How to Fix YouTube Black Screen on Android TV

I know how frustrating the YouTube black screen on Android TV can be, all you need do is relax as this article will take you through the troubleshooting tips on how you can fix YouTube black screen issue on Android TV. Stay tuned and read to the end to rectify the issue.

The YouTube black screen issue is not restricted to a particular model or brand of Android TV. Most users of the YouTube app for PC also complain of the same problem. This issue prevents one from viewing the video as the Android TV screen suddenly turns black. 

The number of people who stream online video content has so much increased than ever before since the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown saga.

However, several users encounter different issues like YouTube not working, video editor no longer availableblack screen issues on the YouTube app for Android TV. For this post, we are dwelling on how to fix YouTube black screen on Android.

In case you see a message that a video can’t display, and it’s not a black box, the video may be blocked in your region, or the video may have been removed from YouTube. You may be able to unblock it using a web proxy if the video is blocked. At times, an easy restart does the trick of fixing the YouTube black screen issue on Android TV.

In this post, we have listed the possible causes of the YouTube black screen issue on Android TV and the most efficient and effective methods to fix YouTube black screen issue on Android TV. At times, the YouTube video black screen issue might last for a long time. Just don’t worry! This post lists several methods to help you fix the YouTube problem. Let us dive into the article.

Causes of YouTube Black Screen Issue on Android TV

YouTube videos black screen error can occur at any time. There is no particular reason causing the YouTube black screen issue on Android TV. Here is a list of potential reasons. Below are several reasons why you get a black screen when playing YouTube videos. Here are some of the common causes:


The slow and unreliable internet connection can prevent your YouTube videos from loading properly and thoroughly. Therefore, the YouTube video shows a black screen with audio.


 YouTube black screen may take place if your web browser is not the latest version, or has a lot of cookies and cache. You can fix this issue by updating the browser, clearing the cache, or by restarting the browser.

Extensions/Ad-blocking plug-ins

 You may have installed some mini software programs on your browser to customize the browser with rich features. However, some of these programs like ad blocking may prevent your browser from loading the complete video accurately.

Computer Hardware

 You can try restarting your PC when issues associated with your computer cause YouTube to display a black screen instead of videos.

YouTube mobile

 If you encounter a black screen and no audio from YouTube on your phone, you can clear the app data or cache, or simply restart your phone.

  • A minor hitch due to streaming content for hours could cause YouTube black screen on Android.
  • Due to an outdated version of the YouTube app.
  • The RAM (Random Access Memory) may cause this black screen issue.
  • The Android TV firmware version might be outdated.
  • The Android TV might have a fault itself.

The above list gives you a fair idea of the common causes of the YouTube black screen issue on Android TV. Now, let’s go ahead with the fixes below.Fix YouTube Black Screen Issue on Android TV

How to Fix YouTube Black Screen on Android TV

Here are some fixes you could try out that will help you fix YouTube black screen issue on Android TV, follow the steps below carefully, and don’t mix things up:

Simply Restart Your Android TV

In case no visuals are playing for you in the YouTube app, then it is recommended that the first thing you do is restart your TV. Restarting gives your Android TV a short break from continuous work. Therefore, restart your Android TV and verify if restarting fixes the issue or not. You can try the next option if restarting doesn’t work.

Check the Internet Connection

Another important way to fix YouTube black screen issue on Android TV is checking whether or not your internet is working smoothly or not. Most times, due to an edgy internet connection, the YouTube app experiences glitches.

However, if the internet connection is not good, YouTube won’t load the video content properly and will often show you a black screen. This is why it is important to check your Internet connection speed and reliability from time to time when YouTube experiences hiccups.

Try Login Again

Some Android TV users reported that re-logging into the YouTube app worked for them. When you open the YouTube app, select your profile picture (on the top-left) to visit your account page. Then, choose your account and tap on it to see the Sign Out option.

Immediately you log out, go to the YouTube app’s home screen. Locate the left-most side of the screen and click on the Sign-in option at the top to log in to YouTube again.Fix YouTube Black Screen Issue on Android TV

Verify if YouTube is Working on Other Devices

It’s important to check if YouTube is working on other devices, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or not. If YouTube is still having trouble running on those devices successfully, then it could be because the YouTube servers are experiencing some issues.

Several websites, like DownDetector, Outage Report, Is It Down Right Now, can detect if a service is presently experiencing any issues or not.

You can Reset the YouTube App

You can fix YouTube black screen issue on Android TV by resetting the YouTube App itself. The app’s cache or temporary files sometimes conflict with the app’s performance. Fortunately, the YouTube Android TV app has a Reset feature inbuilt.

Note that resetting the YouTube app will completely clear your settings, connected devices, and will also log you out of the app. Follow the steps below to reset the YouTube Android TV app:

  • Navigate to the left-hand menu, and click on Settings.
  • Scroll down to find the Reset app option.
  • Tap on the Reset button twice to perform an app reset.
  • That’s it!

Delete and Install the YouTube App again

The YouTube app cannot be uninstalled from the Android TV, since it is a system app. However, you can try to uninstall app updates and reinstall the upgraded version of the app. This compels the YouTube app to fix certain issues like the YouTube black screen issue on Android TV which might have crept up because of the improper installation process.

Update the Android TV Firmware

This is similar to updating any app, you should keep your Android TV’s firmware updated. Although Android TV doesn’t receive any updates, it does get a few security patch updates. So, be on the lookout for such updates as they can fix YouTube black screen issue on Android TV. Follow the steps below to update the Android TV Firmware:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Click on Device Preferences.
  • Click on the About option.
  • Finally, select the System Update option.

The Android TV will begin searching for the latest updates on its server. If a new update is available, simply download and install it. That’s all!Fix YouTube Black Screen Issue on Android TV

Try to Reset Android TV

In case none of the above-listed methods fix the issue, you can try resetting the Android TV as a last resort. Principally, this will delete all of your personal preferences, accounts, devices, etc. from the TV. Follow the steps below to reset your Android TV:

  • Go to the Settings menu of the Android TV.
  • Choose Device Preferences.
  • Scroll down and select the Reset option.

Now that you have learned the different methods on how to fix YouTube black issue on Android TV, one of them should fix the issue. Once it fixes the issue, now the YouTube app on your Android TV will run without any hiccups or hassle.

Exactly like the Android apps on your phone, your Android TV also requires some troubleshooting whenever you encounter the black screen issue again. Let’s hear from you by dropping your comments in the section below.

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