How to Generate Free PSN Codes [100% Working]

In the game today, I’m going to reveal my secret on how to generate free PSN code daily and use it on your PlayStation Network. Back in 2006 when Sony entertainment released PlayStation console we love it and we want more of it. But all of a sudden, the game subscribers skyrocket from just 6 million to 65 million.

What a wow! Well, I shouted the same and exclaimed more than you do but today, PSN has over a 100 subscribers and still counting. Meanwhile, PSN has a limitation that scares people way which the code. Before you can generate PSN codes you need to access your PSN store to use the company PSN generator which requires a paid access.

While this happens, many dropped PlayStation and never gave the entertainer a turn around all in the name of where to generate free codes for their PlayStation network.

So, if you are few of those that can’t do without their PlayStation console but lack of PSN codes turned an addicted fan to a mere fan, here I will rekindle your spirit and share with you some PlayStation Network code generator without taking a survey.

Some free PSN code generators require you to take a survey or use a gift card to redeem your free code while some only need your time and generate your own free PSN codes using their generator.

These code generators generate codes for PlayStation plus for 3 months, PlayStation plus for 1 year, and PlayStation Store. So, whichever of the PlayStation console you want to generate a code for this article got you covered with the best and working trick to generator PSN code for free in 2018.

Generate Free PSN code

How to Generate Free PSN Code Yourself

It’s easy for me to generate PSN free code for today but you may not be able to use it because the possibility that it’ll expire before you get to know is very high.

However, What I will do is to simply share some trusted websites to generate PSN codes daily and use it at will. Meanwhile, this is my hidden secret and the only way to show appreciation is to help share this post and retweet it with your friends.

1. PSNhero

Free PSN code

Every website has its own goals and objectives. The main goal of PSN-hero is to generate an unlimited number of PSN codes using the website PSN generator.

Just like the way they website do no offer survey to generate your PlayStation network code so also you do not need human verification to use their generator. For more information about this PSN code generator check ’em out.

2. PSNZone

Free PSN code generator

This second PSN code generator requires you to take a survey before you have direct access to the complete code. Meanwhile, when you select your PlayStation package to generates its code, the PSN zone generator will generate 6-digits leaving behind the remaining 3-digits.

It’s this 3 digits that require a survey to generate but funny enough it takes less than minutes to complete the survey but there is no human verification when you want to generate your code. For more information about this PSN free code generator check “em out.

3. Media Lateral

Media Lateral free PSN code generator is my favorite. It doesn’t require a survey and human verification.

No website navigation or special assignment to be completed to generate codes. Unlike other free code generators, the media lateral can be used to generate 1,000 free PlayStation network codes in 30 minutes and all the codes I have generated from Media Lateral work perfectly. For more information about this free PSN code generator check this out.

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