How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile

The Facebook dating site is where you meet people from different regions and start an online handout which could lead to real relationships in real life. However, there is no commitment as you can decide to turn off the Facebook dating account or even delete the Facebook dating profile. However, here in this article, we will discuss how to delete Facebook dating profile from your Facebook account if you have been struggling with how to possibly put an end to using the Facebook dating site.

The Facebook dating site isn’t for minors. You need to meet the minimum requirement such as age before you can sign up for Facebook dating and create your Facebook dating profile. The process to join Facebook dating is similar to creating your Facebook account which means that you do not automatically have the Facebook dating account profile because you have a Facebook account.

And Facebook dating is only available for Android and iOS and strictly for users above the age of 18 targeting some selected markets. Meaning that, you may not be able to start using the Facebook dating app because Facebook is available in your region.

To use the Facebook dating app, your region must be part of the said market Facebook is targetting for the dating app.How to Delete Facebook Dating

Turn on Facebook Dating Profile

The Facebook dating profile will not be turned on automatically. You have to do this manually. And to turn on the Facebook dating profile in your primary Facebook account follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Facebook app on your Android or iPhone.
  • Tap on the more option to the top right or the Hamburger whatever it’s called.
  • Select “Dating” from the list of options available under your Facebook profile and recently viewed activities.
  • Provide your Facebook dating profile information such as your location, photo, etc and Facebook will automatically generate our Facebook dating profile once you have activated it.
  • Tap “Done” once you have completed your Facebook dating profile setup.

Now, your Facebook dating profile is ready for use. You can start meeting people whose locations are shared publicly and people will henceforth be able to find you on Facebook dating and have communication with you about their intention.

How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile

Once you think it’s the right time to take some time off Facebook dating your can either turn off or delete your Facebook dating profile.

  • Open the Facebook mobile app on your Android or iPhone.
  • Select the Facebook menu button or the hamburger to the top right or the three lines to the top right.
  • Scroll down to “Dating” and select it.
  • Open the “Facebook dating profile” settings by click on the “Settings gear” icon to the top right.
  • To delete your Facebook dating profile tap on the “General” tab once you clicked on “Settings” and select “Delete Profile” in the “Account Menu.”
  • Tap on “Delete Profile.”
  • Done.

Facebook will try to keep you by saying some sweet words or coming up with the idea to take a break instead of going for your Facebook dating profile account deletion. Just ignore the message and click on the option to delete your Facebook profile anyway.

In summary, to delete your Facebook dating profile, go to Facebook menu >> dating >> settings >> general >> delete profile >> select the reason to delete the dating profile or turn it off >> delete profile.

This will not only turn off the Facebook dating profile but it will als remove and delete our Facebook dating profile your submitted and all our information including our Facebook profile photo and name will be removed.

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