How to Activate Sling TV on All Devices

With modern technology, watching live TV is now very easy, fast, and affordable. You can access your favorite shows and broadcasts on different devices with the Sling TV app even on the go. In this article, we will expose you to the nitty-gritty on how to activate Sling TV on different compatible devices. Sling TV is a cheap alternative to cable TV.

Sling TV provides an ultimate way to watch live TV shows over the internet without a television or a cable box which is quite easy and fast. Sling TV users can use any internet-connected device to stream their favorite TV shows. The Sling TV app also allows optimum enjoyment on your subscription even on the go. The flexibility of your subscriptions and cheaper rates make Sling TV better than your cable TV provider.

You can live stream news, live sports, and other interesting TV shows from the internet. Sling TV is better than cable and it is affordable too. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies with Sling TV from anywhere. The interface is skillfully designed to enhance easy navigation via the content. To activate Sling TV is the very first step in launching your entertainment hub.

The major limitation of Sling TV is that it cannot be accessed outside of the United States, you can only stream in the United States. Other surrounding countries like Brazil, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and so on do not have the luxury of streaming Sling TV and also the access. The official website of Sling TV is even blocked in any country outside the United States.

Follow through this post as we take you through how to activate Sling TV on various compatible devices like; Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Google Chromecast, iPhones, iPads (iOs 9 and up, iPhone 4.0 and above), Android smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

Subscription And Features of Sling TV

Sling has three fundamental subscription plans namely; Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Sling blue. Read through the detailed features of each subscription plan below:

Sling Orange

Sling Orange provides more than 30 channels and it costs $35 per month. This subscription plan is best for Sports and Families. This offers one device streaming, no contracts, and a 50 hour free DVR. Sling Orange comes with various channel lineups, ensure to check which one has your favorite channels. The base Sling Orange (without any add-ons) comes with the following channels like A&E, AMC, ESPN, BBC America, Cartoon Network, BBC America, CNN, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, HGTV, HISTORY, Investigation Discovery, Freeform, Food Network, Lifetime, TBS, etc.

Sling Blue

Sling Blue provides more than 50 networks and it costs $35 per month. This plan is perfect for news and entertainment. This offers three devices streaming, no contracts, and a 50 hour free DVR. Sling Blue package comes with the following channels like BBC America, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, Food Network, FOX, Fox News, HGTV, HISTORY, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime Channel, MSNBC, NBC, Nick Jr., Paramount Network, TBS, TLC, etc. 

Besides these subscription plans and the channels included in them, Sling TV also offers some add-on channels with added cost per channel. In case you want them all, you can get the Sling Orange + Sling Blue which is a subscription plan with a combination of all channels. The combined Sling Orange + Sling Blue package costs $50 per month.Activate Sling TV on Roku

Activate Sling TV On Roku

The activate Sling TV on Roku you need to follow the procedures listed below which is a different process compared to activating it on other platforms. Follow the steps below:

  • Tap the home button on your Roku remote control.
  • Search for the Sling TV app on your menu bar (you can use the search bar).
  • Select and download the Sling TV app on your Roku from the search results.
  • Install the Sling TV app.
  • Tap on the app icon and select the add channel option. The app will automatically update channels to the Sling TV Channel to your Roku device.
  • Open the Sling TV App and log in with your username and password.
  • Once you have a premium package plan linked to your Sling TV account, then you can enjoy streaming on your Roku.
  • If an activation page or option pops up, write down the activation code displayed on the screen.
  • Go to a web browser on your PC or smartphone.
  • Navigate to
  • Input your Sling TV activation code to activate your Roku.
  • That’s it. Done!

For you to enjoy the services of Sling TV, create a Sling TV account and subscribe to a premium package. It’s also possible to watch it for free on a limited-time offer.

When creating a Sling TV account, choose the ‘watch now for seven days free option’ to enjoy streaming for the number of days.Activate Sling TV on Apple TV

Activate Sling TV On Apple TV

To activate Sling TV on Apple TV is quite straightforward, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the home screen button on your Apple TV.
  • Navigate by searching for Sling TV on the menu bar.
  • Select and download the Sling TV app from the App Store.
  • Install the app to set it up.
  • Add the Sling TV app to your Apple TV using the Add on option.
  • Open the Sling TV App and sign in with your username and password.
  • Enjoy steaming different content on your Apple TV.
  • In case the activation page pops up, write down the activation code displayed on your screen.
  • Open a web browser on your smartphone or PC.
  • Navigate to
  • Input your Sling TV activation code to activate your Apple TV.
  • That’s it!

Peradventure your Apple TV can’t download the Sling TV app, it’s possible to still watch it on your TV via the airplay option. To be able to use the airplay option follow the steps below:

  • Ensure to install the Sling TV app on your iPhone.
  • Sign in to your Sling TV account.
  • Search for the content you want to watch and swipe up from the bottom of the screen on the content.
  • Click the airplay button.
  • Select Apple TV and switch on mirroring just beside the Apple TV option.
  • With your TV turned on, the display will be shared on the screen immediately.

Activate Sling TV On Smart TV

The activation process on these compatible devices are quite similar, just follow the steps carefully to avoid any mix up:

  • Download and Open the Sling TV app on your Smart TV.
  • An activation code will be displayed on your screen.
  • Navigate to on a web browser using a PC or smartphone.
  • Enter the activation code in the box provided and press ‘Submit’.
  • Now you are good to watch any content you choose to.

Activate Sling TV on Fire Stick

You can watch shows or movies you desire on the big screen or a more travel-oriented platform once Sling TV is activated on your compatible Amazon Fire devices. Follow the steps below to activate Sling TV on Firestick:

  • On your Firestick home screen, go to the search icon then type Sling TV.
  • Click the Sling TV app among the search results.
  • Tap on getting and installing the Sling TV app.
  • Launch the Sling TV app by logging in with your account details (username and password).
  • An activation code will be displayed on your screen, save it somewhere and continue.
  • Go to on a web browser using a PC or smartphone.
  • Input the activation code in the box provided and press ‘Submit’.
  • This way, you are free to enjoy different Channel contents of Sling TV on your Fire Stick. 

Activate Sling TV On Xbox

To activate Sling TV on Xbox is quite easy, follow the step below carefully:

  • Download and Open the Sling TV channel on your Xbox.
  • Launch the Sling TV app by logging in to your account using the correct info and password.
  • Navigate to using a web browser on a desktop or smartphone.
  • Input the activation code that appears on your screen.
  • Enjoy streaming Sling TV on your Xbox! That’s it!Activate Sling TV

How to Cancel Sling TV Subscription

Sling TV is a monthly service and it doesn’t require a contract. You can begin or end at any time you want, and there are no startup fees, cancellation fees, or equipment-rental costs. These are not applicable at all.

In case you don’t find Sling TV interesting anymore, you can follow the company’s easy procedure for canceling your membership. Follow these simple steps below to cancel your subscription:

  • Navigate to your account page, you’ll see a Cancel Subscription link.
  • Tap on the Cancel Subscription option again, and state to Sling why you’re leaving.
  • After Sling authenticates your cancellation, billing will stop at once. 

Since there are no contracts, you can cancel your subscription at any time for whatever reason, and you won’t be penalized.

Reactivate Sling TV Account

Just in case you choose to reactivate your Sling TV account again, you can follow the easy steps below:

  • Visit account.
  • Log in to your account with the email address and password you registered with when you started your Sling TV subscription.
  • Click on Start Subscription. Activation Code not Working? Try these Fixes activation code normally expires after 10 to 15 minutes after being displayed on your screen. You will need to sign in again to receive a new code. Applications like YouTube TV, AT&T TV Now, and Hulu with Live TV are some of the latest competitors of Sling TV which has been around since 2015.

  • Freezing and buffering issues: This is most likely caused by either Sling TV server problems or your internet and wifi connection is poor. In case of Sling is not down, and you are getting streams of over 1.0 Mbps, then you should not have any issue with your stream. Close the Sling app and then relaunch it.
  • Internet connection issues: Get a new router and new wiring and ensure another user around is not gobbling up the bandwidth.

With the different procedures listed above, I hope you will be able to activate Sling TV on the different compatible streaming devices. Let’s know what you think about this post in the comment section below. For a related article, click here to read more. 

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