How to Cancel LA Times Subscription

You may spend a month trying to cancel LA Times subscription and still not be able to achieve your dream. Los Angeles times doesn’t make it easy to cancel users subscription. However, after a lot of researches, there are some few steps to take to finally cancel your Los Angeles times subscription.

LA Times or Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper letter based in Califonia that publishes both print and online newsletter. LA Times, however, offers subscription-based service that provides readers with exclusive content, home delivery and access to the Los Angeles Times across all devices.

How to Cancel LA Times Subscription on Phone

The easiest and toughest way to cancel LA Times subscription is on phone but it could be toughest that expected. It’s more than just a call through to LA newsletter representative. However, to fulfil all obligation to LA Times subscription cancellation on phone follow the procedures below.

  • Call 1-800-88-TIMES or LA Times customer service on 1(800) 252-9141.
  • Wait until a representative picks up the call.
  • Ask to cancel your subscription.
  • Provide all necessary information such as:
    • Last four digits of your card number.
    • Phone number
    • Username [if required].

After the call to cancel your LA subscription. Call back to confirm whether your subscription has been cancelled successfully.

LA Times Subscription Cancellation via Email

You can also process your LA Times subscription cancellation contacting Los Angeles Times via customer service email address.

  • Open your email account on mobile or web browser.
  • Tap on “Compose.”
  • Subject: LA Times Subscription Cancellation.”
  • Bodu: Hi, kindly cancel my LA Times subscription. I want to take some times off. Thanks
  • Send the email to ”

That is all you have to do to send an email to LA Times customer service to cancel your LA subscription.

How to Cancel LA Times Subscription

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How to Cancel LA Times Subscription Online

You can capitalize on LA Times customer feedback online form to cancel your subscription. This isn’t guaranteed though but it worth trying.

  • Go to LA Times feedback online page.
  • Fill the form with your personal detail.
  • Select “Los Angeles Times” under select a product.
  • In the feedback category select “Billing.”
  • Click “Submit.

Now, relax and wait for a couple of hours or days for a representative to contact you concerning the feedback you provided. Then, follow-up the conversation and request for your LA cancellation subscription.

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