How To Cancel Sling TV Subscription [Quick & Easy Method]

In case you don’t know how to cancel your Sling TV subscription we would show you. Sling has become the most popular streaming platform for live TV which comes with a wide range of channels. This is why they are able to compete with any TV provider.

However, most people believe that it is very hard to manage your Sling TV subscription. We are here to show you that the process is not that complicated and can be done easily if you know all the steps. All you would need to cancel your Sling TV subscription is just to find your way around their website and their account management page as well. Check out our guide below to do this.

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How to Cancel Sling TV subscription

Consider the procedures below to cancel your subscription of sling.

Access Sling TV Account Settings

This is the first step to canceling your subscription. To do this, just follow the steps explained below.

  • First of all start by opening your web browser and head over to the Sling official website. On the site, select the Sign In option which you’ll see at the upper right corner of the page.
  • When you arrive at the login page, just input your email address and password as requested and tap Sign In.
  • For those that are using a VPN setup that is somewhere outside the US, you might have challenges signing in. To avoid this, you need to make sure that you use a US-based IP address before you start the signing in process.
  • After logging into Sling, it will take some time to load before you land on their streaming interface. Then you can navigate to the settings icon which looks like a gear. You will find this on the upper right corner of your screen. Sling
  • After landing on the settings page, click on the Manage Account option which would then open up your account preferences in a new tab.  cancel sling tv subscription
  • In the new tab, you will see all the links that you can use to manage your account and the link to cancel your subscription is included.

Step 2: Cancel Sling TV Subscription

If you would like to proceed to cancel your Sling TV subscription, just follow the following steps.

  • In your Sling account settings tab, on the left side of your dashboard, you would see the link to cancel your subscription. Click on this link.
  • Then you will get a message that will try to change your mind about canceling your subscription. If you would still like to proceed, just click on the Cancel Subscription icon at the bottom of the message. cancel sling TV subscription
  • Then you would be presented with the option of pausing your subscription instead. This would be a good choice if you are traveling and would not be able to use the service at your destination. However, you can proceed to cancel the subsection out rightly if you no longer need their services.
  • Sling will then give you the option of pausing your subscription instead of canceling. If you’re going on vacation or simply won’t be able to use Sling, this is a good alternative to canceling outright. To proceed, just select Continue to Cancel.
  • You might get another message from Sling asking you why you want to cancel your subscription. You can decide to fill or just press Continue To Cancel again for it to be finally canceled.

How to Change your Sling Subscription

In case you want to make changes to your account instead and not cancel it outrightly, we would put you through the process. The sling allows you to add or remove channels and even packages. Follow the steps below to do this.

  • From your account preferences section of your Sling settings, you would see the link to change your subscription.Sling Preference
  • Once you click on it, you would be directed to another page where you would see all the options that Sling offers. Below the Blue and Orange packages, you would see Sling’s standalone and Latino subscriptions.
  • You can select the Show More option to see the complete list of the available channels on Sling.cancel sling TV subscription
  • Then select the channel you want to add to your package. You can also select the channel you want to remove.
  • When you have finished adding or removing channels, just go to the bottom of the page and select Review.
  • Sling would then present the breakdown of your new bill and it will itemize all the channels associated with the bill.
  • If everything seems good, just select Submit Order to finalize the changes.
  • Then you can exit the website and return to your Sling player to enjoy the new channels.

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Now, you see canceling your subscription on Sling is not that complicated and wouldn’t take much of your time. You can also manage your subscription anytime you wish. However, if you have any challenges following the guide above, let us know in the comments section below.

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