How to Clip into Peloton Bike: Easy Steps [2022]

Now that your peloton bike has just been delivered to you, the next thing to do is to set it and power it on right? Probably you’ve done all that and you want to test out the equipment with your peloton shoes.

But you can’t seem to wrap your head around the fact that it’s time-consuming and hard to clip in your peloton shoes, not to even talk about pulling it out which seems even harder.

Right now, maybe you are bent on loosening the tension screw probably, it will make it much easier to screw. However, doing that isn’t a supported practice according to the peloton support guide, so how do you go about it.

In the article below I will be showing you How to clip into peloton bike without having to loose the tension screw.

Now, since you have a peloton shoe and you are thinking of clipping it into the pedals, let’s break down all the steps from attaching your cleats to putting on the peloton shoes before clipping it, maybe there is something you are missing.

Moving on, if your cleats are not installed follow these steps below.

You can skip to the next heading after this if you’ve figured out how to clip into peloton bike pedals.

How to Install the Cleats unto the Peloton Shoes

How to Clip into Peloton Bike

Since your peloton bike makes use of delta-compatible cleats, you can install it on any shoe that comes with a 3 screw hole setup, such as the peloton shoes that come with it.

  • Now, to install the cleats on your peloton shoes follow the steps below
  • Get each of the cleats and place it over the 3 square holes of your peloton shoes
  • Moving on, position the washers right into the cleats recesses, make sure it is facing upward.
  • Now, place a screw into each hole and then use the 4-millimeter hex key to tighten it
  • Note: you have to do it for both shoes, moving on, let’s test the peloton shoes on the bike to confirm if it was well placed.
  • since you’ve figured out how to clip into peloton bike.
  • Now, put on your peloton shoes and make sure you have loosened the velcro strap, and put your feet into the shoes. if you are comfortable with the shoes

Let’s go ahead to break down how to clip into peloton bike.

How to Clip into Peloton Bike

Your peloton bike comes with a pedal that fits directly with your peloton shoes if you are struggling to clip your shoes into the pedal or maybe you can’t clip into peloton bike pedals  follow these steps below:

  • Get on the Peloton bike but don’t yet place any of your legs on the pedal.How to Clip into Peloton Bike
  • Now, firmly hold the handlebar and place your stronger foot on the pedals, while moving it to the 6 o clock position which is down.
  • Now, point that foot down while applying pressure on it. doing this should make it click correctly with your pedals.How to Clip into Peloton Bike
  • Moving on, place the other foot on the pedal and move this side of the pedal to your 6 o’clock position too. while doing this apply little pressure while you wiggle it, until it clicks with the pedal.How to Clip into Peloton Bike

By now you should have successfully figured out how to clip into peloton bike

Now, let’s proceed to how you can clip out of these shoes correctly.

How to Clip Out of the Peloton Pedal?

After trying out the peloton, bike and you’ve been able to cycle for a few minutes or hours, here is how you should clip out of your peloton shoes since most people experience some level of difficulty when they want to do this.

How to Clip into Peloton Bike

Follow these instructions closely

Note: don’t apply too much force on it while clipping out of the pedals

  • Put some weight on the right foot and move it outwardly just like as though you are scrapping on the floor. Do it for both sides of the pedals.
  • Now, if you were not able to unclip it, then try these steps below:
  • Hold the resistance knob and put your full weight on one leg while tilting it outwardly,
  • Finally, do the same for the other side of the pedal, apply your full weight while holding the resistance know and move your foot outwardly.

Now, that you’ve been able to clip in and clip out of your Peloton bike there are some safety tips you might need to be aware of while putting on your peloton shoes for other times.

Precautions to Be Taken While putting on your Peloton Shoes

using your Pelton bike is a pretty straightforward process, isn’t it? but you have to be watchful or some little precaution that could lead to injury while putting on your peloton shoes.

Now that you know how to clip into peloton bike, below are some safety tips you should be watchful of

  • Since you want to go ahead and enjoy some cycling sessions, kindly, check the major part to ensure nothing is placed wrongly or looks strange.
  • Also, it’s a good practice to loosen the velcro straps or buckle, when you want to put on the shoe.
  • make sure nothing is underneath the shoes and also be sure that you are comfortable after putting it on, before clipping it into the bikes
  • Always, grasp the handle firmly before trying to clip your foot into the pedals.
  • lastly, apply moderate force, while clipping it in or clipping it out of the Peloton bike.

In addition to that, another safety option you can opt for is the peloton toe cage. what this does when you compare it to the sneakers alone it secures your foot from slipping off while you are cycling.

That is not all, it also enables you to go from sitting to standing position smoothly, which you have to seriously, avoid doing with the sneakers alone.

Also, the peloton toe cage which is also referred to as a toe clip can accommodate any shoe size so if you have a big, long, or wide foot you can make use of it.

Why Peloton Shoes keep Popping out

if your peloton shoes keep popping out or maybe you do not feel it is clicking when it engages with the cleat then you need to try these out.

How to Clip into Peloton Bike

Firstly, you want to reduce the tension by turning it toward the (-) meaning the counterclockwise direction using the 3millimeter Allen key that  comes with your bike

Now while screwing it, if you notice that, you clip it in too easily you can screw it by turning it in the clockwise direction till you get a perfect clip experience – not too tight and not too loose.

What are peloton clips?

There is nothing like a peloton clip, you can only have a toe clip or peloton cleats.

How to adjust peloton shoes

To adjust your peloton shoes folows the same principle applies, make sure it’s not too tight or too loose, you can do that by simply tightening or loosening the moving toggle on the shoe.–

Is it Possible to Use SPD Cleats on Peloton Shoes?

The SPD cleats will fit well into peloton shoes, but it might not go with the peloton pedal, the best option you have is to change the pedals, if you want to use the SPC cleats

Does peloton come with toe cages?

You have to get a toe cage separately because it isn’t included in the Peloton bike, but clip-in pedals come with the peloton bike plus (+).

Will one pair of Peloton toe Clips work with multiple pairs of Peloton shoes?

since, you’ve figured out how to clip into peloton bike pedals. doing this  largely depends on the shoe not the clip. The clip works well with most shoe sizes whether large or small, you only have to check your shoes if you are skeptical about it.

Can I use sneakers on your Peloton pedal?

Of course, you only have to get a toe cage and attach it to your pedals to do that.

Why is it difficult to unclip my shoes from the bike?

In this scenario, the first thing you have to check is your cleats probably the screw is loose. A loose cleat will make it harder to unclip your shoes from the peloton bike pedals.

You only have to tighten your cleats to resolve these issues – you can do this once a month to ensure a smooth ride.


peloton bike is a great alternative for outdoor cycling, especially with the influx of remote works, or maybe you prefer staying indoors. however, you have to ensure that you are watchful of your body positions by making sure you are always in a good posture while cycling on your Peloton bike.

in addition, another thing you have to be aware of is the preventive tips to watch out for while using your Peloton bike, that is one of the reasons why getting toe cages helps. since it prevents your feet from moving out unnecessarily out of the pedals.

Moving on, since you’ve figured out how to clip into your Peloton bike, what other challenges do you have

If your peloton bike isn’t Coming on Check here to resolve it

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