How to Unlock Course Hero

This article contains a piece of holistic information on how to unlock course hero premium features and be able to unblur documents on the platform.

If you carefully go to this article even if you do not make use of any method we have discussed on how to unblur course hero in this article you will get a piece of information about course hero that will help you if you’re a user on the platform.

There are many opportunities available on Course Hero if you’re a premium account holder. The opportunities have been discussed!

Unlock Course Hero

Unlock Course Hero Official Packages

You may have noticed that on course Hero if you want to view a document some part of that document will be a blurry one. This means that you need to unlock course Hero.

You can do this by subscribing to any of the packages available on the platform or by any other means necessary.

If you want to unlock course Hero through subscribing for any of the official packages then the information below is for you.

  • 1-year plan of course hero cost 9.95 dollars per month
  • A 3-month plan will cost you 19.95 dollar per month
  • And a one month plan will cost you $35 per month

Features you will get after you Unlock Course Hero

The meaning of unlocking course hero in this article is just a workaround on how to get the premium features on course hero for free.

Below, we have discussed some of the things that are contained on a premium account on course hero which are the same features that are available when you unlock the course hero account.

If you are Taping from another person’s account you may not have access to enjoy all the benefits as some of the benefits of having a premium account on course hero would be directed to the person whose name is registered with the account.

Course Hero Account Features

  • 1. With a premium course hero account you will have access to a wide range of courses and study materials available for different levels of studies.
  • 2. If you have a premium account with course hero you stand a chance of being offered a scholarship for your studies.
  • 3. On course hero you have access to sophisticated tutor’s and study materials anytime as there are 24 hours of service offered on the platform.
  • 4. If you have a premium account with course hero and you are sharing Media on social media with your friends online you stand a chance of winning a whopping $5000 scholarship from the platform.
  • 5. When you unlock the Course Hero account by subscribing to the premium features then you stand a chance of winning a $1000 scholarship just by answering simple and very short questions on the platform.
  • 6. You also stand a chance of winning not less than a $3000 scholarship if you are willing to upload not less than 8 documents that are yours on the platform.
  • 7. College and High School students and teachers are allowed to make use of the platforms as students would learn and teachers would earn money from the teaching they offer.

How to Unblock Course Hero Account features by Rating Documents 

Unlock Course Hero

You can unlock course hero account features without having to subscribe to any of the packages available on the platform.

All you need to do is log into your free account and rate content and document uploaded on the platform by tutors.

This will unlock your account to an extent to unblur course hero.

Unlock Course Hero Account by making referrals

Do you know that you can unlock a course hero account by making referrals? If you did not know then I will tell you. Yes, it is possible.

You can get $25 when you refer your friends and this will be enough to offer you a premium account free trial access on course Hero.

Below are step-by-step processes on how to go about it

  • First of all, you need to create an account on Course Hero and sign in to your account.
  • After you have signed up you need to complete a few actions that will be given to you. This is important so that you can get unlocks.
  • Next, you need to upload some of your documents and help other learners on the platform to acquire knowledge.
  • Once you upload the materials you will be offered five accounts unlocks for every 10 documents you upload successfully.

This unlock course Hero future is available for only 30 days. You can make use of it to see the full document without blur.

Making a quiz on the platform will also offer you 3 unlocks so long as this trial is still active.

Unlock Course Hero by Uploading 10 Documents

This is one of the most effective ways to unlock course Hero premium features.

Bear in mind that you do not just upload any document of your choice, you need to upload relevant documents on the platform, like class notes, lab reports, essays or test preparations.

Do well to ensure that the document you are uploading is yours; if they are not yours, make sure that you have copyright permission from the owner of the document or work.

After you have finished uploading your documents on the platform course hero will give you five unlocks.

If you do not receive your unlock immediately do not worry as Course Hero may take up to 3 hours to add it to your account, sometimes unlocks are added after 3 days of completing this task.

You can also rate other documents uploaded by people on the platform and this does not take time to add up after you have submitted your ratings.

If you rate five documents you’ll get one Unlock within one hour.

Unlock Course Hero with Inspect Element Browser

To unlock course hero with inspect element browser, the first thing you need to do is to visit the official website of Course Hero.

Unlock Course Hero

  • Locate the document that you want to unblur and highlights that portion of the document that is not visible.
  • After highlighting it, right-click on it and select the inspect option.
  • You notice a new window will open and on the new window you will see a div tag
  • After you have found this div tag, right-click on it and click on the edit attribute option
  • On the new class write the word none and then reload the page; you will see that you will be able to view the blurred document

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