How to Get Xfinity Network Security Key

The Xfinity gateway has a powerful range of data transmission that could boost the internet signals for over a hundred feet away. And because of that, people are liable to join your network if it is not secured with Xfinity network security key.

We understand that sharing might not be the bigger issue but the risk of having a public network increases the chances of being hacked. Which is why it is recommended that you keep your network secured at all times.

With Xfinity network security key, one can avoid being easy targets for hackers and their spyware and malware devices. It encrypts your data that is transmitted using the best of security systems (The old WEP, the decent WPA and then the newest WPA2)

What is Xfinity network security key?

As the name defines, a network security key is the network protection. So as not to be confused with the choice of word, the security key can also mean the passcode, PIN, password or any protocol you have in place to protect your system.

Types of network security

As aforementioned, there are three types of encryption methods that are used by the Xfinity network security keys, and your system automatically uses one.

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

The WEP is the oldest of the three and is regarded as obsolete in today’s wireless security protocol. However, it remains in use by older devices.

That said, it is very prone to brute-force hacking and it is harder to configure, unlike the WPA protocols. If you are setting up a new system, it is recommended to avoid networks with this system.

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)

WPA is the successor of WEP. It is an intermediate protocol with advancement and improved features compared to the WES.

Still, it is lacking in some departments compared to WPA2. Suffice to say, hacking has advanced and has left WPA in the dust.

WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2)

WPA2 uses AES encryption (meaning Advance Encryption Standard). AES is grouped into three phases, 128, 192, 256 and they use their respective key lengths to encrypt/decrypt a block of messages. This is among the reason why it is most secure wireless network protocol.

The WPA2 is the most preferable and you should upgrade if you use any of the previous protection network.

When your network is installed, it will be protected by a complex string of randomized numbers and letters. Like most strong passwords, it can be easy to forget.

How to Get Xfinity Network Security Key

In the light of the above, you can already tell how important the Xfinity network security key is to wireless systems. Securing your home WIFI keeps you safe from would be phishing attacks. Through Comcast it is easy to get your Xfinity network security key.

Xfinity network security key

Depended on on many factors, you might have to learn your xfinity network security key in different ways. The first step is to check your router itself.

Ideally, the password should be on its router casing. Printed on a small sticker on its side. If you can find it, check the box or manual.

But if you have neither the box and the router sticker, then you will have to follow these steps carefully:

  • To know what your security key is, you first need to write down the router’s model and serial number. Both can be found on the device.
  • Using your internet, open your web browser.
  • Input your IP address in your search/address bar. A tab requesting both username and password will pop up. Comcast defaults are username Comcast and password 1234.
  • After filling the information requested, a gateway page will upon. Click on the wireless tab.
  • The next page, basic wireless settings, will open options on the WiFi settings, select the link to  “wireless security.”
  • This is called the Set your Security Mode. From here, you will have the option to generate your password or to choose your own password.

Just for clarification on how to find the respective Xfinity network security keys on any devices, I will explain how this can be done using your different devices, (Android, iPhone, Mac OSx, Windows etc.)

On iPhone

  • Scroll to Settings
  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the “i” icon next to your network.
  • Copy the IP address and paste it in a browser tab.
  • Enter your router’s login credentials to see the password.

On Android

Please not that, depending on you brand, this steps might vary. However, it is easy to follow and achieved on android.

  • Go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on your current network.
  • Scan the QR code to see your Wi-Fi password.

On Windows 10

  • Click the Start Menu.
  • Click Network Connections.
  • Click Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click on the Wireless network icon.
  • Click Wireless Properties.
  • Open the Security Tab.
  • Check Show characters to make the network security key visible.

Xfinity network security key

On Mac OS

  • Open the search function.
  • Search keychain access.
  • In Keychain Access screen, select Wi-Fi network.
  • Click on your network.
  • Check Show Password to make the network security key visible.
  • Enter your Mac password to confirm your access rights.

Password management

While choosing a password, there are some factors that you must consider to make a secured, unbreakable password.

Xfinity network security key

  • First of all, your passwords should be long, 8-12 characters if you are being modest, 12-15 if you are concerned about your security. Do not use short passwords under 8 characters, Recent computer AIs could guess and break them with high permutating codes under five minutes.; computers can guess them very easily.
  • Your Xfinity network security key should have different types of  character: i.e. numbers,  upper and lower case letters, and symbols to widen the pool of possible combination.
  • Change passwords often. Do not keep the same passcode for a long time, assuming that it is secured. Someone close to you might eventually have assess to your phone or diary and steal it. Espionage is really that easy. A 100-200 day gap is enough to shuffle your Xfinity network security key ever. This saves you the trouble of trying to recover access or getting your network compromised.
  • While it is said that the password should not be an easy word one can stumble upon, it also should be should be something you can recall easily. Something vivid and personal but peculiar to others.
  • When writing it down for safekeep, keep as private as possible.

Don’t use easy information  for someone to guess as passwords. Stalkers could try your birthday, wedding anniversary, Lover’s name and in more than 70% of the time work.

Avoid using one password for all, someone who discovers your Xfinity network security key could also try it on your G-mail, Facebook, Binance etc.


The Xfinity network security key serves as the gateway to your gateway. It guards your network and preserves the entry to you alone. We all know, we now spend half our lives on the internet, also, the internet has all our information and sometimes possession.

Due to this, one must protect one owns platform from those who choose to steal it, with the above article, one can find his/her way with the the passcodes of the Xfinity network. If you encounter a problem, reach out to the helpdesk at comcast.

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