on your device on installing it on your Roku or Kodi device because you want to access free contents that may end up corrupting your device.

Is 123Movies a Malware Site?

123 Movies.to hardly scrap a malware contents on their website but it is always advise to check whether a website tagged as illegal contains a malware or not.

Even after your computer anti-virus is updated and with a Windows Defenders to, it worth your time to scan websites you do not trust so that it will not effect your computer with a virus like popup viruses such as Stafflinq, Kissanime, to mention a few.

Websites like Sucuri Security can help check whether a website contains malware or not.

Final Judgements

Nothing is free worth it most time. When you are getting a paid contents for free without permission then there is more to it. For a site to be distributing contents it doesn’t have control over, it is illegal and unsafe. That been said, a website like 123Movies will find it extremely difficult to be legal and safe to browse.

They are many ways to streaming paid contents for free without filing any law suits against yourself. Streaming websites like Hulu, Hulus plus, Netflix, and even YouTube offers at least a month free service and access to all contents. And most of these websites even charge a token for a month subscription. Except you want YouTube premium you don’t pay for using YouTube. And Netflix and Hulu and other streaming sites has a one month free subscription.

Within this one month, you can activate it on your Roku, Android TV, Kodi, Apple TV, Smart TV and even on Amazon FireTV which will give you a peace of mind. These paid websites will remain as long as the internet remains because they are legit.

And if at this time, I don’t think 123Movies is currently online. This implies that, they are offline and all their contents are offline. No hope is lost though for 123 Movies fans when you switch your cable to Netflix and the like.

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