How to Install Facebook Screen Sharing Extension

Facebook is a popular social media network with millions of users daily sharing status, photos, and videos on their timelines and Facebook story. It is not just a social network, it’s a platform for business (established entrepreneurs and start-up) to reach out to their target audiences.

The Facebook live stream, however, makes it more versatile to have a one-on-one with Facebook clients and even share your PC screen with your audience (s) with the Facebook screen sharing extension for Chrome, Opera, Mozilla etc.

This guide, will, however, explain how to install the Facebook screen sharing plugin and how to share your Facebook screen on browsers.

Whats is Facebook Screen Sharing Extension?

Facebook screen sharing extension is an official Facebook plugin for Windows and Mac computer users to share their screen on Facebook with either Facebook team when trying to resolve some issues or with a client while on the Facebook live stream with a group of people.

This screen sharing for Facebook works on both messenger and Facebook web. Therefore, if you are going live practically with your fans or clients on Facebook using the Facebook (free) live streaming service as discussed in this guide, you’d need to download and install the Facebook screen sharing extension for your computer browser.

Supported Browsers to Share Facebook Screen

Here is the list of browsers you can download and install the Facebook screen sharing extension on to share the Facebook screen with your audience and Facebook team.

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Opera Browser
  3. Google Chrome
  4. Chromium browser

We confirmed that we can install this plugin on these browsers before we published this article. If there is a fault or discrepancy in the “how-to”, kindly drop a comment.

How to Install Facebook Screen Sharing Plugin?

The plugin is available for all browsers in their plugin’s store. For Chrome users, the plugin is available in the Google Chrome store, Opera users can also go to the Opera store for extensions to download and install the plugin.

Mozilla Firefox users can also benefit from this Facebook extension by going through the Firefox extensions store to search and download the plugin to start sharing screen on Facebook.

However, here is a step by step approach for each browser’s users to download and install the extension to start sharing Facebook screen online.

Install the Facebook Share Extension on Chrome Browser

Here is the simple approach to download and install the extension to share Facebook screen on Chrome browser.

  1. Go to the Google Chrome store
  2. Type “Facebook screen sharing” or download it from here
  3. Click on “Add to Chrome”Facebook Screen Sharing Extension
  4. Tap “Add Extension” from the popupAdd Plugin
  5. The Facebook extension will start downloading
  6. And added to the Chrome browserFacebook screen sharing

The extension will be added to your Chrome browser and you can keep sharing your Facebook screen.

How to Share Facebook Screen on Chrome

You first need to install the Facebook sharing plugin on Chrome. Now, follow this procedure to share screen on Facebook.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. Click on the “Facebook” logo on Chrome menu
  3. Select “Facebook screen sharing”
  4. Start sharing

Note that this plugin will not save images or videos you captured while this plugin is active. And you can only use this plugin with the Facebook live stream.

How to Install Facebook Sharing Extension on Opera

For the Opera browser, it takes a different approach. The Facebook screen sharing plugin link is broke on Opera add-on. However, here is a quick approach to installing the add-on on Opera.

  1. Click “here” to navigate to the Facebook screen sharing plugin”
  2. Click on “Add to Opera”Facebook screen sharing Opera
  3. Click on “OK” from the popupOK Opera
  4. Enable the “Developer” mode located on the top rightEnable Developer Mode
  5. Click on “install”Install Facebook Screen Sharing Opera
  6. Tap on “Yes Install”Yes install Facebook sharing screen

The Facebook screen share plugin will be added to the Opera browser and you can start sharing your Facebook screen on a live stream.

How to Share Facebook Live Stream Screen

The Facebook screen sharing extension is available for sharing Facebook live streaming service with the stream key.

  1. Go to the Facebook live streaming page
  2. Click on “create live stream”
  3. Switch broadcast option from “connect” to “camera”
  4. Click “OK” from the popup
  5. Click on “Screen share” under ” computer camera name” in the “post” section.
  6. Navigate to “Application Window”
  7. Select the “Facebook streaming page”
  8. Click on “Share”

Now, the screen will be shared live and whatever you do on the screen will be shared with all participants.

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