How to fix Blink Camera not Recording

What do you think might happen if your blink camera failed to record scenes? Confused right? Well, here in this article we’ll discuss extensively how to fix blink camera not recording and how to put your blink camera in good shape without needing the service of a technician.

In many homes today, security cameras have become standard. Bink cameras for both outdoor and interior cameras are inexpensive and user-friendly. 

Many individuals use blink cameras to increase security; since these cameras begin recording as soon as motion is detected and then send the video to the user via an app.

However, the blink camera has its downside as well which includes the issue of not being able to record motions detected.

So, if you are looking at getting a new security camera or buying a new one to ditch the old blink camera that has a motions recording problem; we advise you to check out this article first as all we’ll discuss will revolve around how to fix your blink camera not recording and all sort.
fix Blink Camera not Recording

Why is my Blink Camera not Recording?

There are several reasons why your Blink camera won’t just record. It could be failing for a variety of reasons. In addition to that, you can as well get the error message “Camera Busy” or another one. Typically, these error alerts show up once your Sync Module is having issues.

You must begin troubleshooting your Blink Sync Module if you keep receiving error messages such as “Thumbnail Failed,” “Live View Failed,” or “Camera Busy.” Your camera’s connection to your Wi-Fi and other devices is usually maintained by this device.

This issue can be caused by several things, including connectivity problems, settings problems, a dead battery, or an expired cloud subscription. Here are other reasons why your Blink camera is not recording:

  • Your home internet connection may be down.
  • The Blink Camera’s batteries are dead.
  • The most typical issue is a poor wireless connection.
  • Your cameras may be too far from the network or the Sync Module.
  • You may need to restart your router.
  • It’s also very important to remember that your cameras require batteries to operate.
  • The cameras will turn off once the energy is gone.
  • AA lithium batteries last longer than rechargeable or alkaline alternatives, hence the reason why Amazon recommends using them.
  • To prevent the system from shutting off, you should frequently check the Blink’s battery life.

Passive infrared is how the Blink Camera detects the heat signatures of things in its path. The camera won’t be able to accurately identify and record motion if there is something in the way of this signal, be it an object or another electronic device.

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fix Blink Camera not Recording

Why can’t my Blink Camera detect Motion?

With Blink Cameras, you can both store and see a live feed from the camera. Unfortunately, Blink Cameras have certain drawbacks as well.

Blink Cameras are made to activate once they detect motion. The motion is then captured on tape and replayed. Here are several potential causes of your Blink Camera is not detecting motion:

  • If battery-saving restrictions are activated, the Blink Camera won’t detect motion.
  • The camera’s response time will be slowed by these limitations, or it won’t respond at all.
  • Go to Battery >> Power >> Disable Battery Saving in the Blink app’s settings.
  • Once the Battery Saving option has been removed, return to the Battery settings and this time chooses “Power” >> “Blink App” >> “No Restrictions.”
  • All battery-saving features on the camera and in the app will be turned off as a result.fix Blink Camera not Recording

How to fix Blink Camera not Recording

Users complain that the camera occasionally abruptly stops recording, preventing them from receiving the recordings and watching what is happening at home.

Make sure the camera is set to Armed if your Blink Camera isn’t recording motion. The camera can capture movements and send notifications thanks to this configuration. Go to the Blink app, tap the running man-shaped icon, and then select “Armed.”

Even though all these fixes are really simple, your security system will quickly be operational again if you follow this guide! You can try any of these fixes if your Blink camera is not recording properly:

Arm the Blink System

This is the first thing to do when you want to fix Blink camera not recording issue. Some of you also tend to manually disarm the system when you are home. The system is disarmed by default when you first set up the Blink camera.

  • All of your Blink security devices, including your camera, will stop detecting motion and recording clips once the system is disabled.
  • Therefore, open the Blink Monitor app and tap Armed in the bottom center of the home screen to start arming your system. That’s it!

Turn on Motion Detection

Two icons are displayed at the top of your camera’s view on the home screen after the system is armed. The first icon is a running guy in a solid colour, signifying that the camera is on and that motion detection can be turned on and off for that particular camera.

  • Make sure the running man displays a solid blue hue, indicating that the camera is on and actively looking for movement.
  • Ensure that the motion detection and motion recording features are turned on in the camera’s settings.
  • The second icon is the Snooze icon, which is a gray outline of a bell with the tiny letter Z.
  • This icon allows you to toggle on and off the alert feature that activates when a new motion is detected.

You decide whether to make the alerts function active or inactive. This should fix Blink camera not recording problems, if not try the next fix below.fix Blink Camera not Recording

Increase Motion Sensitivity

If the issue persists after trying the aforementioned fixes, your security camera’s sensitivity level might be to blame. The Blink Cam will struggle to detect movement throughout the home if the motion sensitivity level is set too low, and it won’t be able to record.

Therefore, check the sensitivity level in your camera’s settings. Whether it is too low, I would recommend raising it and then trying to see if your device can resume recording. Follow the steps below to fix Blink camera not recording issues:

  • Open the Blink Monitor application.
  • Tap the settings slider next to the camera you want to change on the Home screen.
  • Move the slider a short way in the direction of H, which stands for high, under Sensitivity.

Note that if you want to prevent getting too many pointless motion alerts, don’t slide the slider up to “high.”

Examine the LED light and Wi-Fi signal quality

  • The first thing to do here is to check the colour of the LED light on your device.
  • If it’s red, then it means there’s an issue with the device’s connection.
  • Check the signal of your device by logging onto your Blink app.
  • Blink will have connectivity problems more frequently if it has fewer than three signal bars.
  • However, if you notice a solid blue light, it means the camera is recording footage presently.
  • The video feed might not be available while the camera is recording.
  • This is a common occurrence with the system for various Blink camera models.

Try the next solution below if this doesn’t fix Blink Camera not recording problem.

Try Power Cycle the Sync Module

The Sync Module will be forced to reconnect to the Wi-Fi by performing a device power cycle.

  • The quickest way to restart your Blink is via this technique.
  • Simply unplug the Sync Module from the outlet, wait for at least 10 seconds, and then plug it back into the wall to fix the issue.
  • While doing this, you may take out the batteries and then replace them.
  • It’s time to troubleshoot the device with your router once it powers back on since it will blink green or blue.

Proceed to the next solution if power cycling the Sync Module doesn’t fix Blink camera not recording issues.fix Blink camera not recording

Try to Reset the Camera and the Sync Module

You should try resetting the camera if connectivity issues are a regular occurrence. That is all the Blink camera requires to resume operating normally. Reset the Blink camera and the Sync module by following the steps below:

  • Locate the camera’s reset button first.
  • Although certain models change, it’s typically located on the back of the device close to the batteries.
  • The reset button should then be pressed for at least ten seconds using a paperclip or pencil (To do this, you will need a thin object to fit through the small hole).
  • Once the device has been completely reset, the LED lights will begin blinking red.
  • The device and Sync Module must then be reconnected to your app and the Wi-Fi at that point.

Although it seems like a lot of work, it should only take a few minutes.

Do a Wi-Fi router reset, then reconnect

The router may be the cause if you consistently experience connection problems. Follow the steps below to reset your WiFi router:

  • By pressing a button on your router or briefly unplugging it from the wall, you can restart it.
  • Then wait for a few seconds to wait for it to reconnect after turning it back on.
  • You will notice an improvement straight away if your router was acting up!
  • However, you might also want to think about relocating the router and Sync Module so that they are nearer to one another.
  • Instances of connection issues are more likely if these objects are too far away.

This should fix Blink camera not recording problems, if not try the next fix below.

Try using a different power source

You should try a different power source and check if it fixes Blink camera not recording issues. Follow the steps below:

  • Remove the batteries from your camera and attach a tiny USB cable and USB power adapter.
  • By doing this, your camera will be able to operate without batteries.
  • However, this choice might not be suitable for you depending on where you want the Blink camera to be.

This method will allow you to know whether the batteries are damaged or depleted of energy, so you might still want to try it.

Renew your Cloud Subscription

As explained earlier, the videos that your Blink camera records when motion is detected are stored online. Therefore, your device won’t have a location to save its recordings after the cloud subscription ends.

Note that I am not referring to people who locally keep their video clips on an SD card.

The only way to fix the Blink camera not recording problem is to renew your subscription; otherwise, you will have to use an SD card to save the recordings locally. This should fix the Blink camera not recording problem.fix Blink camera not recording

How to tell if Blink Camera is Recording

A blue LED light (illuminator) that illuminates when the camera is recording is present on all Blink cameras. All cameras, however, allow you to manually turn off the blue activity light, so if you want to see if it’s recording, make sure the status LED is set to recording.

  • The blink security camera has detected motion and is currently recording the incident if this blue light is on.
  • Walk sideways into the field of view of your camera to check if it is recording and see if the blue light comes on.
  • If it happens, it implies your blink camera is capturing your movement and recording it.
  • You may then return to your blink home monitor app and view the captured images.

Make sure the status LED is set to the recording when determining whether your camera is recording.

You should get in touch with Blink’s customer service if none of these fixes work for you. They can offer to fix Blink Camera not recording or assist you in enforcing any warranties you may have. If not, you might have to buy a new camera setup.

However, if any of these fixes worked for your Blink camera, please let us know! Or, if you came up with another method, kindly help drop the procedure in the comments section. Someone with the same issue might benefit from it.

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