How to Fix Hisense can’t connect to Wi-Fi

Hisense can’t connect to Wi-Fi has been one of the problems engaging different types of TV brands. So, if this is the issue you have encountered at this moment I have gotten a piece of good news for you, my friend.

Just pay all attention to all the steps we will be taking together to solve the problem. And in some minutes we are done. Peradventure, you just newly bought your Hisense TV and your TV needed a setup. Let me quickly walk you through that.

How to set up your Hisense TV

Before we continue with Hisense TV can’t to Wi-Fi. First, take the steps below to set up your Hisense TV.

  • Plug the TV into the source of power, I want to encourage you to make use of a power regulator, such as a stabilizer. To preserve your gadgets against high current electricity and save yourself from spending gas money or extra money to buy another gadget if one is spoilt by high current.
  • Now, make use of your remote control to switch on your TV. If you switch it on, there will be a LED light indicator on your TV screen, which means your TV is powered correctly.
  • Then, you will find some information about language, time zone, etc. But take time to read the pieces of information for better operation of your TV system.
  • You can pick Home Mode or Store Mode
  • Be ready now to connect your TV to Wi-Fi.

If you have been using your TV for some time but you wanted to connect it to the Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi network connection just disappeared or got disconnected, It might be that, you need to put some things aright in your settings or maybe the Wi-Fi network reception is poor or crowded. And the Wi-Fi router may be the source of the problem. No worries, all the problems will be solved as we troubleshoot together. Now, let us sail in.

How to Connect Hisense TV to Wi-Fi

To connect Hisense TV to Wi-Fi is so simple like taking bread and butter. Now, just take the following steps, and you are done.

  • Take your remote control and locate the Menu button, press the Menu button, and find Settings.
  • Press the Settings, now move on to Network Option.
  • Click on Network Option.
  • Move on to click on Network Configuration.
  • Then, click on Wireless Network Option.
  • You will now enter a password you will be using that you need to keep secret to yourself.
  • Finally, follow the instructions you will find on your screen to connect your Hisense to Wi-Fi. Great, the job is done. This should solve the issue of Hisense TV can’t to Wi-Fi. Assuming you still find a prompt message that says Hisense TV can’t connect to Wi-Fi. Take a proper look at the following guide to resolve the issue.

Hisense TV can’t Connect to Wi-Fi

If TV is not connected to Wi-Fi, then trace the issue to your TV or Wi-Fi. Now, you can troubleshoot by trying to connect another gadget with Wi-Fi. If you are not able to connect the gadget with the Wi-Fi, then it is clear that Wi-Fi is having a problem. The further thing is to unplug your Wi-Fi router or wireless router for about two minutes and plug it back in.

If you can now get your Hisense TV connected with the Wi-Fi, then the Wi-Fi network is overcrowded, that is, many people are using the Wi-Fi network at the same time. And if you are not able to connect your Hisense TV with the Wi-Fi, then the cache of Hisense TV needed to be cleared. Let us look at how you can clear the cache below.

Clearing the cache of Hisense TV

  • From your remote control, press Home Key, then click on Network, move on by clicking Clear Internet Memory, then clear it. At this stage, you will need to reboot your TV by unplugging it and plug it back in.
  • Now, reconnect the TV to Wi-Fi. Your TV should be able to get connected now. Let us say you are not able to connect your Hisense TV to Wi-Fi. There is still another method to get connected to the internet.

How to Connect Hisense TV to a Wired Network

There is a need to get connected to the Internet using an ethernet cable. And there is no need to get discouraged, just make sure you have an ethernet cable and wire router at home to get your Hisense TV connected to the internet, there is an in-built ethernet cable port that is manufactured with every model of Hisense TV.

Now let us start,

  • Get your ethernet cable and connect it to a Wired router and connect the ethernet cable to your Hisense TV directly to the ethernet cable port on the TV, if you connect the ethernet cable correctly, you will surely hear a sound, which means you have done a great job
  • Now go to Settings on your remote and press it.
  • You will find a page where you can click on Network Option.
  • Then pick Network Configuration.
  • You will now click on LAN Option and follow the remaining simple instructions to connect your Hisense TV to the internet.
  • That is that about that, it is now time for enjoyment galore. should you have any queries, feel good to drop a message in the comment section. Thank you and see you soon.

With the steps in this aricle, we believe that you are able fix Hisense can’t connect to WiFi.

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