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123movies is an illegal website to stream movies, TV shows, events, TV series and episodes for free online. There are a lot of them in that categories though. So, for that reason, we are have compiled the list of 123movies alternatives in 2021.

This post cannot capture the entire 123movies alternatives. But, we will go as far as sharing the top movies streaming websites that are similar to 123movies.

Note that use 123movies and all its alternatives is illegal and could attract a jail term depending on your location since you could be arrested for streaming movies online illegally. So, make sure you do your research very well to know that it’s not against the law to stream movies from unauthorized websites.

However, if you can’t do with 123movies and all its alternatives for your free movies you can beckon on using a VPN to mask your internet IP address to a different location.

At the end of this article, we shared some legal websites that are also similar to 123movies but are legal movies streaming websites

Top 123Movies Alternatives

This diary of 123Movies alternatives contains over 40 different sites to download movies for free online.


1. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay remains one of the most popular sites to download and stream movies for free. The TPB was founded out of pity for internet users to be able to watch movies for free and download movies for free. Since 2003, the pirate bay has on top of the list as the number one of 123Movies alternative with a magnet link.

The TPB magnet link is a unique feature for identifying file contents via cryptographic hash value instead of the file to download actual location.

This TPB magnet link makes it difficult to find out the actual host of the file and track them down.

2. PutLocker Mix


It is a website like 123Movies with a similar feature to download movies for free. Yet it is not that 123Movies is legal to search and download movies without signup as a new user. Returning users too don’t have to register to download movies on PutLocker Mix.


These movies’ download sources upload Bollywood and Nollywood movies in HD for free download.

If the 123Movies is shut down in your location due to sharing unauthorized contents, PutLocker Mix is a viable alternative with good qualities.

3. GoMovies


GoMovies is alternative to 123Movies and has a lot of abandoned domain name due to banning for sharing pirated contents. However, the GoMovies remain committed to sharing movies for download in HD.

The GoMovies’ movies download sources has a huge movies collection and they upload new movies for download constantly.

If you are Anime and TV show freak, GoMovies will serve you better for sharing Anime and TV shows in HD for free download. New movie’ thrillers are also available for download in HD.

4. 9xMovies

123Movies Alternative

This is another platform to download Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD and one of the best sites like 123Movies. For a couple of times, the 9xMovie website has changed its domain name due to a ban for sharing pirated contents.

However, the website has stayed committed to uploading movies in HD for users to download. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for the best site like 123Movies, 9xMovies is a better one to consider.


5. FilmyWap


Think about it. FilmyWap is a pirated content sharing website you may think about out there and similar to 123movies go. It uploads Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi, Tamil, and Punjabi movies in HD for free download.

The platform offers some unique qualities for searching and downloading movies in HD for free. The website has been for a while and stayed committed to sharing paid movies for free download.

6. HDMovie4

123Movies similar site


HDMovie4 is one of the fastest-growing websites to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD for free. This website movies’ in HD are also pirated.

However, the website offers additional filter features to streamline your search to a particular section such as searching for your favorite movies using the movies’ name or title or the producer or director.

7. FilmyHit


FilmyHit is a movies’ download website to download and watch Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi, and other popular movies for free and a site like gomovies 123.

The FilmyHit movies’ download site upload movies in HD for free download without registration. When you find yourself on this site for the first time, the torrent site offers unresisted content you will want to download both old and fresh.

If you are a fan of a specific actor and movies’ producer, FilmyHit filter feature will help narrow down your search for a quick result.

8. DownloadHub

DownloadHub is a popular website to search and download Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free. Though this website has changed its domain name a couple of time yet this hasn’t stopped the website for uploading and sharing HD movies for free download.

DownloadHub is among the few websites with fresh movies in HD to download almost all the time.

However, if you are giving 123Movies alternative a second thought, the DownloadHub is not far fetched from the best.

9. 8xMovies


8xMovies is a dedicated Bollywood and Hollywood HD movies download site all for free. Though movies uploaded to this site are pirated and illegal to download.

If you are looking for an up-to-do website to search and download Bollywood HD and Hollywood HD movies for free the 8xMovies is a way to start fueling your curiosity.

10. WorldFree4U

123 Movies

This is yet another platform to search and download movies for free in HD without signup. This website uploads Hindi and Punjabi movies in HD.

Well, If you are a TV show and movies thrillers freak you will enjoy using WorldFree4U as your source to download HD movies.

11. FilmyZilla

Filmyzilla if similar to FilmyHit and FilmyWap. FilmyZilla is a public domain known for sharing Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free download in HD.

The movies download site houses a lot of movies in the industry from different movies industry for a free download.

This is not limited to only Bollywood and Hollywood movies alone, it includes TV shows, upcoming movies thrillers, and a lot more.

12. Popcorn Time

Free movies app

Popcorn time is a free website to watch and download HD movies online across all platforms. The movies torrent site offers unrestricted access to download all movies on Windows, Mac, Android, and Android devices with internet access

Popcorn time free movies download platform had suffered a huge domain lost in the past for sharing contents that are pirated. However, the site has been on the top since introducing Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS client for downloading HD movies for free online.

13. Vumoo


Little did you know that Vumoo is an online top and free website to search and download movies in HD from across all the movies industry. Vumoo has over time served humanity by sharing a huge collection of movies for free and had fought to survive it over a period of time.

However, if you are looking for all in one website where you can search and download Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD include other HD thrillers, jokes, funny videos, memes, and a whole lot.

This site isn’t just popular for sharing free movies, it’s known for sharing direct links to download HD movies in a single click.

14. YesMovies!

Yes Movies

YesMovies! is a free movies’ streaming website to stream and download movies in HD. YesMovies offers direct access to search and download movies in different languages.

If you are searching for a website to watch Punjabi and Hindi movies online TesMovies is a good site to site.

However, the website is popular when it comes to downloading Hollywood and Bollywood movies in HD.

15. TubeMate

Tubemate Download 2018

TubeMate is a mobile app for watch and download movies, MP4, 3gp, and other video formats on mobile. TubeMate app offers a unique feature to download YouTube videos and convert YouTube videos from one format to another.

TubeMate filter features make the app easy to use. On launching the video download app on your phone you will be welcomed with the list of popular movies and trending movies across the universe.

However, to download particular HD movies, just type the name of the movie in the search box and click on the search button to search and download.

16. Showbox


Showbox is a free mobile app to stream movies online on your smartphone day and night. There is no restriction to using this app to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies on your smartphone.

With the Showbox app, you will only be committed to streaming movies on your mobile app instead of using standalone movies websites like 123Movies.

The Showbox app offers unrestricted access to download different movies, share and request for a particular movie that is not available on the platform.

Meanwhile, the Showbox app guaranteed q 99% download of all your search movies on the platform.

17. Gogoanime


Gogoanime is an English free movies’ dedicated website to search and download all sort of movies for free. All forms of movies’ qualities are shared on this platform for free.

If you are cartoon freak and you want to download the best cartoon movies for your kids, Gogoanime is the best movies site to search for your convenience.

Gogoanime is dedicated to sharing direct access to watch and download Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD.

18. o2Tvseries

o2Tvseries movies download

o2Tvseries is a torrent site to download all kind of movies online in different languages. o2Tvseries stands out as one of the best movies websites to download Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD for free and with no registration.

The o2Tvseries is more than just a website to download just only movies from a single industry. You have access to download movies on o2Tvseries from a-z wherever your language falls or movie industry falls.

If you are yawning for the best HD movies to streaming online and download Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Bollywood, and Nollywood movies, o2Tvseries is a great choice.

19. NoMoviesHere


Think about 123Movies similar site to search, watch, and download movies in HD online. You have to think about NoMoviesHere as a suitable source that matches your interest.

NoMoviesHere has huge collections of movies in HD to download both for local and foreign movies in HD. If you know how to find your way around the NoMoviesHere platform you can easily find your favorite movies using the movies’ year of production, genre, and movies director or actor.

You can either choose to watch your desired movies on NoMoviesHere or download to watch offline during your own leisure time.

20. FzMovies


What about FzMovies Bollywood and Hollywood HD free movies download site? This site is so unique that you can download a movie that is released today for free on the platform.

If you are tired of waiting days or weeks to download your choice of movies in time, FzMovies is a choice to pick. The free movies’ site is easy to use and navigate both on mobile and on a device with a bigger screen such as an iPad or desktops.

Well, if your storage device is full and you cannot afford to download another movie at this time, you can consider streaming on FzMovies.com website.

The streaming is seamless and doesn’t require too much to stream your desired movie. If you can’t get over to Fzmovies.com via a WiFi, your 2G or 3G or 4G will go a long way streaming on FzMovies.

21. Amazon Prime


Amazon prime is a movies’ streaming site by Amazon to stream all kind of movies online and download for your personal use. You can also go commercial using Amazon prime depending on your subscription.

Yes! Amazon prime is not free. However, it’s legal and you don’t have to block your IP address to stream movies on Amazon prime. However, it offers value for your money.

Amazon prime charges $12.99 a month, however, for all free users, Amazon Prime is free for the first month.

22. Netflix


Netflix is a giant website to stream movies for free for a whole 30 days on free trial. No credit card is required. Netflix is an American popular movies’ streaming website to have access to all Bollywood and Hollywood movies based on subscription.

Netflix offers free 30 days free trial for a new member and also call you to have a take of the free trial again after a long time if you cancel your subscription.

Just name the movie you have in mind, Netflix has the copyright to share it with its subscribers. However, another merit Netflix has over other 123Movies alternative include features to watch Netflix movies on all your smart device just like when you activate YouTube on all your smart-gadget.

23. Crackle


Here is another movies’ streaming website to search and download Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD. It’s basically only HD movies’ to download on Crackle.

Meanwhile, crackle is a paid movies’ streaming site to watch movies online and on all your movies streaming device like Kodi, Firesticks, and others.

Crackle being a paid movies’ site. It has a huge collection of HD movies in its database both old and new to download. Your access on Crackle depends on your subscription just other popular paid movies’ site.

Crackle is a Sony movies’ site to stir the movies download world with unlimited sensation and access to movies thrillers, episodes, and other movies’ format.

24. HBO

123 Movies

We resolve to another popular paid movies’ streaming site you need to know just like Netflix and Amazon Prime that has been contributing powerfully to the success of movies’ industry and movies’ download section for a token.

HBO offers similar service like Crackle for a monthly subscription of $14 to search, streaming movies, and download movies online from the platform without a restriction.

If you want to download HD movies from Bollywood and Hollywood movies’ industry and from the Asians such as Tamil, Telugu, you should consider adding the HBO HD movies download source to your archive.

25. MovieCafe


MovieCafe is a movies’ site you can imagine the total number of movies the platform has on its database. MovieCafe offers movies’ for an instant download and free streaming from different movies categories.

Apart from streaming TV shows, episodes, movies thrillers, you can also stream and download documentaries online from MovieCafe.

If you want to stream movies in HD and download MP4 online, MovieCafe has more than enough to offer. It renders unlimited movies’ selection and 100% free access to download movies for free online.

26. Skyline HD

Skyline HD

Another free movies’ streaming and download site you want to consider is the SkylineHD movies and free download website.

Skyline HD offers free TV series, sport reviews, and replay, HD movies download, Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free download and a whole lot of movies to download.

It’s very easy to search and stream movies on this platform. Movies and TV shows are categorized in different categories. Therefore, it makes it easy to search for the latest movies to download, check out new movies upload and download trending movies online.

27. FoxMovies


FoxMovies is a free movies’ streaming and download website with 100% free access to all movies and stream and downloads in HD online.

FoxMovies is one free movies’ site you want to check out with no ads, pop up or pop under that can serve as intruders to streaming movies free online and download movies in HD.

You will be able to watch movies on this platform with a different genre, format, and from different movies industries.

28. MaxHD4U


Another free movies’ download and movies’ streaming similar to 123Movies.to is MaxHD4U. It’s totally free and renders similar service to search and download movies for free online.

If you are looking for a reliable source to download complete movies online and stream movies online in HD you should consider MaxHD4U.

This site has not disturbing ads yet. And it doesn’t plan to start showing ads anytime soon. However, to stream movies on this platform, you can simply use the search box to search for your desired movies using the movie’s title or producer.

29. Movies123


Movies123.top is a new trending movies site to search and download HD movies for free online. You don’t need a movie downloader to download movies from Movies123 and there is no need to use external media player if you are interested in streaming movies online on Movies123.top.

Movies123.top is more like 123movies proxy. You can stream Anime on this platform, search and download different cartoons, and stream cartoons for free online.

30. USMovies


USmovies is a platform dedicated to uploading and sharing Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free download and live streaming online. You have unrestricted access to watch movies for free online on USMovies without registration or subscription.

All you need to do is go to the site, search for any kind of movie of interest, tap on the download button to download or start streaming online for free.

31. MovieFlix123movies

MovieFlix came into play when 123movies.to was shut down to search and download free movies online for free. It offers free movies, TV shows, episodes, and seasonal movies free download online and online free streaming.

All movies available on MovieFlix are in HD with full English subtitle to translate foreign movies to the English language. If you are searching for a suitable source to download HD movies for free and stream movies online check out MovieFlix.

And at MovieFlix, you watch and stream movies in 720 p and 1080 p HD online for free. No single registration is required to download and stream movies.

To favorite movies on this platform, you may have to register for an account and it is totally free.

32. MovieWorldTV24

Free movies download

MovieWorldTV24 differs from the list of free movies that are 123movies alternative above. You have unrestricted access to stream movies on this platform and download for offline.

However, to download and watch movies on MovieWorldTV24 you need to sign up for an account. If you are less concern about sign up or registration to download movies for free online you should consider MovieWorldTV24.

Once you signed up for MovieWorldTV24 account there won’t be a single restriction and you will be able to stream movies for free online.

33. Movie.Netflixs


Movie.netflixs is not a legal Netflix. Although, Movie.netflixs is alternative to 123movies.to. But, it’s not a Netflix alternative.

However, if you are looking for a free website to download all Netflix movies and stream online without registration you can try the Movie.netflixs.

Movie.netflixs is a free movies site to search and download and watch movies for free without registration.

34. Movie.Netflix24

Netflix alternatives

Movie.Netflix24 is a free movies’ site to stream a different kind of movies online and download HD movies for free online.

On Movie.Netflix24 you can stream and download comedy online, drama, animation, watch different series online, and stream movies thrillers online for free.

Movie.Netflix23 mask 123movies free movies site to download movies and stream movies online without a mere sign up or subscription.

Movie.Netflix24 is a suitable alternative to download movies for free, stream movies online, and watch movies thrillers online.

35. GoMoviesHD


GoMoviesHD is 123movies legal alternative to search and download and stream movies for free.

GoMoviesHD is a movies’ website that offers free movies download and online TV streaming service. It features movies from different movies including Australia movies, Indian movies, Punjabi movie, etc.

As a matter of fact, GoMoviesHD is one of the best sites to watch Punjabi movies online and download Punjabi HD movies for free.

36. WorldMoviesHD

Stream movies online

WorldMoviesHD is yet another Punjabi and other free movies download and streaming source. This source offers unlimited access to download Hollywood movies and Bollywood HD movies for free online and stream movies unlimitedly online without spending a dime.

When you think about 123moviesgo alternative to search and download movies for free, WorldMoviesHD is a quite reasonable alternative to 123moviesgo to search and download movies for free online and download all movies in high definition.

You can watch all IMDB series on this platform and you can find other popular movies series to download on the platform.

37. Go.FilmHD4U

123movies legal

www.123movies.to was popular before it was shut down because 123movies legal right to share pirated movies for free and granted movies download and streaming online without the legal right pushed Go.FilmyHD4U to come into one of the best 123movies alternatives.

Go.FilmHD4U is an online video site similar to go123movies providing access to the latest television show and more importantly streaming TV shows, drama, comedy, sci-fi, animation and a lot more online for free.

38. SHDTV24

Movies for free download

SHDTV24 is one of the sites like GoMovies to download movies for free and stream all movies online without registration. No single charge is attached to streaming and downloading HD movies on SHDTV24.

SHDTV24 provides unrestricted access to all users to search the movies archive, watch online, and download in HD for offline. The list of movies available for download includes new release movies, new movies thriller, Bollywood download, and Hollywood download for free.

39. ToWatchHD


TopWatchHD is another movies 123 streaming site to watch movies and download all your favorite movies for free online. A top site like ToWatchHD might be under surveillance for granting access to stream movies online and download HD and SD movies for free.

TopWatchHD is an alternative to the official 123movies site to download and streaming movies for free on Smartphone, PC, laptop, Mac, etc.

40. m.SASTV24

Download Hollywood movies

I came across m.SASTV24 movies site when 123movies not working becomes a problem beyond users power. And since, this platform has become one of the most popular sources alternative to 123movies to search and download movies and stream movies online for free.

If all your sources to download movies for free online and stream movies online since 123moviesgo shutdown looms you should consider adding the m.SASTV24 to your list of free movies streaming site in 2019.


This is the list of best 123Movies alternative sites to search and download movies in various formats. They are good to download HD movies online for free.

Yet, they are not free from having disadvantages. However, to the downside, they offer quite a number of reasons to use them as alternatives to 123Movies.

Do you have a better alternative to this list? Please do share with us in the comment section.


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