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How To Cancel Dish Network Subscription

In case would like to know how to cancel Dish Network subscription, then we would show you.  Although it might seem easy to cancel the network, however, just like any other company, the Dish Network would try their possible best to make you change your mind. What this implies is that they would offer you a better deal which might seem irresistible.

So, once you’ve made the decision to cancel Dish Network subscription, you need to be ready for the hassle that comes with it. To make it even better, ensure you think through the reason behind wanting to cancel their service before you make the call. You also have to be as composed and assertive as possible during the call. Stick around with us we would guide you through the process.

How to Cancel Dish Network Subscription

Here we will guide you to preparing for the call to request the termination of your dish network subscription.

Step 1

You need to be 100 per cent sure that you want to cancel your subscription. This is because their reps would try their possible best to convince you to stay back and if you are not sure, you would agree. Remember that these people have been trained to leverage on any doubt you have as regards to cancelling their service. If you are 100 per cent sure you want to cancel then you need to be in that frame of mind even before you dial their number.

However, if you are not sure you want to cancel your subscription, then that is fine too. The good news is that you can use the threat of cancelling to get an even better deal. You could just tell the rep you plan on cancelling because their bill is too high and watch the magic that will unfold afterwards.

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Step 2

Write down your account information on a paper and also look for your most recent bill. You could also get your original customer agreement if you can find it. Also, take note f your service start date, your account number service address and contact number. Set everything aside and be ready to take notes during the conversation.

Step 3

Ensure you read the contract to know if you are going to be charged for an early termination fee. Usually, Dish Network would charge you if you try to terminate their cancel your subscription before the end of your contract. However, you can escape paying this fee only if you can demonstrate a breach of contract on their part. So read the contract closely to know what would work for you. Most times, it is advisable to endure and wait until the end of your contract to avoid paying the early termination fee.

Making the Call

Step 1

Start by dialling 888-283-2309 (USA) to speak with the Dish Network Customer Service. Then you can select your preferred language. The options are English or Spanish language. Afterwards, follow the instructions they would provide to get across to the correct department.

Note that you can also opt to cancel your subscription by sending an email to care@dish.com. However, making the call is the fastest way to cancel your subscription. Also, if you would like to suspend your account rather than cancelling it outrightly, you should dial 888-876-7918 instead.

Step 2

Once you have been connected with a rep, you should let them know that you would like to cancel your subscription. Ensure you ask for the name of the person you are speaking to and write it down. Clearly tell the person that you would like to cancel your subscription and that you would need his/her help with that.

Afterwards, the agent will try to get some information from you while looking for a weak spot that they could easily exploit. They would ask you questions like, ‘Would you like to get more channels for less money’ or ‘What can be done to improve your Dish experience?’

Step 3

Ensure you are focused and not swayed away by the agents sweet talk. Keep reminding yourself why you want to cancel and you can reply to them by saying, ‘Thank you, but I have already made my decision. Please help me do so.’ In case they persist, let them know that nothing will change your mind. You should bear in mind that these agents earn a certain commission for each cancellation they successfully prevent.

So expect that they would try to convince you like their job depends on it because it does. You should try to remain calm throughout the conversation but don’t tolerate bullying or rude behaviour. If this happens, you can ask to talk to their supervisor and you took down a name like we advised, you can relay your experience. After successfully cancelling your subscription, then all you need to do is return their equipment and that is all.

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Now you see the process of cancelling your Dish Network Subscription is easy and would be done in a few minutes. Just follow our tips above to ensure that the process goes even better.

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