Download Dream League Soccer [Latest] Version for Android

Of all soccer games, dream league soccer which is also known as DLS is one of the few football games that really caught attention alongside PES and FIFA football games.

I haven’t spent a decade playing the dream league soccer. But I have only spent a few moments playing the game on my Android smartphone and I am here to give a verdict that you should also try the game out and justify it with the PES and FIFA we have all been playing in the time past.

If you need a game with quality designs and accuracy needed in a 3D game you can always count on DLS 2023 version. It has a lot of improvements when you compared it with the previous versions and the ability for players to build their own club kit.

The dream soccer league 2023 is a game for both Android and iOS users to have fun playing real football on their devices.

However, for PC and Mac users, you can get the DLS package and install it on your PC.

But, in case you would love to install the same dream soccer league game and install it on your PC playing it with your PC keyboard, you can achieve that using an emulator of your choice on your PC. Popular emulators to use include Bluestacks and iOSEmus

Ideally, when you download the 2023 dream league game and install a package on your PC, such as games, you should get a pad to play it.

However, you may find it difficult to achieve the same result installing the dream league soccer on your PC using an emulator.


I didn’t just fall in love with the dream league soccer 2023 game. It has some features that made me a die-hard of the DLS Mod game for Android and iOS. However, here are some of the features that blossom my interest in playing the game almost every day.

1. Manage Your Own Team

Dream League kit

Managing a team is one of the wealthiest experiences sports lovers should crave. You won’t find it that difficult playing the dream league 2023. At least you can showcase your expertise as a manager without using default formation and just playing the game always.

However, when I came across the dream league soccer game I found out that the feature to manage your team without actually playing the game is one of the features I can’t take my mind off.

When managing tour time, the DLS kit is professional enough, with the kits you choose each jersey, shoe, and kit for each outing. You can use a different jersey for the home and away match.

That was the first reason I fell in love with the DLS Mod APK game because I wouldn’t have to pay for all these features. And since then, this has been one of the reasons why I download the dream league soccer APK app and manage my own team.

2. Build Your Own Stadium

Dream League Soccer

You can build your Cairo international stadium or Santiago Bernabeu stadium. If you are a Manchester United player you can build your Old Trafford or Nou Camp if you are a core Barcelona fan.

The new 2023 dream league soccer makes all these easy but you may need to invest some time in building your favourite stadium.

You can build your own stadium for your own team where you will undertake your training and manage your team before going for competition.

When you have a specific structure for your own stadium and you would love to build one, whether you get your sample from the FIFAPro or from PES, you can also bring the spirit to dream league soccer game and have the same structure of the stadium as your personal stadium being a manager.

3. Quality Graphics

Dream League soccer

One great feature that has really improved in the year 23DLS is the quality of the graphics that are used to build the players.

Apart from the feature to build your team, and design your home and away kit, you can also build your own team. Let us say you want to bring together your favourite player from a different club you can do so with the dream league soccer.

4. Proof Your Worth Online with Other Players

Dream League soccer 2019

Most soccer games have multiple players including FIFA Pro, and PES, and now, Dream league soccer has a special feature to let you prove your playing skill and challenge other teams online.

You can also choose to go into a headlock with your friends with the dream league 23 multiple-player feature.

Suppose you have built up a team with an insane formation you can use to defeat any team online and offline, the dream league soccer opens ways for that. So that, you can challenge other Android and iOS teams and prove your worth whether as a manager or as a team [player].

Dream League Game Soccer Mod Info

Before you proceed to download the soccer game and start to enjoy it. Here are some of the information you need to know before you click on the download button.

App NameDream League Soccer MOD APK
File Size63.6 MB + 288 MB
Android VersionAndroid 4.4 and Above
Latest Versionv6.02
Last Updated OnNovember 22, 2018
DeveloperFirst Touch Games Ltd.

Download Dream League Soccer APK Or OBB File

There are two ways you can download dream league soccer mod. You can download the APK installer or OBB file.

The OBB file is a bigger file that can be installed directly. Before you download the OBB File you should consider connecting to a WiFi instead of regular mobile internet access on your phone.

  • However, here is a link to download DLS Mod APK and DLS OBB file.
  • Click on the Mod APK file to download DLS Mod APK and the mirror link to download the game mirror.
  • Click on the OBB File link to download the DLS OBB File and the mirror link to download the OBB File mirror.

Now, I supposed you have downloaded the DLS Mod APK. However, let me sound this as a warning, do not just head straight to any website and download dream league soccer APK, some of those websites ain’t trusted.

They can inject malicious code into your phone and you will still not be able to install the game on your device.

How to Install Dream League Soccer

If you have DLS 2022 installed on your Android kindly uninstall it first. This is very important. Else, you should find a means to update DLS 2022 mod APK to DLS Mod 2023 version if you don’t want to waste your time and effort trying to install the game app.

After you have removed the old version, say, the 2019 version, proceed below to learn how to install the DLS 2023 version.

1. Go to your Android phone settings >> security >> unknown sources >> enabled. This is very important if you don’t want to run into an error message saying the APK app you are trying to install might contain some unsafe content.

2. Swipe down your phone notification tray and click on DLS-MOD_6.02 (APK) file or go to your download folder in your device storage and tap on the dream league soccer mod APK. Tap the install option to the bottom right and follow the on-screen instruction to install the league soccer game on your phone.

Dream League game

Now, you have the dream league Mod soccer game installed on your phone. It’s time to sit down, build your own team, design your own stadium, and take your proficiency to online to play other professionals.

The dream league game is one of the most famous soccer games in 2022 with a lot of features and upgrades.

The 2022 version is outdated already, try to download the 2023 version and see some of the new features we are talking about.

Dream League v10.0 Download

You can download the APK from APKpure or APKhere. APKmirror is also a better source for downloading Dream League v10.0. However, the official version recommended is from the Google Play Store.

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