Xfinity WIFI Connected but No Internet Access

Have you ever gotten home after a long day at work, and you switched on your wifi only for it not to connect or instead says your Xfinity wifi connected but no internet access. Frustrating and annoying.

A little background on Xfinity WIFI is that they provide one of the highest speeds and low latency; Xfinity is also known for its large array of entertainment provisions. We have Comcast Cable TV, MoCA, etc. What is better than configuring the entire home with Xfinity products, right?

But it’s not at times; these roses have thorns. You are not the only one having this problem of Xfinity wifi Connected but No Internet access. This is a very prevalent issue, as there are more people experiencing this issue right now.

However, as common as it is, the problem remains a peculiar one for the thinking. From the router, everything seems fine, and your device connects to the network as usual, but then it just does not work as you would expect it to.

Depending on your luck, this problem might persist longer than you should, at times for hours, and in some annoying cases, even days. At Gadgetswright, we will help you find the easiest solutions to this problem.

Xfinity Wifi Connected but No Internet Access

What causes Xfinity wifi Connected but No Internet Access?

When you get the Connected, No Internet, this means that the network devices in your house are connected. That said, it does not mean you are connected to the server.

 In plain words, you are connected to the router, but there is no supplied data from the external servers. There are a lot of reasons why this can happen, but most times, it might be as a result of a system upgrade or a service provider firewall breakdown.

The earlier might result in the server being down; that is one term you might be familiar with, and as such, your internet will fail to connect.

With the latter, it could be that your service provider’s firewall simply might be too weak to provide a decent internet connection. And as such, the domain system could be getting blocked and unable to translate hostnames to their respective IP addresses.

How to fix Xfinity wifi Connected but No Internet Access?

It is useless to know what causes this problem if you do not know how to fix it, which is why Gadgetswright will lay it down on the table.

  • Restart your device
  • Restart your Router
  • Reset Your Router
  • Make Sure that your IP Address is Correct
  • See if your Xfinity My Account is up to date
  • Check for Power Outages
  • Clear Cache

Restart your device

First of all, try to see if any other device does not have Xfinity wifi connected but no internet access. It could be one specific device that might have run into a configuration problem, and as such, it is better to isolate the problem to it, other than generalizing.

In that way, you are narrowing down the chance of it being too complex. So, use any other device around you that can use the internet; try it out. If this newer device connects well, then you might need to reset configuration settings on your other device that has the Xfinity wifi connected but no internet access error.

After this, your device might prompt restart. You will find that a simple reboot is enough to rectify this error and clear out any logs, fixing the problem.

Restart your Router

If, after check, it turns out that the Xfinity wifi connected but no internet access error is a general one and not secluded to one device, then it might be that the router has run into some bug.

Turn OFF the power for seconds, and turn it ON again to see if you still have the Xfinity wifi connected but no internet access error.

Reset Your Router

If the above also fails to work, you can try reset as an alternative. Reset is even made easier as you can achieve this using the Xfinity App. To do so, follow the steps below:

  •  On your device, open your Xfinity My Account App.
  • Select the Internet option.
  • Select Modem/Router.
  • Finally, click on Restart This Device option.

 After resetting, allow the router a few minutes to turn on. After that, check the device that has previously failed to connect; if it connects successfully, great!

Make Sure that your IP Address is Correct

This is unlikely to happen, but if it does, then it is likely to cause this Xfinity wifi connected but no internet access error. So ensure that your IP Address is correct. That said, it is easy to troubleshoot this on your device; Run a network diagnosis. This will tell you if your IP address is invalid. Correct it from there, and it should sort itself out.

See if your Xfinity My Account is up to Date

Your service provider can actually cut you off if your Xfinity My Account is outdated. Luckily, this is pretty easy to verify. Just sign in to your account. This can sadly be a reason for the Xfinity wifi connected but no internet access.

Check for Network Outages

Another possible cause of the “No internet” issue is a network outage. Suppose there was to be an unexpected network outage within a large area. All the routers in the area will have the “Xfinity wifi connected but no internet access error.”Xfinity Wifi Connected but No Internet Access

Outages can be attributed to maintenance, EMP, bad weather, or hardware failure. In cases like this, it is mostly out of your hands, and you can only contact Xfinity over the matter.

This you can do via the app and selecting the outage map. The outage map shows the different routers in your locality that may have been affected by the outage.

Xfinity hotspot login

As a collector’s item, Gadgetswright will explain how easy it is to log in to the Xfinity hotspot.

Search for Hotspots

To connect to your Xfinity hotspot, you first need to be in the range of the device gateway. On your mobile device, open wifi settings where it will display a list of networks available; amongst them, you will either find Xfinity wifi or XFINITY SSID. Select it.

You can also connect via the Xfinity wifi Hotspots app; you just need to download the app from the App Store.

You can secure your Hotspot.

To enjoy this service, you should follow these simple steps

  • You need to download the Xfinity wifi Hotspots app on your phone device.
  • Sign in to the app using your Xfinity ID and password.
  • The app will set you up with an Xfinity wifi secure profile. With you alone having your password.

Xfinity Gateway vs. Xfinity Router

Xfinity Gateways are like hybrid device that does the work of a modem (Provides internet) and a router (connects all devices). The Gateway can provide internet for browsing and voice connectivity for intercommunication.

An Xfinity router, on the other hand, serves as a middleman; it connects your devices to the modem (or Gateway in this case). The need for this clarification is people often confuse each other.

The Xfinity Gateway has an in-build router. That said, you can still make use of your old router if you are just getting the Gateway device. But it would be a waste of space and connection.

The thing is that a separate Router is usually faster than using a gateway. So most people would rather continue with their modem/router connection.


Resetting will revert your router to the factory settings, so you will have to set the password and other configurations again.

Also, check the Xfinity Ethernet, Broadband, and Xfinity MoCA cables to see if they are in good condition to see if they are in perfect condition.

If none of the above provides any solution, then the problem of the router is bigger than can be solved on your own.

Therefore, we will urge you to contact customer support, who would have the required know-how to solve the issue. Reach out to Xfinity Via Phone call or their Website:

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