Google is Finally Adding Virtual Backgrounds to Meet for Education

Google id one of the most flexible tech companies in the world. People always confess that they imagine what they would have done without the presence of Google in our world today. And during the course of this COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of companies have moved their focus in putting together a few features to help during the lock-down, and that includes the Google virtual backgrounds.

Google has announced some of the features plan to implement later this year as schools plan to keep the courses online even if they reopen. For starters, the tech giant offers educational users the ability to blur or change their Google virtual backgrounds with presets or downloaded images. You can already do this with a Chrome extension. However, it makes sense to turn virtual funds into an integrated offering as this is one of Zoom’s most popular features.

Google is finally adding virtual backgrounds to Meet for education

The technology giant also plans to offer more moderator features to G Suite for Education and G Suite Enterprise for Education users, including the ability to end the meeting for all attendees. Make sure no student is late after class. Moderators can also deactivate all participants at the same time, deactivate the meeting chat for participants and restrict who can appear. Google also plans to implement an option to ensure that meetings cannot start until a moderator arrives.

In addition, users who have been excluded from a meeting can no longer “knock” and can no longer indicate that someone has knocked after a moderator has rejected them twice. By default, to increase the security of meetings, Google prevents anonymous participants from attending educational meetings. Schools can allow anonymous participants to take courses if they so choose. However, this is completely optional.

In addition to these moderator functions, Google displays a larger tiled view in which up to 49 participants can be displayed at the same time. The educational meetings are accompanied by a hand-lift button and an integrated collaborative whiteboard and have access to subtitles in other languages. While all of the above features are available to all education customers, Google plans to introduce some premium features for enterprise users, including tracking student presence and teacher meeting rooms can divide the classes into multiple small groups.

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