Download NVIDIA GeForce Now APK for Android

You have had a hard time to play NVIDIA GeForce now on Android in the past and now, the (total) relief to play GeForce now on any Android phone is finally released. NVIDIA GeForce Now APK 5.24.27410936 version found its way to Android without a glitch recorded so far.

You can now stream NVIDIA GeForce game on Android with the NVIDIA GeForce Now APK for any Android. Rather than streaming the game on computer always, you can now pull out your Android phone to stream game of your choice on the NVIDIA server.

You no longer have to queue to stream your favourite game on NVIDIA on PC. The NVIDIA GeForce Now APK is the new solution for all Android users to stream their long term games on NVIDIA service with the NVIDIA APK for Android.

NVIDIA GeForce Now APK for Android is more like the NVIDIA Android client you have been waiting for to stream game on NVIDIA server on your Android smartphone.

The news here is that the NVIDIA GeForce APK works on any Android phone. So, whether you are using Android Lollipop or Android Oreo or Android Marshmallow or Android Pie or Android Nougat you can download NVIDIA GeForce Now APK to stream game on NVIDIA server on your smartphone.

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How to Enable Unknown Sources

Android as an open-source OS, it allows users to install apps from other sources other than the parent source. Therefore, to proceed to install APK such as NVIDIA APK GeForce Now, you must first proceed to enable install from unknown sources.

  1. Go to your Android settings
  2. Scroll down to the security settings and click on it
  3. Find and click on “unknown sources”
  4. A popup will appear explaining briefly to you what you are about to do
  5. Click on the “OK” button to enable it

Now, you can proceed to download NVIDIA GeForce Now APK and install it. However, the approach to enable install from unknown sources to install APK app such as NVIDIA APK, but, it’s always under the security settings since it has to do with the security of your phone.

Download NVIDIA GeForce Now APK 

The NVIDIA APK for Android to stream games from NVIDIA service is currently available for download in most APK download source.

However, since we cannot trust the entire sources to download APK online we’ll share a link to download the 29.5MB NVIDIA GeForce APK Now app.

Download Source

This NVIDIA APK download source is shared by XDA developer’s site so we are banking on it as a recommended source. You can also check some other trusted APK sites such as APKhere, Uptodown, APKpure, etc to search and download NVIDIA GeForce Now APK version 5.24.27410936.

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How to Install NVIDIA GeForce Now

Now, here is how to install the NVIDIA GeForce Now APK on your Android phone. You can use the procedure to install NVIDIA APK on any Android phone it’d work perfectly.

  1. Download NVIDIA APK file and go to your phone file manager
  2. Navigate to the download folder
  3. Click on “com.nvidia.geforcenow” with the version numberInstaller file
  4. Tap on the “install button” to the bottom rightInstall NVIDIA GeForce NOW APK
  5. GeForce Now will start installing on your phoneInstalling
  6. Once the installation is completed click on the “Done” to close or “Open” to launch the just installed NVIDIA APK.

How to use GeForce Now APK on Android

The next thing is how to connect to your favourite game on NVIDIA server using the APK installed on your Android.

  1. First, you need to click on the light green “GeForce Now” APK icon on your phone apps menu and click on “I AGREE AND CONTINUE”NVIDIA GeForce Now APK
  2. To login, enter your NVIDIA username and password. Check I’m not a robot. Better still if you are new, click on “create account”NVIDIA GeForce sign in
  3. If the GeForce Now APK popup “Your NVIDIA account does not have GeForce Now access to use this app” click on “Request Access”.Request Access or Change NVIDIA Account
  4. You will be taken to your mobile default browser. Click on the login/register button.Login/Register
  5. Sign in to your GeForce Now accountSign in to NVIDIA GeForce Account
  6. Fill the “GeForce Now” Beta form under GeForce Now/Waitlist and click on the submit button.GeForce Now Beta
  7. Now, you will be added to the GeForce waitlist to be able to stream the game on NVIDIA server.Beta List

However, if you have been streaming your favourite game on NVIDIA computer you will not need to join the GeForce waitlist. Once you logged into your GeForce account, you are good to go stream your favourite game on NVIDIA server on your Android.

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