How to Download Video From a Website

How desperate are you to download video from a website that disables right or copy and paste from their site? Desperate and eager right? Well, here I got your back today and I will share with you renowned ways to download video from a website using an extension and by changing the video URL.

See impression last longer than MP3 or music. What you see with your two eyes you can hardly forget it. And that is why most people prefer to download a video and watch it rather than listening to just a voice inform of music, songs or MP3.

Although, when you watch a video you may not be able to recollect every word but you will be able to remember virtually all gesture made in the video if you pay core attention.

However, some website will not allow you to download video because the download option is disabled but there is a way out to grab every video that plays on any website whether they allow download or not.

Some of these websites that do not allow visitors to download videos on their page include sales page, Hulu, YouTube, before Facebook was included but now you can download Facebook video without a trick, Twitter, Instagram, and many other websites.

However, there are two popular tricks to download video from a website without violating any term of service or crack down the website and copy the video URL via the website source code.

Some tricks involving downloading video from the website URL by adding a syntax to the URL to change it and redirect to a website where download button will be integrated. This is truly found on a site like website.

While there some popular web based downloader to grab videos from a video URL, they are also some popular browser extension or plugin to download video from a website without changing the video URL.

So, the point is; the statement different route leading to the market could also be applied when you want to download a video from any website. But the popular one to download a video from a website is to change the video URL and grab it or use downloader such as browsers’ plugin or extension to integrate download button automatically.

How to Download Video From a Website using Video Downloader Professional

Video downloader professional is not a web based downloader or an online website to download video from any website. Rather, video downloader professional is a Google Chrome extension to download video from a website without changing the URL.

Using this plugin only implies you to visit a website you want to download video from and ask video downloader professional plugin to grab the video and save it on your device storage or disc.

1. Download and install video downloader professional on your Google Chrome browser by clicking on add to Chrome and restart your browser after successful download.

How to Download Video From a Website

2. If the plugin is successfully installed you will see a disc icon or rip like icon to the upper right of your Chrome browser bar

How to Download Video From a Website

3. Visit the website with the video you want to download and the video downloader professional icon will change from disc to a download button then click the download button on the video page.

How to Download Video From a Website

Note: Make sure the video you want to download is already playing else you will not be able to download it.

As simple as it is you can save a whole video on any website to your device to watch offline. This plugin plays a vital role when it comes to downloading video from either a website or YouTube videos.

If you were able to use this plugin to download a video from a website different from YouTube or Facebook kindly signify and give the extension kudos.

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