How To Download & Install VeinMiner in Minecraft

Discover the quickest ways to download and install the VeinMiner in Minecraft, including how to set it up to get it running ASAP.

Vein Miner Mod 1.12.2 / 1.11.2 is a mod that can be used to mine mineral veins by mining blocks of the same type in a chain reaction so that you get the blocks at the end. It’s inspired by Connected Destruction by Bspkrs.

It’s a great way to break down found minerals quickly and slow the speed down much faster. As the blocks break, the minerals move closer to you so you can grab them faster. What makes this mod useful is the minerals that you don’t see. If you find a single mineral while mining, just open it up and see all the others hidden in the walls that you may have overlooked.

You don’t have to craft any items to benefit from the Veinminer mod. In most mods, the vein miner’s ability is set to the squat or shift key by default. You can break away from the Ex’s hand at any object.

Dirt, wood, sand, etc. You don’t need to have a tool in hand, but something (nothing in particular) needs to be in your hands. The extraction of stone veins, cobblestones, minerals etc. requires a pickaxe. Also (in most mods) the vein stripping by default worsens your appetite and the durability of your tool when a tool is in use.

Mine Tips: Now that you no longer need iron and diamond picks to mine faster than vanilla, you can just make a few stone picks and tunnel out. But try to place a cobblestone bridge in the centre so you don’t dig under the ground and fall to your death.

What is VeinMiner in Minecraft?

If you’ve used the Minecraft Forge mod VeinMiner before, this plugin aims to recreate just that in an efficient, flexible, and feature-rich manner.

Everything you’ve seen from the VeinMiner mod should of course be in the VeinMiner plugin, with some minor functional changes due to the limitations of the server mod. If you haven’t used the VeinMiner Mod before … play more Mod Packs.

With VeinMiner, players can mine a whole vein of minerals while sneaking around and smashing an ore. It’ll rupture the whole vein if you only need one mineral.

As with the original mod, there is an extremely powerful list of blocks that can be changed both in-game and in the configuration file to determine which blocks (and data values) can be mined.

The lists are separated by tool and can be grouped by alias for a more flexible and easy mining experience. This is a fantastic perk for Prison, Factions and Semi-Vanilla servers that is not over the top but still gives players a worthwhile advantage by donating to their server.

How To Download & Install VeinMiner in Minecraft

This article is our complete guide on how to download and install VeinMiner, also known as OreExcavation, in Minecraft. You will see that VeinMiner has not been updated with the latest versions of Minecraft, but a mod called OreExcavation is up to date and has all of the functionality that VeinMiner had in Minecraft at the time. While this article technically installs the OreExcavation mod, it comes closest to VeinMiner in modern Minecraft!

Steps to Download and Install VeinMiner in Minecraft:

  • Download and install Forge
  • Download VeinMiner
  • Install VeinMiner
  • Open Minecraft Launcher and select the “Forge” profile

1. Download and install Forge

As with most mods these days, VeinMiner is installed with the Forge Mod Loader. Forge is very easy to set up, and we have a tutorial on it! You can check it out for yourself by clicking here.

This tutorial will walk you through each step of installing Forge. After you’ve installed and run Forge, you’re ready to move on to getting VeinMiner up and running.

Download and install Forge

2. Download VeinMiner

Now before we can install (MOD NAME) we need to download it. So let’s get started. You can download VeinMiner by clicking here. This brings you to CurseForge. Once on this site, click the Files tab and select the version of VeinMiner to install. If you want to play in Minecraft 1.15.2 with VeinMiner, you need to select version 1.15.2. When you’ve found the version of VeinMiner you want, click the small download arrow next to the version name. This will start the download. You may need to keep or save the file. It’s 100% Safe!

Install VeinMiner in Minecraft

3. Install VeinMiner

You downloaded VeinMiner, but how do you install it? Well, it is very simple. Just press the Windows key on your keyboard and “R” at the same time. This will open the Run program. Enter “% appdata%” in the search field. This will open the Roaming folder on your computer. At the top of this folder you will see a program called “.minecraft”. Open that folder and inside you should have a folder called “mods”. Otherwise, create one.

Once you’ve found or created your “Mods” folder, installing VeinMiner is easy. Just take them, drag them and put them in this “Mods” folder. Once that’s done, the changes will be installed. We’re not done yet, however. We always need to make sure we choose the right version of Forge.

Install VeinMiner in Minecraft

4. Open Minecraft Launcher and select the “Forge” profile

To choose the right version of Forge we need to open the normal Minecraft launcher that we will let you know and love. From there we can click the green up arrow next to the “Play” button. From there you can find the profile titled “Forging”. Click on it, then click the big green “Play” button. Minecraft should start with Forge and VeinMiner.

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Congratulations! VeinMiner is already installed! Have fun, build things or install other mods.

How to use:

To use Veinminer, Veinminer must be installed on the server (for single-player games, the client and server are identical). It does not require Veinminer to be installed on the client, but it does provide reduced functionality to clients that do not have it installed.

To get the most out of Veinminer, you need to change the configuration file VeinMiner.cfg. Add the block IDs to the various lists of blocks you want to extract with Veinminer. Add the tools you want to use with Veinminer. The identifiers must be changed on the server.

The default configuration file contains the added vanilla minerals for the picks, the added vanilla wood for the vanilla trees, and the clay for the scoop.

Veinminer has several modes that each determine when to activate them. The modes are specific to each player.

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