How to Fix Samsung Tablet Not Charging

It can be frustrating if your Samsung tablet is not charging for a reason you cannot decipher and renders the table useless. Well, here in this guide we will take a close look at some reasons why your Samsung tablet is not charging and how to fix your Samsung tablet not charging if you have one.

The reason why your Samsung tablet isn’t charging can be deceptive at times as pinpointing the “why” could prove difficult. However, if the glitch is limited to your Samsung tablet charging problem alone the steps below could be of help.

Samsung Tablet Not Charging

Why is my Samsung Tablet not Charging when Plugged in?

The most common cause of a tablet [Samsung] not charging include the following:

  • The charger is faulty.
  • The USB charging cord has a flaw or is damaged.
  • The tablet has become frozen.
  • The charging port on the tablet is dirty or contaminated by moisture.
  • The tablet has been damaged and must be repaired.
  • Hardware issues.
  • The temperature of your tablet might also be a factor.
  • If the tablet is excessively hot or cold, it will charge slowly or not at all.

Once the temperature has returned to normal, try charging it. Now that you are familiar with some of the causes behind your Android tablet won’t charge, then you can proceed to how you can fix the issue.

Samsung Tablet Not Charging

What to do when your Samsung Tablet won’t Charge

For one reason or the other your Samsun might not charge or won’t turn on when plugged in. However, taking the following into cognizance can help you to fix your Samsung charging problem.

Check the Charging Cable

If your Android tablet isn’t charging, start by checking the cord. Make sure the connectors are not damaged by giving it a thorough inspection. A bad indicator is always exposed cables.

Make sure the cable is connected correctly and that it is properly linked on both ends. Also, check to see if the case is getting in the way. After that, give your tablet at least 30 minutes of alone time.

Since you allow the battery to discharge, you may not see the charging percentage. If this is the case, it will take some time for your tablet to charge to at least one per cent. However, if you keep trying to switch it on, you are wasting the charge it might have.

You might try using a cord that works with different devices and swapping the charging block.

Check out that the output is 10W and not 5W IF your tablet will require 10. This is something to consider if you just bought a new cable and it is still not charging.

It would make a significant difference if you could get an original cable and charging block.Android Tablet won't Charge

Check the Charging Port

Examine the tablet charging port to verify it is clean. Check the area for any obstructions, such as lint. To get anything out, you may use a toothpick or pressurized air. However, be careful not to spoil anything with the toothpick. Only look at it if you can quickly remove it. Remove anything that is obstructing your ability to charge your tablet gently.

Change the Power Source

Instead of using a power strip with multiple other devices plugged in. Why not connect your tablet to the wall for more direct power? When connecting the cable to the tablet, carefully glide to the sides to aid in the connection.

If it doesn’t feel secure, something inside may have broken, preventing it from creating a proper connection. Try several outlets around the home to see if your tablet begins to charge.Android Tablet won't Charge

Update your Samsung Tablet

The tablet may have a glitch that prevents it from charging correctly. Check to be sure whether there is a pending update in that instance. You may find out by going to:

  • Settings and then scroll down to Software Update.
  • Once you select Download and Install.

Your Samsung tablet will search for any outstanding updates. If there are none, you will be informed that the app is up to date.

When you see a Waterdrop Icon

If your Samsung tablet senses wetness, it will display a waterdrop icon. As a precaution to keep your device secure, the tablet will not charge. If this is the case, allow your device to get dry before using it. If the waterdrop symbol remains after a few hours, you might try resetting your tablet to give it a new start.

Reset your Samsung Tablet

Reset your Samsung tablet for a new start if you are ready to start from scratch. The only drawback of doing this is that all of your information will be lost. But hopefully, you’ve backed up your data in case something similar occurs. Except, you don’t mind losing the contents of the tablet.

Follow the steps below to reset your Android tablet:

  • Go to General Management in the Settings app.
  • Swipe down until you see the Reset option, then choose it, followed by the Factory Reset option.
  • You will see all of the applications you loaded on your tablet that will be deleted, as well as all of your personal information.
  • To clear everything, use the reset button at the bottom.

This is how to fix an Android tablet won’t charge issue, however, if it doesn’t, you can try the next solution

Use your Samsung Tablet in Safe Mode

To use your tablet with a simple UI, you could try operating it in safe mode. After this, if your tablet usually charges, you will know there’s an issue.

  • Press and hold the Side key and the Volume down key at the same time.
  • You can also swipe down from the top of the screen using two fingers
  • Tap the Power icon.
  • Touch and hold the Power off icon.
  • Tap the Safe mode icon.

Note: if you are not sure if you want to enter Safe Mode because some users have reported having trouble exiting it, you may always try charging your tablet while it is off.

Remove your Samsung Tablet Pouch

Your tablet cover could be preventing your Samsung from charging so when your tablet won’t charge with the cover or pouch it’s advisable to remove the pouch and see if the device will start changing again. If it starts charging after removing the pouch it’s better not to charge the phone with the pouch henceforth so that the pouch won’t be damaged.

Damaged Battery

If your Samsung tablet battery is damaged or is discharging automatically your table won’t charge. Your phone will turn off once you remove the phone is removed from the wall socket.

You can go for a replacement or return the phone back to the Samsung office to replace your phone if the warranty still covers it.

If the above problem couldn’t fix your Samsung tablet not charging then you might need to contact an expert to help you check the charging port. If the charging port is damaged then you’d need to get a replacement to fix it. So, in this case, the problem isn’t about the charger or the wall socket where the phone is plugged. Always be on the lookout and protect your tablet from damage.

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