How to Change PS4 NAT Type

The quickest way to fix the PlayStation 4 [PS4] frequent disconnection from the PlayStation Network [PSN] is by changing your PS4 NAT type. Your PS4 NAT type could be responsible for your PS4 disconnecting from the PSN or causing a high ping rate. So, changing to a different type of NAT could be the only way out.

So, in this article, you will get to know whether you need to change your PS4 NAT, how to change your PS4 NAT type when you have trouble connecting your PS4 to the internet or the PSN.

We will also take a close look at the PS4 Network Address Translation and whether the NAT is set to “Strict” or “Moderate.”

What is PS4 NAT?

Network Address Translation or NAT is a means or process of mapping an IP address space into another IP address space which is done by modifying the network address information that is in the network IP header of packets when the mapping is ongoing across a routing device.

The IP address that is mapping could be a private or public IP address before the information in the other end is transferred. So, because PS4 wants multiple consoles or PS4 users to employ a single IP address they make use of NAT.

This is not only applicable to PS4 or other consoles, this method is also used in the home router.

So, when the NAT type is not mapping the IP address to the required address it can cause a bridge in your device network. 

Types of NAT

Before you can decide which NAT you need to switch to when going through the PSN hard time with your PS4, we will quickly reveal the types of NAT that is available.

The NAT on PS4 or home router is divided into three. And these are:

  • NAT Type 1 – Open
  • NAT Type 2 – Moderate
  • NAT Type 3 – Strict

With these PS4 NAT types, it may occur to you that choosing the NAT Type 1 or “Open NAT” that is better. But, users should go for something different instead of routing for the type 1 NAT on your PS4.

Although the PS4 open NAT type takes care of unwanted disconnections since it’s open, it will leave the network vulnerable to attacks.

Also, you wouldn’t want to choose NAT type 3 because it can also cause the disconnection problem with your PSN but of its set-up. But, NAT type 2 is the soft spot that is recommended.

You can switch between these NATs in your PS4. And here, we are going to show you exactly how to change PS4 NAT type in this article.

How to View PS4 NAT Type?

To start with, it’s good to know the NAT type that your PS4 is set to. This will give you an idea of whether it’s the recommended PS4 NAT type or not. So, we will quickly run over how to view your PS4 NAT type here.

  • Turn on your PS4 and connect it to your monitor or TV.
  • Navigate to “Settings”PS4 NAT Type
  • Choose Network.”Select PS4 Network
  • Under “Network” click on “View Connection Status” or “Test Internet ConnectionTest Internet Connection"
  • Your PS4 NAT type will display on the screen under the view connection status page.Change PS4 NAT TYPE to TYPE 2

Now that you know the type of NAT your PS4 is using. You can proceed with the guide below to learn how to change your PS4 NAT type.

How to Change PS4 NAT Type

It’s quite cumbersome to change your PS4 type from maybe type 1 to type 2 since you cannot just change the NAT type on your PS4 settings. To do this, you will need to sign in to your router and switch or change the NAT type.

However, the process to change the PS4 NAT type on the router is different depending on your router. But, in these cases, the steps below work for some of the routers that we have changed it NAT.

You first need to enable UPnP via your Router’s administrative or management settings depending on your manufacturer before you can easily switch or change your PS4 NAT type.

  • Visit the router IP address. This is usually at the back of the router or on the package. However, most routers use the IP address as the default to access the router’s admin backend.
  • Sign in to your router’s admin page using your username and password. If you are still using the default router’s username and password, you can use “admin” for both the username and password.
  • Go to “Settings” and navigate to the “Administration” or “Management” tab and find the option that allows you to enable or turn on Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). But if none of these is available, you want to check for UPnP.
  • After you have switched on the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) we can process to discuss the methods that are available to change the NAT type on PS4.
  • Ensure to enable UPnP to follow the steps above before you proceed with this approach. Now, to change the NAT type on your PS4 you need to assign NAT to your network’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Or the second approach is to forward a particular port to your PS4 console.

Note: We recommend that you should only consider the Network’s Demilitarized Zone [DMZ] when you have no options left as this can leave your network vulnerable to attacks.

  • The process to forward a port on a router depends on the manufacturer. However, you can choose between forwarding a port to your PS4 console and choosing a static IP address.

Note: Sony provides all the relevant information that you need about the list of required ports for PS4 when it comes to port forwarding on the console which is recommended for users to use when you want to connect your PS4 to PSN service.

  • Now, you need to adjust the port range in your router depending on the router’s model or manufacturer.
  • Once you are done, restart the console to change the NAT type from either type 1 or type 2 or type 3 to the new NAT type you set it to via the router.

Now, once you have rebooted your console, check the NAT type and the type should be changed to type 2 if you follow the whole process completely.

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