How to Calibrate Peloton Bike & Bike +

If you have a Peloton bike and you have been riding it for the past few months but suddenly you noticed some changes in your number, maybe you feel you are getting stronger but suddenly your number keeps going down. In that scenario, you might need to recalibrate your peloton bike.

Since peloton themselves didn’t put up any information on how to calibrate peloton bike, then, you need to follow this post as your manual on how you can calibrate your Peloton bike.

Some of Peloton users out of frustration has changed their Peloton bike for the peloton bike plus, and they seem to notice some difference such as they perform better with less effort, e.t.c.

If you are using the original peloton bike or you are using the Peloton bike plus and you notice any changes such as your number keeps dropping or you noticed that your resistance knob value doesn’t match the one in the screen, then that means you need to calibrate it.

But before we go into that deeply let’s understand what calibrating a peloton bike means.

What does it Mean to Calibrate a Peloton Bike?

Calibrating your peloton bike is the process you undertake to make your peloton bike indicate the most accurate score while adjusting your bike to its correct metrics.

Calibrating your Peloton bike is also the process you follow to match the resistance displayed on your screen with your resistance knob, for example, if your place your hand on your resistance knob and turn it to the right until you can’t turn it off again.

Once you get here to check the number on the screen, if showing less than 100 it means it needs a calibration.

Now, what signs should prompt you to calibrate your bike?

Do I need to Calibrate my Peloton Bike?

Yes, you need to calibrate your bike, because if you don’t do so, you will keep getting the wrong information about the efforts you put in, which in turn leads to an accurate leaderboard position, especially if you are motivated by your leaderboard position.

However, there are some obvious signals you can see, to know if you need to calibrate your bike and one of them is a sudden change in the resistance level, for example, if you have been riding your Peloton bike for years, you should be getting stronger right? but if you notice that the resistance level you are used to is getting even harder, then you might have to calibrate your bike..

Another common signal is a strange increase in your FTP such as moving from 243 to 280 etc, in this case, you might need to calibrate your bike

If you notice any of the above-listed signs, then you need to calibrate your peloton bike.

Now, since you’re here because you want to figure out How to calibrate peloton bike, the next heading will expand on that

How to Calibrate Peloton Bike (using tools)

To calibrate your Peloton bike, you can do that using some set of calibration tools that usually come with the Peloton bike.

Now, in a scenario where you don’t have these calibration tools, you can still order a peloton calibration kit as long as you still have an extended warranty else, you might have to pay $100 to get yours now.

Moving on, let’s delve into the instructions on how to calibrate peloton bikes using the calibration tools.

Here is how they look like in the picture below.

how to calibrate peloton bike

To calibrate your Peloton bike, follow these steps below.

Note: Ensure you have a screwdriver and a 3mm Allen wrench along with the calibration tools.

  • Firstly, take off the sweat guard from the front shroud making use of the Allen wrench and screwdriver.
  • After doing that, remove the plastic cover to get total access to your bike flywheel front

how to calibrate peloton bike

  • Moving on, place your hands on the resistance knob and turn it to your left to raise it higher. Doing this creates more space to place the calibration wedge
  • Now, get the calibration wedge and insert it on the edge of the flywheel, and then push it towards the magnet brackets till you feel some form of friction
  • Moving on, shift up the sleeve under the resistance knob and then place the bigger disc on top of the bolt
  • Turn the disc until it locks on the bolt and move it down a bit
  • Now, get the smaller disc and place the smaller disc just on top of the larger one.

how to calibrate peloton bike

After you’ve attached it appropriately on the resistance knob and the flywheel at the bike front.

Launch your peloton screen and follow these instructions closely:

  • Firstly tap on “options” and then select the “about tab” to open up the about the info of your peloton bike.
  • Now move to the top right corner of the box displaying the info on your screen.

how to calibrate peloton bike

On the top right corner of the box displaying your device info, tap on that corner 5-7 times. This process is tricky and might not easily take you to the calibration menu, you just have to make sure you are tapping the right place.

  • After doing that it will bring you to the sensor calibration menu.
  • Immediately the sensory calibration menu opens, simply tap on “get started” and click on the “next button
  • On your screen, you will find 31 clear dots on the screen,
  • Now, turn the resistance knob by a quarter and then click on the settings button.
  • After doing this you will notice the first clear dot is now red.
  • Now repeat the previous steps until all the dots are red.
  • Once, you do the final dot, you will see a confirmation screen, showing “calibration complete”

Finally, Go ahead to reset the Bike by clearing both the bike data and cache, by following the steps below

How to Resets your Pelton Bike

To reset your Peloton bike is quite simple.

  • Go to your peloton home screen
  • On your Home screen, Locate the “three dots” on the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Now, go to “device settings” and navigate to apps, and tap on it.
  • Scroll till you get to the “Peloton app” and then tap on it.
  • Next, locate “storage” and tap on it.
  • On the next screen, click on “Clear data” and “clear cache” to clear Off your data
  • You don’t need to bulge since you won’t lose your Bike data.
  • Now, tap “OK”
  • Once your data are cleared, reboot your bike by first powering it Off and then unplugging it from the back
  • Now wait for 30 seconds before you restart it.
  • You can confirm the bike resistance levels to see if you are comfortable with it or not.

Now that you’ve figured out how to calibrate peloton bikes, let’s proceed to how to calibrate peloton bike without the use of calibration tools

How to Calibrate Peloton bike (without tools)

To calibrate your peloton bike without the use of the calibration tools follow these steps below.

  • On your Pelton home screen, locate the “three dots” at the bottom right of the screen and tap on it.
  • A menu box will appear
  • Moving on, locate “about” and tap it
  • After doing that, another screen will show up, displaying the details of your bike.
  • Now, carefully tap the top corner  of the box displaying your deice info, not outside it, inside it, just as demarcated in the picture below.

how to calibrate peloton bike

  • Tap two times and wait for the sensor calibration screen to show up on the screen.
  • Now, tap on “Get started”
  • Moving on, look out for a notification instructing you to turn the resistance knob to the left.. and do so and then tap on “calibrate”
  • Next, you will see a screen with minimum calibration notification
  • simply tap the button with calibration maximum resistance notification and follow the instructed steps to turn the resistance knob
  • Now, brake to the right and then tap on the “red button” to calibrate the bike.
  • After doing that, you will see “maximum resistance calibrated”
  • Now, tap the “done button” 

Finally, you will see a screen with calibrated output curve. it will guide you to turn the resistance know to the left side.

However if you are using a peloton bike plus which is the easiest to calibrate follow the steps below.

How to Calibrate Peloton bike Plus

  • Tap on the “three dots” at the right button corner to open up the slider menu.
  • Now, tap on “device settings”  at the bottom of the list
  • Tap on the “home calibration” option located at the bottom left corner to the auto-calibration menu.
  • Once you get to this menu, tap on the “start calibration icon

The process will take less than 1 minutes

By now you should have figured out how to calibrate peloton bike, moving forward, below are commonly asked questions from other peloton bike users

How to tell if peloton is calibrated correctly

You can check for that by turning your resistance knob highways till you can’t turn again. On your peloton screen, it should show 100 on the screen if it’s lower, then you need to calibrate it

When is the best time to calibrate my Peloton bike

The two most obvious reasons is when you feel your peloton bike become extremely hard to ride, especially if you have been riding for quite a while. or you notice it has become way too easy these signs alone should prompt you to calibrate your bike.

Why is my peloton shaky?

The most common reason behind this is if your Pelton bike isn’t straight with the ground, you can add a rug below your peloton bike to make it more firm.

Peloton bike calibration chart

Peloton does not offer a standard chart to compare the cadence or resistance levels, however here is a close one you can check to compare with yours below

How to calibrate peloton bike

Can you cheat on peloton?

It’s isn’t a recommended practice. If you cheat on Peloton you won’t gain anything.

Does peloton come with the calibrated tools?

The calibrated tools do come with the bike setup kit, but if you don’t have it your can request for it from peloton


By now, you should have figured out how to calibrate peloton bike. seamlessly especially if you are using the first version which requires the calibration tools,

Also, since you have a peloton bike, clipping and unclipping is a very common issues you might be faced with check here if you still struggle to with that.

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