How to Kill in Among Us [Guide]

How to Kill in Among Us is one of the basic things one must learn if the game will be enjoyed, and this article has all the information you need.

All of a sudden, and for good reason, there has been a massive surge in Among Us game. This cross-platform board game, which made its way first to Steam and eventually to Android and iOS, has an interesting psychological element that revolves around a fairly simple game, and victory depends on the user’s ability to spot the deception of the others in the game.

How to Kill in Among Us

How to Kill in Among Us

Speaking of the others, each game consists of 4-10 players, and 1 or 2 players are usually the cheaters, depending on the number of people in the game. Teammates (who have to complete tasks to fix the ship) and cheaters (who have to kill everyone) can win the game depending on who gets there first. If you are someone who is struggling to make moves as a cheater and yet you are not trying to beat your teammates, you will find what is below very helpful.

How to kill in Among US: Sabotage moves in Among US

Scammers don’t enter the game empty-handed. You have a lot of movement up your sleeve in the form of sabotage. Each of these moves weakens teammates or creates situations that disappoint their guard and give the cheater a chance to move for the knockout that we discussed in more detail later in this article. If teammates fail to fix the situation caused by sabotage before the countdown, the game will automatically switch to the cheater. Let’s take a look at all of the sabotage moves and how they work.

How to kill in Among US: O2

When you operate O2, the ship’s oxygen source is shut off and the crew must enter two PINs on two different keypads for the situation to be resolved. As a scammer, you can either act while the teammates try to calm this situation down, or hope that they can’t fix the problem before the countdown, which will give you a natural victory.

Reactor Meltdown

Another important method for killing all companions at the same time is the meltdown reactor, a sabotage that requires two people to work together. If so, they need to stop the collapse by placing their hands on a scanner at the same time so that the problem can be fixed. When this happens, you can either act as a scammer to take out teammates or wait for the countdown to come to an end naturally.

Communication (communication interruption)

This sabotage is a major blow because when you carry out this sabotage, teammates will be temporarily blinded and will no longer be able to see their task lists or their locations on the map. To increase the teammate’s problems, this sabotage stops all surveillance by deactivating surveillance cameras, stopping monitoring of all vital signs, and blocking access to the management card and door search. The only way to fix this is to have two people in different locations at MIRA headquarters restore it. Yes, Comms Disruption gives you ample opportunity to perform one of these one-on-one eliminations.

Lights off

Tampering with lights drastically reduces the range of view of other crew members, making it easier for the imposter to move around to kill. Since teammates don’t see the scammer until they’re very close, it’s too late by the time they find out who the scammer is.


You can force a ship or selective lock while using Doors Sabotage and lock people into the room they are working in. Doors can be locked for 10 seconds and the cooldown will only be activated if you perform another lock. Crew members can reopen sabotaged doors on Polus by resetting four switches in a circuit breaker. One of the main advantages of this sabotage is that it can be carried out together with other sabotage and vice versa.

Despite the charm of this sabotage and the kind of destruction it can cause, you can’t hope to get away with it as easily as you might think. A cautious team with clever strategy is easily able to overcome these sabotage movements, and one vote against is enough to take out a ruthless impostor. So, use these perks wisely, and think about the time and circumstance that you remembered before jumping into the kill.

What is the ability to kill?

Only scammers can kill, which, as the name suggests, gives them the power to kill other members of the ship’s crew. All movements of thought, strategy and sabotage are invoked to make the final killing move which will reduce the number of crew members on a ship and make it easier for the impostor to take control.

Despite the ability to kill, you need to remember that it is not possible to execute a kill because immediately after a kill it will take the cheater 10-60 seconds to regain the ability. It is best to kill up close so that you have a very low cooldown. Additionally, if you step into a vent, check cameras, sensors, or the Vitality Machine, the kill will no longer charge.

Finally, remember that the ability to kill doesn’t go through walls or obstacles, as it only works in a straight line at a certain distance. So if an item is between the teammate and the cheater, it cannot be killed.

How to kill in Among US strategies

It should be pretty obvious by now that you can’t just kill your teammates. There has to be a strategy in place so that you don’t get caught in the act. Let’s look at some of these now.

How to Kill in Among Us

How to kill in Among US: Vent Killing

The super-stealth ability to travel through air vents is only granted to scammers. This ability can now be used against him if caught by teammates entering or exiting either of them, resulting in an immediate ejection. In the other extreme, teammates are easy to find near the vents, so you can shoot a teammate near a vent, then come back through the vents and emerge elsewhere. until his ability to kill is restored. You can use the same strategy to ambush unsuspecting crewmen walking through air vents and kill them.

Air vents are an extremely useful strategy on the Polus card. For example, it’s easy to kill a teammate who is doing a wiring task in the lab by sabotaging the lights and then waiting for another teammate with the lab opening. When using air vents, be careful not to use them so that other players will reject you for simply not seeing you.

How to kill in Among US in a crowd

In bid to show you how to kill in Among US, this cannot be left out. Even teammates are smart with their approach, so you will find that many of them travel in groups and are therefore not easily knocked out. If so, you can sabotage the lights or communications and the entire crew will be reunited. Then he pretends to do repairs and when everyone’s attention is busy he carries the knife behind a teammate’s back. With death reported immediately and teammates unable to tell who did it, this is all just a bad kick or jump. Don’t abuse this strategy, however, as teammates will find that you stand behind them when they see you so often.

Separation from other crew members through appropriate sabotage movements

Catching a teammate is just one of the toughest tasks in the game. In this case, sabotage like locking or turning off lights is extremely useful. But you can’t just do the sabotage and wait for teammates to disperse. First of all, you need to do something significant to cause a split, such as reactor meltdown or an O2 shortage, causing the team members to split up to resolve and fix the situation. Once you have the teammate where you want them, this is an easy choice.

Reserve the sabotage movements until the last minute

You are now in 1v3 or 2v3 situations. In this case, the correct sabotage move means that you have essentially won. Trigger a massive situation like the reactor meltdown where two teammates must split up leaving the teammate vulnerable and ready for harvest. Once you defeat the vulnerable teammate, you need to make sure that you activate another sabotage of the crew department or you just need to be near a crew member when activating normal sabotage like ignition. . Either way, the game is yours as you have essentially created an unsolvable situation.

Non-Kill strategies

Killing the move and sabotage aren’t the only ways to win this game. You can vote for innocent teammates or create enough alibis so as not to arouse serious suspicion and just as easily remove them from the game. Let’s look at how to go about it to do it successfully.

How to Kill in Among Us

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