How to Activate Hulu on PS4 Console

PS4 is an amazing app used to play and stream an endless list of the latest games. PS4 features High-Definition games carefully developed by game developers featuring high-quality graphics, smooth controls, advanced gaming options, and an almost real gaming experience. Hulu on the other hand offers a wide library of movies and TV shows to stream from. Hulu features some of the latest on-demand movies and TV series from across the world.  

Hulu activate on PS4 is like a combination of the best gaming experience with the best of movies. You can switch from gaming to streaming the latest movies at any point in time. Asides from the PS4, Hulu is also available on streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, and many more. So how do we integrate this Hulu activate on PS4?

This guide would help you through the steps in activating Hulu on PS4. In this guide, we would discuss how to create a Hulu account using your mobile, how to install Hulu on your PS4 console, and how to activate Hulu on your PS4. We would also consider giving you some troubleshooting tips in the activation of the Hulu app. Keep Up!

“This guide is not only limited to PS4, it can also be used to activate Hulu on PS3 and other similar gaming consoles.”

Signing up to Hulu on PS4

The first step to activate Hulu on PS4 is by signing up to Hulu on their official website and subscribing to a plan. To do this simply get any device that has internet access and take the following steps:

  1. On your web browser, go to Hulu’s official site
  2. On this website, select the “Start your Free Trial” button.
  3. Enter your “e-mail address”, your “password”, on some other required personal information.
  4. Select your subscription plan.
  5. Enter your credit card and your billing address.
  6. you would get a confirmation upon successfully signing up.

If you already have a Hulu account, it simply means you are an already existing user. Simply click on the “Log in” icon on the top right corner of your screen and enter your Login details. That is the email and password you used to subscribe to Hulu.

Download Hulu on PS4 

The next step to integrating the Hulu activate on your PS4 is to download the Hulu App on your PS4. To do this, ensure that your PS4 is connected to the internet. If it is not, please do so. Also, ensure that you have signed in to your PS4 account using your login details.

Once you’ve confirmed that those processes have been checked, the next step is:

  1. Visit the “PlayStation Store” on your PS4.
  2. Click on the “Search” icon.
  3. Search for “Hulu” on the search icon.
  4. Click on “Hulu Plus” on the Applications screen.
  5. Now click on “Download” on the Apps screen.

Alternatively, Hulu App can be downloaded to your PS4 using your mobile phone. Simply visit the PlayStation store on your web browser and log in using your PS4 credentials. Search for Hulu and “Add to Cart”.

Activate Hulu on PS4

After downloading, the next step in this Hulu activate on PS4 process is to get your activation code.

hulu activate on ps4

  1. Go to your app section and click on the “Hulu Plus App”.
  2. Once opened, you would be directed that a page that has the prompt “Activate this Device”
  3. Beneath this prompt, you would see an activation code. This code is usually alphanumeric and often 6 characters.
  4. Copy this code somewhere or take a mental note of it.
  5. Now return to your Computer, Laptop, or Mobile.
  6. Go to “” and enter this activation code. NB: You might be prompted to sign in. If asked to sign in, please do so.
  7. Click “Activate” after entering the activation code.
  8. Wait for about a minute and then sign in to your Hulu App on your PS4.

It’s that simple, you are on your way to streaming all the exclusive library of movies and TV series Hulu has.

Troubleshooting Hulu Activate on PS4

Hulu Activation may not work on your PS4 due to several reasons. A corrupted data error could be because your PS4 doesn’t recognize the installed app. It could also be a corrupted database on your PS4. Simply try some of the following tips to troubleshoot Hulu activate on PS4.

  1. Delete the System’s storage data.
    • Go to “Settings” on PS4.
    • Select “Application Saved Data Management.”
    • Go to “System Storage” and select “Saved Data.”
    • Select “Delete”
    • Now go to the Hulu App icon and choose “Delete”.
  2. Try performing a Power Cycle.
    • Press the power button on your PS4 console to turn off your device.
    • After shutting down, unplug your PS4 from its power supply channel.
    • Wait for about three minutes.
    • Reconnect your PS4 to its power supply and restart the app.
    • launch your Hulu Plus App to see if this has been corrected.
  3. Try rebuilding your PS4 Database.
    • To rebuild your PS4 database, you would need to enter Safe mode on your PS4.
    • Simply turn off your PS4 console using the power button.
    • Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. You would hear two beeps from your console once you do this.
    • Connect your PS4 controller to the console using a USB. Following this process would take you into “Safe Mode.”
    • In Safe Mode, you would have access to the “Rebuild Database” option. 
  4. Try initializing your PS4.
    • Note that this action would delete all data stored in the System. You should back up your files before trying this.
    • On your PS4, go to “Settings.”
    • Under settings, go to “Initialization.”
    • Select “Initialize PS4” the choose “Quick”.

The guide above contains the step-by-step process of activating Hulu on your PS4. Following this procedure carefully would significantly help in eliminating any stress associated with activating Hulu on your PS4. you may also want to check out How to  activate Hulu on Xbox. In this link, you would also find out how to activate Hulu in any country you are in. If this helped, let us know in the comments.

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