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Find Router IP Address

Routers have a different IP address and the IP is unique. You can have two different Routers with two different IP address. How do you find the Router IP address? If you’d love to find your Router IP address, read this guide.

A Router is a must have at home if you want to enjoy wireless internet connection. It’s relative to the number of users though. Yet, the convenient way to give internet access to the entire household is to get a Router and let everyone connect to it using a unique password.

Do not forget to change your Router’s password often to cut off users you don’t give the passcode to yourself. This will help you to save your data cap in case your Router service provider isn’t offering you an unlimited data cap.

There are tons of Routers. So, here we’d take a look at different Routers and how to find their IP address.

Note: Some of the procedures to find your Router IP Address may ask you to login into your Router. Kindly do so in case we didn’t mention it in the procedures.

Find Router IP Address


Find Asus Router IP Address

The first router we’ll consider here is the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300. If you own this router here is how to find its IP address.

  • Connect your Asus Router to your access point
  • Launch the command prompt
  • Type in: ipconfig /all in the command prompt
  • Click go and search for text that says: gateway
  • The IP address is located right to it on the same line

The IP address can be used to access the Asus Router’s settings page for further configuration. This is just how to access an Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 IP Address.

Find Netgear Router IP Address

Netgear is another popular router. To find the IP address doesn’t call for a first or secondary degree. Following these steps, you can find your Netgear Router IP address.

  • Open Chrome browser and visit Netgear login page
  • Enter your login information and log in to your Netgear account
  • Click on the advanced option
  • Go to the Router’s information
  • That is IP Address is located

Netgear Router IP address is either or But, you can confirm which of the two IP addresses your category of router falls to.

Find D-Link Router IP Address

Here is how to identify your IP address on D-link router. The D-link default IP address is and here is how to find it.

  • Open a browser and type the default IP “” without quotes and hit the enter button.
  • Log in to your D-Link account with your username and password
  • Go to  Setup >> Network Settings
  • Go to the Router’s settings
  • That is where the IP Address is located

Note: You can change the IP address. But, you will have to make the necessary change to your PC and other devices that connect to the IP.


Find Linksys Router IP Adress

Linksys routers have a default IP address “ or″ like other routers. While you can edit the IP address here is how to find the IP address.

  • Open a browser and visit the Linksys default IP address “ or or http://myrouter.local for a smart Router
  • Enter your Linksys login information to access the admin page
  • Go to the Router’s settings

There you will see your Linksys IP address. It’s always unique. You can change if you know what you are doing else don’t edit the default IP address.

If you have other routers you want to find its IP address kindly leave a comment below and you get a fast response on how to find it.

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