How to Create and Host an OnZoom Event

How to create and host an OnZoom event been broken down in this article to help you understand how to easily create and host OnZoom events with no difficulties.

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we do business. We are no longer just online school meetings or classes. Now the time has come: when you take concerts, comics, yoga classes, cooking classes, and training, you’ll get the basics. Whatever you need to do, you can do it online. And Zoom was a pioneer in this category.

However, today’s Zoom meeting platform was designed for hosting meetings, not online events. And even though we’ve been successful, it’s not the same. This article will teach you how to create and host an OnZoom event.

Zoom announced OnZoom at this year’s Zoomtopia, Zoom’s annual user conference, which was also held online this year. OnZoom is an extension of Zoom’s unified communications platform. With OnZoom, licensed users can create, host, and even monetize online events on the same platform as Zoom Meetings. Participants can participate in events using any type of account. Now let’s move on to how to create and host an OnZoom event.

What you need to know about how to create and host an OnZoom event

Zoom proudly presents the public beta of OnZoom, a unique online event platform and marketplace that supports and embraces the creativity, perseverance, and innovation that have enabled so many to personalize their events into virtual events. or hybrid experiences.

We are honored and inspired by all of the amazing ways the world has set for a literal halt in personal events amid COVID-19. When entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and organizations of all sizes had to find a way to stay on track and continue to serve their customers anyway, many turned to Zoom. OnZoom simplifies this experience.

OnZoom, an extension of Zoom’s Unified Communications platform, is a complete solution for Zoom paid users to create, host, and monetize events such as fitness classes, concerts, improvisational shows, and Zoom meetings, and stand-up shows. Below is an explanation about how to create and host an OnZoom event for the first time.

How to create and host an OnZoom event for the first time

Below is how to create and host an OnZoom event:

Once you’ve configured your account, you’ll be taken to the page where you can create the event. The event creation consists of three phases: event card, event profile, and tickets.

The first step to how to create and host an OnZoom event is the event card. You must provide a name and a brief description of the event in less than 140 characters.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

Then select the event category and you can add tags to provide additional information for follow up. You can add up to 8 tags.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

The next part defines the date and time of the event. The event can be one-time or a series. For a single event, you must specify the start time and duration.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

Click the Series option to switch to a Series event. For a Series event, you must specify the start time and duration, the frequency of recurrence and the number of events after which the series should end, or the date on which it should end. The timing and duration of all events in the series remain the same.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

In addition to the free or paid events, OnZoom will also add features to turn the event into a fundraiser. The function was introduced. When you log into your account, you can turn on the Fundraising option and add a nonprofit that you would like to raise funds for.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

Then there are the “Event Options”. You can configure connection settings, event security, and options for cloud recording and live streaming. Click it to expand other options. This must be done if you must fully understand how to create and host an OnZoom event.

In the “Participation Settings,” you can decide whether you want to participate in the event with the video activated, whether there is a waiting room for the event and whether the participants can join 5 minutes in advance.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

One of the cool options here is whether or not you want to add your event to the Zoom directory. The switch for this option is activated by default. If available, your event will be publicly visible in OnZoom. You must have this option enabled to maximize the accessibility of your event. However, if you want to have a private event that you can only share with a link, turn it off.

The second customizable option relates to event security. When clicked, the following options expand: “Participants can send one-to-one chat messages,” “Participants can change screen names,” and “Participants can share their screens.” By default, all of these options are disabled to maximize security. You can turn them on, but OnZoom recommends that you proceed with caution and only turn them on if you can trust the attendees and know they won’t interrupt the event.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

The last option is for live streaming and cloud recording. Event logging is disabled by default.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

If you activate the cloud check-in, you will receive a disclaimer stating that “to activate this function [cloud check-in], the participants must agree to the registration and may affect ticket sales”. . You’ll need to confirm that you want to activate it by clicking the “Activate” button. When you enable cloud check-in, your event information page and ticket purchase flow will contain an additional message to potential attendees with the message “Event can be recorded”.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

After you have configured all of the settings, click the “Save and Continue” button to proceed to the next step.

The next step is the event profile. It includes setting photos for the event, adding a YouTube link, and more information about what attendees need to know. Your event must have at least one cover photo, but you can add up to three photos of the event.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

You can also add a YouTube link with information about the event. The YouTube video is displayed as an additional thumbnail next to the event images.

The last option on this page is contact information. You cannot change the contact email address as subscribers can only contact the account with host access. However, you can change the contact name.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

Click “Save and Continue” to go to the last step.

The final step in creating your event is “Tickets”. It is arguably the most important part of the event you are creating. You can have free or paid tickets to your event, or a mixture of both. However, if you haven’t set up the payment method, you can only get free cards.

The first thing you see on the ticket page when creating your event is the capacity of the event. The number of attendees depends on your account type. If you want, you can easily update your account on this page.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

Then select your ticket type by selecting “Free” or “Paid” from the options.

You can create different types of tickets for a single event. For example, if you want cheaper tickets for early bird and more expensive tickets for general admission or free tickets for people of a specific domain, you can create different types of tickets for them.

To create a ticket, enter the amount of the ticket type you want to sell. The total number of tickets for your event depends on your account. So if you have an account that supports up to 1000 participants, you can have 999 entries in total.

Then enter the name of the ticket. For example. Early…

If it’s a free event, tickets or entry is free. For a paid event, the ticket can cost anywhere from $1 to anything you want. There is a cap on the ticket price, but OnZoom says it is quite high and you are unlikely to attempt to rate the ticket at that value. So you don’t have to worry about the maximum price you can set for the ticket.

Next, enter the date and period that the ticket will be on sale. If you want attendees to be able to purchase tickets during the event, you can schedule ticket sales accordingly.

If you want the ticket to be available only to certain people, e.g., those who register with a certain domain, switch the switch to “Control who can register for this ticket”. You will soon be able to only make it available to invited people via email. Then check the box “User of the specified domain” and enter the domain name.

Finally, click on “Save”.

how to create and host an OnZoom event

To add a different ticket type, click “Add Ticket”, repeat the process and add multiple tickets for the event.

Hope this article satisfied your quest about how to create and host an OnZoom event. Do well to visit our HomePage for more information.

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