How to Change your ADT Master and Sub-users Code

What about discussing how to change ADT code in this article? You don’t want to sound common to everyone around you and set a unique code for your ADT. Therefore, you need to first change your ADT code from the common code to something you will prefer personally.

Therefore, here in this article you will learn how to change ADT code as a master user or for some of your sub-users.

The ADT security system is all about having your home/business place secured. Now, it would not really be secured if the ADT code is a common knowledge.

To have the sense of security that ADT offers, at times, you just have to know how to change ADT code if many people already have access to your codes.

Having many people privy with information about your alarm not only defeats its purpose but as put you at security risk.

In a commercial setting for example, you should refresh and change the code as often as you lose and replace staffs.

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Because a fired staff with the security codes could come back to the company and would have easy access to the company’s facility and properties.

With ADT alarm system flexibilities, you can easily change the master code for the system and code assigned to other users as well. So, we will also consider the steps that will allow you to easily change the Master Code as well as the codes that are assigned to sub users in this article.

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How to Change ADT Code: Master Code

The master code is what you will refer to as the main code for the ADT alarm system. It will be required to make any significant changes in the system, and reserves all rights to permission. The master code could be four digits or six digits security passcode depending on the model.

The code can be used to disable or enable the alarms, disable or enable the system and even disable or enable ringer mode.

  1. To begin with, enter your default Master Code that you use for the alarm system. The code you want to change.
  2. Thereafter, you press the buttons 8 and 1 together on the alarm keypad.
  3. You can now enter the new code you would prefer to use as the new master code.
  4. You press in the new code again to confirm it, (Let say you chose 09056 in the 3rd step, you are expected to input that again in the 4th)
  5. You will hear a single beep sound from the alarm, indicating that you have successfully changed your master code.

How to change ADT code

How to Change ADT Code for Sub-Users

Sub-users code is the access you give to others you share the alarm system with. Perhaps in your home with your children or even in your workplace with your staffs.

To change the ADT codes for sub-user, following the process below.

  1. Like with the master code, input the existing master code to unlock the alarm system.
  2. Press the Code button
  3. Depending on the user number you would like to change, input the user number assigned to the code you want to change (e.g., number 24, 05, 08 or 10)
  4. The next prompt is to enter the four-digit code you would assign to the new user.
  5. You will hear a single beep sound from the alarm, indicating that you have successfully changed your code

How to Erase a Code on ADT

The steps below put you through how you can erase your ADT code

  • Note that you can erase a sub-user code by simply pressing the * key, then the number 5. 
  • Then you press your master code.
  • Enter the sub-user number
  • Press the *key to clear the code,
  • press the # key to complete programming.

How to Change ADT Code for Duress Codes

There is a new code option called duress codes. They usually come with default codes (33 or 34) This codes activate the alarm immediately. This is a feature not all ADT models have though and they cannot be changed.

Note: Some models of ADT installed in your house will require you to start the process by pressing either of the Reset button or #9 button on the keypad.

How to Change ADT Code without a Master Code

To reset or change ADT code without the usage of the master code, you have to follow these steps

  1. Long press the * and # keys simultaneously
  2. The keypad will request for the installer code
  3. Press *20 followed by a 4-digit code of your choice

How to change ADT code

I am sure you would wonder what is the ADT installer code? well, the installer code is the passcode that gives you access to the  programming menu. Different models have different defaults,  and you should find it in the pack. But if you cannot find there, you can find it in the user manual. It is usually four digits like 4112, 6541 etc.

How to change ADT code

In cases where you wonder if you can you reset an alarm without code

Models differs and some brands can permit this, but its not usually the case with all brands. Therefore, we urge you to use a passcode that you cannot easily forget. It can get annoying if you forget you passcode, and you might need it to disable an alarm.


When using the ADT security system, your passcode is the key that holds everything together, the key to the vault of your safety. And as such, its privacy should be high priority.

Which is why you should know how to change ADT code whenever you feel that it is compromised and requires changing. Dallying might put you at risk of being unprotected.

In this article, GadgetsWright teaches you how to change both master code and sub unit codes in few easy steps.  However if you find this all too complex and you need a more professional approach, you can contact ADT customer service.

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