How to Activate Hulu On Fire TV

I  am guessing you have been following us and perhaps had read our post on how to activate Hulu on Roku. Well, today we want to discuss how to activate Hulu on Fire TV. The procedures are the same for Roku and Fire TV but the devices configuration makes it different.

It is what we do best here, giving you firsthand detailed information and content on areas we know will benefit you. So, if you are one to own a Fire TV, or looking to own one, and would love to activate Hulu streaming service on it, then this post is for you. Read on and learn.

Hulu is an on-demand video service available in the U.S. and Japan that allows users to stream popular TV shows. Hulu has successfully positioned itself as  one of the most popular streaming services around, with over 43.8 million users as at October 2nd, 2021.

Early this year, the service expanded internationally through its parent company, The Walt Disney Company, to customers in Canada, Western Europe, Australia, the U.K., and parts of Asia Pacific. Pacific

Hulu focuses primarily on streaming newer TV shows from many popular network broadcasters, original content, blockbuster and independent films, and documentaries, that’s loaded if you ask me. One reason Hulu is a must have. 

What Makes Hulu Fantastic

Below are some of the reasons why the Hulu streaming service is a top-notch platform to catch up with the latest movies, episodes, TV shows and series, etc.Activate Hulu on Fire TV

1. Quick Updates on New Episodes

We know how exciting it can be when a new episode of your favourite show or series just drops and you are carried along as e dey hot, with no spoilers from people who had already seen it earlier.

Hulu does that for you, it updates their platform with new episodes of TV shows as quickly as a day after they are aired. This is very quick compared to Netflix that updates TV shows once the season is completed.

2. Quality Original Programming

Hulu has a lot of original content that is known to be great. One of the most recognizable Hulu originals is The Handmaid’s Tale, but there is a lot more to choose from.

Why Hulu is a Turn off for most People

Hulu has it downside as well. And we found the following as some of the reasons why people find the Hulu service as a turn off.

1. Frequent Commercials

We won’t even mince words, as we all know that frequent commercials interrupting a show can be pretty annoying. If you don’t opt for the “no ads” add-on, you are going to be shown clips of ads before and after each video.

2. Small Selection Comparatively

Hulu has a much smaller collection of content compared to Netflix and other competing platforms. While Netflix has over 100,000 movies and TV shows, Hulu offers just above 5000.

3.Limited Downloading Ability

Hulu got to add the ” watch offline” feature in October 2019 and currently only lets you download on iOS and iPadOS, which means with other devices, you cannot watch offline.

4. No simple pricing scheme

Although some customers prefer to have various payment options, many others find Hulu’s pricing plans a little complicated. Also, Hulu increased their prices recently and they are higher than other competing services, well unless you subscribe to the basic plan.

Fire TV on the other hand is a video streaming device first released by Amazon in 2014 that now has five different models. Fire TV has a remote control with Alexa-powered voice recognition.

Fire TV works by plugging in your TV and using the internet to stream entertainment content.

How to Start Hulu Free Trial

First off, you need to have a Hulu account on Fire TV and you can easily create a Hulu account by following the simple steps given below

  1. To begin with, on your computer, open a browser and navigate to
  2. Thereafter click on the ‘START YOUR FREE TRIAL’ option
  3. Now enter your personal details
  4. Otherwise, you can sign up using your Facebook account
  5. Finally choose your payment option and enter your payment credentials

To Activate Hulu on Fire TV Proper,

  1. You will first turn on your Fire TV and go to the home page.
  2. From there, you will select the search option on the top-left corner
  3. Search using the on-screen keyboard by entering ‘Hulu’ in the search field
  4. Otherwise, you can search using Alexa, as it is Alexa voice enabled.
  5. Now download the Hulu app by selecting the ‘Get’ option
  6. Open the Hulu app after it installs on your device.
  7. Select the Sign In on device option.
  8. Take note of the activation code and or
  9. Visit either or
  10. Then, enter your email address and your Hulu password.
  11. Finally, click Log In to activate the Hulu App.
  12. Then, log in your Hulu account, using your credentials
  13. Finally, complete the Huku on Firestick activation, by entering the activation codein the given field and click ”Activate”.

What You Can Do With Fire TV

  • Watch streaming videos
  • Listen to streaming audios
  • Connect to and play online games
  • Get information
  • Use Alexa voice control, to control the TV
  • Search YouTube from a TV.
  • Share photos to a TV screen.
  • Watch Netflix or other internet streaming services.

Best Channels You Can Access On Fire TV

  1. NASA : If NASA has a streaming network, then we are bound to watch it, especially of you are given to all that space stuff like I am. You can watch NASA events live, or you can check out the latest images and videos that they’ve uploaded. You can even watch interviews with the astronauts on the space station. You can very well be in space while still on earth. That’s exciting.
  2. Pluto TV: It is definitely one of the best FireStick channels if you are looking for free content. It features dozens of free Live TV channels and it  also includes a variety of movies and TV shows, plus Stadium, a sports network.
  3. Sling TV
  4. PBS
  5. PBS Kids
  6. YouTube

We will also like to mention that FireTV channels have diverse categories, ranging from

  1. Educational
  2. News
  3. Live TV
  4. IPTV
  5. Sports
  6. Movies and TV shows.

Final Words

The steps to activate Hulu on Fire TV are so simple that once you can follow them judiciously, then you are good to go.

In addition, we have listed put some free channels available on Fire TV that you do not need subscription for.

We really hope you found this helpful. Thank you for reading.

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