How to Sign up and Cancel Hallmark Movies Free Trial Subscription

This post about Hallmark movies free trial will teach you how to sign up and cancel Hallmark Movies now free trial subscription without being charged at the end of the period.

Hallmark movies offer a free 7 days trial to unlock all movies and streaming across all your devices. To sign up for 7 days free trial you are required to enter your credit card or another payment method to allows Hallmark to charge your account at the end of the free trial.

However, if before the free trial expires you failed to cancel your Hallmark free trial subscription you will be charged for the service. That is the more reason why it’s important to cancel your free trial.Hallmark Movies Now free trial subscription

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How to Signup for Hallmark Movies Free Trial

You can spend your leisure time to enjoy Hallmark movies for free with your free trial service. Do not panic. I’ll guide you to cancel your subscription if you do not want to continue with the service any longer. 

  • Open your handheld device with an internet connection.
  • Go to the Hallmark movies homepage.
  • Click on “Start your 7 days free trial”.
  • Fill the personal information such as your name, email address, password, and click “Start your 7 days free trial”.Hallmark Movies Now free trial subscription
  • Choose your “Hallmark Movies plan” and click “Continue”.
  • Setup your “Payment Method”.Hallmark Payment Method
  • Click “Start Membership”.
  • Done.

Your free trial will start immediately. It’ll last for 7 days. Your billing cycle will start at the end of the free trial.

How to Cancel Hallmark Movies Now Subscription

The procedures below are how I cancel my Hallmark Movies Now subscription.

  • Go to your account.
  • Click “My Account”.
  • Click on ” Cancel Subscription”.
  • Click “YES” from the popup.
  • Done.

Your subscription will be cancelled and you will not be charged when your subscription expires.

How to Cancel Hallmark Movies Now Subscription iPhone

Using the In-app feature on your iPhone or iPad you can cancel your Hallmark movies now 7 days free trial.

  • Open your iPhone settings.
  • Tap your profile name >> subscriptions.
  • Click on “Hallmark Movies Now” subscription button.
  • Click “Cancel Subscription”.
  • Done.

Follow the instruction on the screen to cancel your 7 days free trial on Hallmark movies before it expires.

How to Cancel Hallmark Movies on Roku in In-App

Through the Roku In-app, you can cancel Hallmark 7 days free trial if you do not have access to Hallmark online service.

  • Open your Roku TV.
  • Go to your “Streaming Channel”.
  • Search for “Hallmark Movies Now”.
  • Press the “OK” button on your remote control.
  • Select “Manage Subscription” to view your renewal date.
  • Highlight “Cancel Subscription” and press “OK”.
  • Done.

Follow the procedures on your Roku screen to completely cancel your Hallmark Now free trial subscription.

How to Cancel Hallmark Movies Free Trial on Roku Web

  • Go to your web browser and visit
  • Sign in to your Roku account with your username and password.
  • Click on “Manage your subscription”.
  • Click on “Unsubscribe” right in front of Hallmark Movies app.
  • Done.

Either way works for unsubscribing from Hallmark movies Now to cancel your free trial.

How to Cancel Hallmark Movies Now Free Trial on Android

While enjoying Hallmark Movies Now on your Android phone you can also cancel your free trial subscription.

  • Launch the Google play store app on your phone.
  • Tap the “Menu” option to the top right.
  • Click on the “Subscription button”.
  • Select “Hallmark Movies Now”.
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription”.

Follow the instruction on your screen to cancel your free trial subscription. However, uninstalling the app does not cancel your subscription and terminate your free trial account.

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