How to Connect your Smart Plug to Alexa

Struggling to Connect your Smart plug to Alexa? Connecting a Smart plug to Alexa is now easier than you think. now, you can control smart appliances using just Alexa.

With the new Advancement in Technology, you don’t need to manually hand-control your home appliances anymore.

You can turn on/off your home appliances easily, by simply uttering some commands, however for this to be possible, you need a Smart Plug connected with Alexa. 

And, in this article, I will be simplifying the steps you can take to connect your smart plug to Alexa. 

Now, what exactly is a smart plug

What is a Smart Plug

A smart plug is a device that makes it possible for you to control your home appliances either using your phone or an Alexa device (for example Amazon Echo). 

You could connect your device to a smart plug and pair it up with Alexa so that you can simply use voice commands like Alexa turn on the lights” to get it started.

it’s not limited to that alone, you can also perform tasks like schedule your devices to perform some simple tasks at certain times.

Here’s how a smart plug looks like.

How to Connect your Smart plug to Alexa


Key things to Consider before Getting a Smart Plug

There are a lot of smart plugs around, some works best with a device that consume less power, while some work better with larger devices. But how do you know exactly which one to get?

First and foremost it has to be compatible with Alexa, there are a lot of smart plugs that work with Alexa, especially popular ones like the” Alexa smart plug” and the “Ground smart plug”.

Alexa Smart Plug is seamlessly easy to use but if you have a Gosund smart plug you can learn more about how to set it up here.

Secondly, you have to consider the type of device you want to make use of with the smart plug. Some smart plugs generally are rated for a limited amount of power – You can find the power (which is usually stated in amps or watts ) in the package. While some are rated for high power devices.

If your Smart plug comes with a small power capacity, there is a limit to the number of devices you can use with it however if you want to use the smart plug on a bigger device, you should get a higher power capacity smart plug.

Virtually most smart plugs support Alexa, but to be double sure before you get one. Check the device package, or go online and check its compatibility.

After you’ve got a smart plug device that is compatible with Alexa, the next step of action is to connect it to your Alexa devices, using the Alexa app.

How to Connect your Smart Plug to Alexa

Connecting your smart plug to your Alexa is quite easy, however, there are different brands of smart plugs aside from Amazon smart plug, and we will be discussing how to connect a few out of the populr smart plug starting from “Amazon smart plug”..

How to Connect your Smart Plug to Alexa

How to Connect your Smart plug to Alexa

To Connect your Smart plug to Alexa. First and foremost, you need to insert the smart plug into a wall socket and make sure it is connected at a distance your Wifi can reach.

  • Launch the Alexa app.
  • You will see a menu at the” upper left corner” now tap it
  • Then select the “add to device” option
  • t will show you another screen, asking for the type of device you want to set up
  • navigate down until you see “Plug”, select it
  • On the next screen it shows, it will request for your brand.
  • For the “Amazon Smart Plug” brand 
  • Locate, Amazon and Tap it.
  • Alexa will ask you to approve a few permissions (which usually consist of your Bluetooth, camera, hardware and location.
  • Now, tap the link to give Amazon’s Conditions of Use a read,
  • After doing that tap “next” to start pairing.

After successfully pairing your Amazon smart plug to, Alexa app will request you to add to a group.

That’s not all, after pairing your Amazon smart plug with Alexa, you’ll see a checkmark on the screen of your device with a tick mark beside it.

Once it shows this it means, your device is ready for use, now for another rand name like Gosund” which is also a popular smart plug

How to Connect other Smart Plug to Alexa

How to Connect your Smart plug to Alexa

First and foremost, you need to insert the smart plug into a wall socket and make sure it is connected and at a distance, your Wifi can reach.

  •  Get your phone and launch your Alexa app.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you will see a tab locate and tap “devices ” 
  • A small dropdown will appear, simply select “add device
  • Over here, you will see a list of devices you can pick from, Ranging from Tvs to Lamps to Plugs, But, since you are using a smart plug you will have to choose “plug”
  • After doing that, look for the brand name or the device manufacturer, that you want to pair with Alexa. they are usually arranged alphabetically.
  • after choosing your smart plug brand, it will take you to the setup page.
  • On the setup page, you will be instructed to download the manufacturer’s app and follow some simple steps.
  • After following those steps – which is usually to create an account on the manufacturer’s app.
  • Open the Alexa app and click on “more”
  • Now click on “skills” to go to the Alexa skill store.
  • On the skill store, you can search for your smart plug skill usually by its name.
  • Now, it will take you to the “smart plug skill page

Ove where you need to link your “smart plug Mnaufacturer’ account t oLaexa (the one you created on the manufacturer app before you came back to Alexa)

  • After doing that tap on “enable to use
  • It will open up the smart plug manufacturer sign-in page 
  • on this page, you will need to enter your email ID and password (kindly use the same password you created for the smart plug’s app)
  • Now “Authorize” to give Alexa the permission to control your smart plug and any other devices from the same manufacturer.

After doing this, wait for a few seconds to let Alexa discover the device. Once it discovers it, You will get a prompt on the Alexa app that a new plug has been found and it’s ready to use.

Now, if your Alexa device Instantly says “New Plug named (it will say the smart plug name over here) found. for example, New Plug Gosund.

To control it, simply say Alexa turn on (it will mention the Smart plug name). 

After you have successfully connected it, you can perform tasks like using your phone to turn it on? Off your smart plug, schedule when you want it to turn on or use your voice to control it.

Note: You can also customize the smart plug name to the name of the device you are using, for example, Lamp, cooker to make it easier to remember what device you are controlling with your voice

In a scenario where Alexa can;f find the brand name of your Smart plug here’s how to go about it

What if Alexa Can’t find the Brand Name of your Smart Plug

After Launching the Alexa app and clicking on Devices > Add devices > Plug and under the device manufacturers name, you can’t find the brand of your smart plug there. kindly follow these steps:

How to Connect a Smart Plug to Alexa

  • Navigate to the bottom of the list and click on “other”
  • A new setup page will open up, over there lock on “discover devices”
  • Alexa will begin to search for devices, once it finds it simply follow the instructions on the Alexa app to connect your smart plug

Alternatively instead of doing that you can go to the Alexa skill store and search for the brand name of the smart plug you are using, search for it by manufacturer name.

  • Once you find it, Link it up with Alexa and its skills.
  • After you’ve successfully paired you see the smart plug “is set up and ready” in your Alexa app. 
  • you can turn on any appliance on/off using your Alexa devices. now after doing all these and your smart plug isn’t connecting yet,

Here are a few things you might want to check:

  • Check if your “Alexa App” is the latest version if it isn’t, try updating it.

If it is updated to the latest feature, you might want to confirm if your” Alexa app” and your “Smart Plug” are connected to the same network (if they aren’t connected it might be the main reason why the connection isn’t going through

If there are no changes, get your smart plug Device and reset it, to do that simply press and hold the button at the side of the plug for about 12 seconds.

  • Now restart the setup process again.


Connecting your Alexa to your smart plug isn’t much of a stress, you just have to ensure your smart plug is compatible with Alexa. And you have to try different steps as listed above, it is very unlikely that you will be stuck with it, you can always get more information on how to setup Alexa with your Amazon Echo.

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