How to Activate Starz on PS4

Are you a movie lover, or do you love to watch new TV shows and authentic web series? Then, the streaming service provider called Starz Play is available for you. Starz is an American TV streaming service network. In case you are a beginner, or you have never used Starz Play before, you need to understand what exactly Starz is all about. Activate Starz on PS4 here.

Starz app is only available for iOS and Android devices. In case you already subscribed to Starz via your cable provider, you can easily download the Starz app on a compatible streaming device (PS4 not supported). Log in with your cable account or with your Starz details if you subscribed directly through them. Irrespective of the device and method you choose, it’s compulsory to activate Starz with a code before you can enjoy streaming.

There used to be an app called Starz Play that allowed PlayStation 4 users to easily stream their favorite Starz shows but unfortunately, just recently there is no longer a Starz app for PS4 consoles. Shocking right? There are still several ways you can watch Starz on your PS4. For instance, you can watch it via Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, or On-Demand, it’s no longer available on PS Vue.

Although, if you log in directly with Starz, your cable provider, or PlayStation 4 you can use those details to log in to the Starz app or online at any time. The only cable provider that does not allow customers to do this is Chromecast because they have their streaming app.

You can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment features available on Starz, anywhere, and almost on any device. In this article, we will be looking at steps to activate Starz and how to activate Starz on PS4 via Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix.

Starz On PS4 Via Amazon Prime Video

In case you already have an Amazon Prime subscription then getting Starz will be an add-on. Now, you can use the Prime Video app on your PS4 to watch Starz.

If you are new to Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a free trial and watch Starz for 7-days as well. This lets you try out two things at a time. But the good thing about this is that you can end the subscription before the trial period is up and you won’t be charged. It costs about $8.99 to get the add-on.Activate Starz on PS4 here.Activate Starz on PS4

Starz On PS4 Via Netflix

There are some authentic content and movies that are accessible on Starz that you can also stream via Netflix. For instance, the first two seasons of the Starz original series Outlander are available on Netflix. Activate Starz on PS4 here.

Starz On PS4 Via Hulu

Are you a Hulu subscriber? Then you can get Starz as an add-on for just $8.99 and then download the Hulu app on your PlayStation and start watching. Activate Starz on PS4 here.

Download the Starz Play App

Part 1: Downloading the Starz App

  • Navigate to TV and Video from the Home Screen.
  • Choose Starz Play.

Click on Download after you have been directed to the PlayStation store.

In case you don’t find the app in the TV and Video section. Follow the steps below to rectify the issue:

  • Select PlayStation Store on the home screen.
  • Choose apps once in the PlayStation Store.
  • Select Movies & TVs.
  • Search and select STARZ Play
  • Click on Download

Part 2: Setting Up

After downloading the app, navigate to TV & Movies and click on STARZ Play.

  • Once the app has been launched, select Settings
  • Sign in and use your Starz Play login email and password once in Setting (Go to on your PC or mobile to set up an account if you don’t have one). 
  • After setting up, go to Log in on the PS4 app and fill in your new log-in details.
  • After logging in since you have an active account, you are ready to watch.
  • If you don’t have an active account, go to the Starz Play website on your PC or mobile device and set up your payment method to activate your account.

Note that the first 30 days on Starz Play are free so even after you set up you won’t be paying anything for your first month!

How to Activate Starz on PS4

  • Switch on your PS4 device and ensure you are connected to a fast internet network.
  • Navigate to the home screen.
  • Select the PlayStation store.
  • Tap on the Apps option.
  • Select Movies & TVs category.
  • Search for Starz Play and tap on it.
  • Then click on the download option.
  • Launch the Starz Play app.
  • Navigate to the setting option and click on Logon.
  • Fill in your Starz login account details and password in their respective space.
  • In case you don’t have an account, go to from any other devices such as mobile or PC to create a new account, then login with it again.
  • You can stream Starz on PS4 now.

In case you are not even able to stream Starz on ps4, then it only means that it is all due to the issue of payment. Check your subscription plan again and ensure your 30-day free trial has expired.

That’s it! You can now enjoy your Starz Play movies and series from the comfort of your PS4 and watch different series of shows and collections of movies. 

I hope you were able to activate Starz on PS4 via Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix following the steps above. Kindly follow us back to back for more future related articles. Click here.


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