How to Download and Install Forge in Minecraft

Today, I will take my time to explain to you how to download and install forge 1.16.2 in Minecraft. You will be able to download your choice of Minecraft, whether forge 1.12.2 or forge 1.14.4. You need to learn how to install forge in Minecraft if you would love to play most of the mods that Minecraft offers.

Therefore, here in this guide, I will walk you through and download forge and the step by step procedures to install it in your Minecraft. When the forge is installed, you will be able to customize Minecraft with your choice of mods that are available.

With that at the back of your mind, if you want to learn how to install forge in Minecraft to play all mods, you need to read this guide.

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Download and Install Java to Install Forge

To be able to install Forge in Minecraft, you must create an enabling environment that will allow you to install the Java program. Minecraft and all its modes require Java to work. Therefore, we will walk you through how to install Jave to be able to install forge as well.

  • Open your browser and go to to download the latest “Java Development Kit.”
  • To download Java for your desktop computer, tap on the red download button.How to Install Forge 1.16
  • Tap on “Agree and start free download.”Free Java Download
  • Navigate to your download folder where the JRE file is downloaded and run as an administrator to begin the installation.
  • Tap “yes” from the pop to start the installation process when you are asked whether you want to allow the following program to access your computer.
  • Tap on the “Install” button from the popup.Download Forge 1.16.2
  • The installation process will start. This might take a few minutes, though.Download and install forge 1.44.4
  • Tap “Close” once the whole process has been completed.Java Installed Successful

Now, we can proceed to download the forge.jar file from the official website.

How to Download Forge 1.16

Forge 1.16 is the latest version available for download. The older versions are forge 1.12.2, forge 1.44.4 downward. Therefore, in this guide, you will learn how to download forge 1.16 and install it in Minecraft.

  • Go to the official forge for Minecraft official website.
  • Navigate to the “Minecraft version” to the left pane.
  • Tap on the version to download, e.g., 1.16.
  • From the expansion, select 1.16 version, say forge 1.16.2 or 1.16.1.
  • Tap “Installer” under “Download latest.”
  • Tne version you selected will be downloaded.

Note: When you are on the download page, you will be redirected to another page contain some ads, tap on the “Skip” button to start downloading.

How to Install Forge 1.16.2 in Minecraft

Now that we have downloaded both the Forge.jar file and installed Java to create an enabling environment for the forge, here is how to open it. Meanwhile, if you are using a 3rd party antivirus or Windows defender, pause the antivirus for the main time to be able to install the Forge file on your Windows.

When you download forge from the official website, and you see keep or discard from the bottom left of your Windows screen, tap on the “keep” button.

  • Find the “forge-1.16.2-33.0.3.jar” file from the download folder.
  • Double-click on it and tap “OK” from the popup.Download and Install Forge in Minecraft
  • The “Forge.jar” file will start installing.How to Install Forge 1.16.2
  • The installation process will download forge in Minecraft with the version you selected from the official website.
  • For forge 1.16.2 to work, you must be running the Vanilla Minecraft 1.16.2 version.

Now that we have successfully “install Forge in Minecraft,” we then need to “open the forge in Minecraft.”

How to Open Minecraft and Select Forge

We have installed the forge jar file successfully. We need to open it in Minecraft, and here is how to do just that.

  • Launch the Minecraft default launcher.
  • Tap on the “Arrow” up button.
  • Select “Forge” from the options.
  • Tap on the “Plau” button.
  • The Minecraft with now open with the “Forge” you select.
  • Done.

Now, we have walked you through how to download and install forge 1.16.2 on your computer; you should be able to play all mods in Minecraft.

How to Install Mods in Minecraft using Forge 1.16.2

Forge is a tool to install and play mods in Minecraft. Now, we will walk you through how t install mods on Minecraft with forge. However, you need to first download the mods to install in Minecraft with forge.

  • Download your favorite mod.
  • Drag and drop the mods download into the mod folder.
  • Now, launch Minecraft launcher.
  • Select the arrow option and select “Forge.”
  • That is it.

You now know how to install Forge 1.16.2.

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