How to Get the Crown in Among Us

We have discussed the best method on how to Get the Crown in Among Us, and other gaming tricks that will add more fun to your gameplay.

In terms of gameplay, Among Us may have been late in development, but it is one of the best games that has bloomed. About two years ago when the game first came out, Among Us appeared to be destined for the humble life of a somewhat popular niche game and to spend its days serving a small but dedicated player base. And then this is what happened.

Huge Twitch streamers have learned that Among Us is as good if not better TV. Audiences were drawn to the high-profile, tenacious friendship drama, and in just a few months the game, which seemed content to stay in a quiet corner of the Steam store, was being pushed to devastating fame.

It also helps that Among Us is completely free on mobile and only supported by cosmetic purchases. Cosmetics like the Among Us crown that everyone seems to want. Why? Because of course it’s a crown! It’s bright, bubbly, sits on your head, and shows everyone your absolute and undisputed right to rule over anyone younger than you.

And which killer, backstab, shapeshifter psychopath doesn’t want that? But how do you get the crown in Among Us?

How to Get the Crown in Among Us

How to get the crown in Among Us

Unlike other crowns in history, getting the crown in Among Us is pretty easy. There is no need to wage wars or claim the throne established by shrewd legal advisors. The Crown in Among Us is like any other cosmetic product and can be purchased directly from the store as part of the 1 Million Download Pack for $2.99 for mobile gamers. PC gamers get it for free with the purchase of the game.

Next, we’ll explain how to get the Among Us crown on mobile.

Open up the Cash Shop

How to Get the Crown in Among Us is done by purchasing Crown on the Among Us phone, first open the store by clicking the dollar sign icon in the lower right corner of the main menu.

How to Get the Crown in Among Us

Find the hat section

Now, another way on how to Get the Crown in Among us is to scroll down until you find the Cashier’s Hats “Among Us” section. Click your crown to preview it. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I want this crown among us?” When every fibre of your being turns into a “yes!” Sweet baby Zeus, I have to have this crown under me! “You have no choice but to buy the crown. In addition to the crown, you will receive seven more hats as part of the 1 million download package. So be happy!

How to Get the Crown in Among Us

Get Back to Murdering

Yes, it’s that simple. All you have to do is pay the necessary three dollars and that’s it! The crown and seven other hats are available in the “Skins” tab of the “Customize” menu!

Now that you can wear your crown as a symbol of your iron fist strength for everyone to see and tremble with helpless fear, return to what you love most! Stab trusted teammates or hunt down shape-changing aliens before they can jump on you!

Be careful about monitoring

The crew members can see everything from the Skeld’s surveillance cameras. You have a view of the corridor between the upper engine and the cafeteria, the vertical corridor from the upper engine to the lower engine which connects to the reactor and security service, the corridor between Armas and a vent near the navigation and the O2 and finally the hallway between the cafeteria. and storage. If you can’t remember the locations, keep an eye out for cameras in these rough areas. More importantly, if the camera is blinking red, it means that it is being watched.

Play innocent

Whether it is a conversation with the crew or the boat. Try not to be seen walking to the crime scene so as not to be suspicious if a body is found there. You also need to make sure that even though you have been spotted, you have your apology ready to defend yourself in a crew meeting. Playing innocently takes a lot of practice in lying and denying. Try to sound as convincing as you can without trying too hard. It can be a very delicate balance that you want to maintain.

Look Busy

One of the greatest gifts of scammers is that they cannot do a job. So, you want to make sure that you look who you are as this is an important identifier for your teammates. Avoid physical tasks like moving rocks as you won’t be able to simulate them anyway. However, if you can’t avoid these tasks, move away from the task when the taskbar is full so it looks like you’ve done something to contribute. Seems to be busy doing other chores that no one can tell whether you are doing or not. The crew members prove their innocence by completing tasks. So take this aspect seriously.

Report body

Yes, reporting any organisms you see (or who are causing it) is an effective way to avoid suspicion. However, you need to ensure that not all of the teammates you kill sound suspicious and that many innocent teammates have requested expulsion because their suspicious teammates cannot believe them. It is, therefore, a gesture that must be performed carefully, sometimes without attracting attention.

Between us is a very social game designed to encourage human interactions and make the party fun. Try this game if you haven’t already and if you are already addicted, have fun! Take care and stay safe.

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