How to Connect Airpods to Acer Laptop

The process involved in connecting Airpods to Acer laptops is similar to the process of connecting AirPods to HP laptops. However, you need to be sure that your Acer laptop’s Operating System is up to date before you can connect Airpods to Acer Laptop.

In addition, your Acer laptop must be supported by Bluetooth connection. Once you have confirmed the steps above, follow this guide to learn how to connect Airpods to Acer laptop easily.

The portable Apple’s AirPods offer great sound, the battery life is top-notch, and it’s so light to carry around which makes them a perfect companion for music and video lovers.

However, since Airpods are mainly used with Apple devices, you are a bit skeptical if you will be able to connect Airpods to Acer Laptop.

Well, you can but the output might not just be as perfect compared to if it were to be an Apple device.  

Note that not all PCs are Bluetooth-supported, especially Laptop while desktop may require an external Bluetooth. However, if you own a laptop and it’s a recent brand, then it’s most likely that your PC will have Bluetooth capabilities.

The process of connecting Airpods to Acer laptops is straightforward once you know the step. In summary, to connect Airpods to Acer laptop, navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your Acer laptop, open your Airpods case, put the Airpods into pairing mode by pressing the button behind. Then pair with your Airpods. Read on to connect Airpods to Acer Laptop.

connect airpods to Acer laptop

How to Connect Airpods to Acer Laptop via the Settings app

The first step to take has to be on your Airpod’s charging case and not on your Acer Laptop. This post will show you how to make your AirPods discoverable by turning on the Bluetooth pairing mode.

  • Place your AirPods into their charging case, ensure you open the lid.
  • Long-press on the circular button behind the case, release your hand once you see a blinking white light.
  • Open the Settings app on your PC. Click on “Devices”. A window titled “Bluetooth & other devices” will be displayed (Another quicker way to pull up this window page is to type in “Bluetooth” in the search bar, then tap on “Bluetooth and other device settings”.
  • Ensure the Bluetooth option is switched on. This will enable your PC to be responsive to nearby Bluetooth signals.
  • Tap on the + sign next to “Add Bluetooth or other devices”. This action will initiate a new window titled “Add a device” to appear.
  • Select the “Add a device” window, and click on “Bluetooth”. This will initiate Windows to find nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Your AirPods should be among the list of discoverable devices.
  • Tap on it to get your AirPods paired and connected to your PC
  • A confirmation window will be sent stating, “Your device is ready to go”.

How to connect your Airpods to Acer Laptop via the Action Center

Connecting your Airpods to Acer Laptop via the Settings app is not the only medium in which you can pair your AirPods to your Acer Laptop. You can also connect your wireless Airpods to Acer Laptop via the Action Center.

Follow the steps below to connect Airpods to Acer Laptop using the Action Center:

  • Long-press on the back button behind your AirPods’ charging case till you get a flashing white light (Ensure you keep the lid open).
  • Tap on the Notifications icon on your taskbar (This is located on the far right of your taskbar, close to the date and time). 
  • The Action Center will be displayed, or you can also tap the Windows key and “A” at the same time.
  • Tap on the word “expand” if the Action Center has been minimizedClick on “Connect”.
  • A panel titled “Connect” will be displayed at the right-hand side of the screen (Windows will search for your AirPods automatically). 
  • Tap on your AirPods on the available list. Your wireless Airpods will automatically pair with your Acer Laptop.connect airpods to Acer laptop

How to Connect AirPods to Acer Laptop

To connect Airpods to Acer Laptop requires a simple process, you connect it just as you connect every other Bluetooth device, however, you need to manually put the Airpods into pairing mode first.

Note that the AirPods may be compatible with any Bluetooth device, however, Apple’s seamless pairing process is specific to the company’s own devices. Follow the steps below to connect Airpods to Acer Laptop:

  • Via the Windows Search bar, look for Bluetooth and choose Bluetooth and other Device Settings from the Search results.
  • You will be directed to the Bluetooth & other devices menu in the Windows Settings app.  
  • Open your AirPods cover, but don’t remove your AirPods just yet. 
  • Long-press on the button behind the AirPods case till the led flashes white to enter pairing mode.
  • On your Acer laptop, tap Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  • Click on Bluetooth from the Add a device window
  • Choose your AirPods from the list of available devices.  
  • Once the above steps have been carried out well, a confirmation message will be sent to you.
  • Tap Done to close the window and start using your AirPods.  
  • That’s it! You have successfully been able to connect Airpods to Acer Laptop.

How to Reconnect Airpods to Acer Laptop after Pairing

After the first pairing between your Airpods and Acer Laptop has been initiated, then you will be able to reconnect your AirPods and Acer Laptop to listen to music, watch YouTube videos, video conferencing, and so on by simply navigating back to the Bluetooth & other devices page in Settings.

Every of your paired audio device listed under the Audio header will be noticed. Select your AirPods from the available list and tap the Connect button.

Now, you have it reconnected. Have fun and enjoy as your AirPods pair seamlessly with your Acer laptop.connect airpods to Acer laptop

Can’t Connect Airpods to Acer Laptop? Try these Fixes!

For some reasons that your airponds won’t connect to your Acer laptop check out the fixes below.

Can’t hear anything through AirPods? 

Once you connect AirPods to Acer laptop, ensure your audio output is switched to the wireless buds automatically, but this doesn’t always happen. In case you discovered your Acer laptop’s audio is still being channeled via your speakers, Try the quick fix below : 

  • Right-click on the Sound icon in the toolbar located at the bottom-right corner of your display and tap Open Sound Settings
  • From the Sound Settings Menu, choose the dropdown beneath Output and choose your AirPods.  

Even after following the steps above and your audio still doesn’t switch, try closing and reopening the app producing the audio. Some Windows app outputs are not usually up to date till they are restarted, this is also applicable to some games, music apps, and even some browsers. connect airpods to Acer laptop

AirPods keep disconnecting

To connect Bluetooth to supported devices is incredibly timely, but it is not perfect, and it simply means your AirPods might disconnect now and then, not allowing you to enjoy the music or video optimally. 

  • You can re-sync your Airpods quickly by placing them back into the case and closing the lid for a few seconds.
  • Once you take the Airpods back out, they should resync with each other and your Acer Laptop automatically, but you might have to manually reconnect via the Bluetooth devices menu if no connection occurs.  

In case you discovered your AirPods are always disconnecting consistently, it could be due to the amount of Bluetooth devices connected to your Acer laptop. Do you have several Bluetooth devices connected all at once, like a Bluetooth mousekeyboard, and your AirPods, it’s possible that the Bluetooth module is clogged and can’t provide a stable connection to many devices all at once. 

Another easy fix is to disconnect any Bluetooth devices not presently in use and switch to wired (or 2.4GHz-enabled wireless) peripherals.  

I hope you find this article helpful and informative? By following the constructed and concise steps above, you should be able to connect Airpods to Acer laptop without any hassle.

Let us know if you were able to successfully connect Airpods to Acer laptop in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more enlightening articles from our stable. Thanks for reading thus far.

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