How to Clean Peloton Screen: Safe Way

During the Covid 19 pandemic, there was a sudden rise in peloton bike purchases due to the unexpected shut down of gyms. And Since then, more and more people have begun to embrace the peloton bike because, it’s a good alternative to an outdoor gym, especially for those who love outdoor cycling.

Now, if you make use of the Peloton bike, more frequently, How frequently do you clean it? It’s recommended by peloton to clean your bike at least once a month to prevent it from damages, especially on high touch surfaces of the equipment, such as the screen, or the metallic frame.

Since you are here, I will be delving into how to clean peloton screen and other high-touch surfaces of your peloton bike.

But before we proceed let me break down what you need to know before cleaning your peloton screen

What You Need to Know

Before cleaning your peloton device, ensure to turn off the bike. Now, If you have multiple users on your Peloton bike, it is hygienically safer to clean your peloton touch screen at least daily or at least twice a month, since it’s prone to constant contact with your fingers, which could contain germs.

Now, since your peloton touch screen is a delicate component, you should avoid cleaning agents like detergent, alcohol, or any other concentrated cleaner.

What you should use is an approved LCD electronic cleaner for your screen, some examples of that are listed below.

However, it isn’t limited to these alone, as long as they are not caustic and not concentrated.

In addition to that, you should also ensure to use a microfiber cloth while cleaning your screen.

How to Clean Peloton Screen

To clean your peloton screen simply add any of the recommended wipes to a microfiber cloth and gently use it to clean your peloton screen.

Now, since you are well enlightened on how to clean peloton screen, another thing you should consider because it’s inevitable not to touch your peloton screen is to protect the screen with a screen protector just as discussed below.

Peloton Screen Protection

how to clean peloton screen protec

There are a series of screen protectors you can use with your peloton touchscreen such as the clear touch crystal protector.

Getting one acts as a protection for your screen, just as similar to a screen guard for your smartphone.

Peloton Screen Cover

how to clean peloton screen
For peloton bike screen not bike plus

Also, getting a screen cover is a good step since it prevents your peloton touch screen from dust after cleaning it.

There are a series of screen covers you can get on amazon for your Peloton bike or bike plus to prevent your peloton screen from dust after cleaning

How to Clean Peloton Frame

Now that you know how to clean peloton screen, another thing you want to watch out for is the Frame.

how to clean peloton screen ff

While using your Peloton bike, your sweats can easily drop on the frames. and you want to avoid leaving sweat on the frame since it is made of steel.

To prevent cases such as metal marks or rust. Your best bet is to clean it using adding a stainless steel cleaner to a damp cloth since it’s made of steel.

Make sure it’s dry cleaned if it’s still moist.

How to Clean your Peloton Mat

how to clean peloton screen ff

If you placed a mat underneath your Peloton bike, you have to clean it regularly by spraying it.

You can spray it with a well-scented spray such as the OdoBan Disinfectant Spray.

Spraying and cleaning your mat reduces odors. so it’s a good practice especially when you have multiple people making use of the Peloton bike.

How to Clean Peloton Shoes

how to clean peloton screen ff

If you are using your peloton shoes indoors which is going to be the case at most times, you might not need to clean it regularly, however, they can be smelly after each use due to the sweats emitted from your body.

To clean your Peloton shoes, hanging them somewhere or in a rack would be just enough

Cleaning Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

how to clean peloton screen ff

The peloton heart rate monitor component contains a strap, so when you want to clean it, simply snap out the Heart Rate Monitor from the strap and wash the strap. You can do this twice a week or after every use.

Cleaning Your Bike Seat

how to clean peloton screen ff

Another high-touch area is your Peloton bike seats. The Peloton bike seat is easily contacted with sweat especially if you like the standing position while cycling.

And sweats drops on the bike seats can easily damage the seat tissue, give it odor and also make it lose.

However, To prevent that you should endeavor to clean twice a week or at best after every use.

Cleaning Your Bike Pedals

how to clean peloton screen ff

Your pedals are made of metal so, you want to dry clean them to prevent any occurrence of rust.

in a scenario, you notice any trace of liquid on the pedals after use and ignore it. You could begin to experience friction while cycling the pedals due to rust.

How Frequently Should you Clean Your Pelton Bike

According to peloton, it is once a month, however, it all depends on two things

  • How frequent you use it
  • And How many people are using it.

If you use it every day, you should clean it after every use or at least thrice a week. The same also applies to peloton bikes with multiple users, since the device is made up of metals, which can rust after prolonged exposure to sweat without drying it.

Another thing you want to consider is the mat underneath the bike since it’s prone to odor if it’s not regularly cleaned.

In addition to all that, you should avoid leaving the metal parts of your Pelton bike wet, especially if you’ve dampened the cloth with a steel cleaner.

Ensure to always dry clean the metals parts

Since you’ve figured out How to clean peloton screen and other high touch areas of your peloton bike below are commonly asked questions from peloton users when it comes to the bike hygiene

Can you use Windex on the peloton screen?

Since Windex isn’t a concentrated wipe such as detergent or alcohol, you can use it for your peloton touch screen.

DIY peloton cleaner

If you have been looking out for the DIY cleaner to use on your Peloton bike, you should watch out for red flags such as alcohol, detergent, or anything that bleaches. Instead, you should go for disinfecting wipes, baby wipes, or anything that isn’t super caustic.

Best cleaner for peloton bike

The best set of products you can use to clean your Pelton bike are baby wipes since they are recommended by peloton support members alternatively you can go for DR Meyer Organic cleaning Product.

Peloton cleaning vinegar

Since wipes are made up of scented oil and vinegar, you can simply use vinegar with some drops of scented oil for your Peloton bike, but a branded product like the such as the ones listed above is preferable.


You should have figured out how to clean peloton screen and the things you need to avoid.

Moving on, you might be interested in learning about how to limit constantly changing your peloton Heart rate monitor battery over here.

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