How to Reset Xfinity Cable Box

Xfinity is subsidiary of Comcast, and they have been reliable when it comes to television entertainment. Their service is consistent and high quality. Also, convenient that you can acquire a TV, phone, internet service and a cable box with just a single package. But like all electronics you can experience hitches in the quality of services when a fault or two develops, then you will need to reset Xfinity cable box.

To reset Xfinity cable box comes easy and in different forms. And in almost all cases, resolves the problem as to why it is given a trial.

Before trying the reset option, it is imperative that you try a simple restart of the system, if this fails to deal with the problem, then you can proceed with the reset. But there are specific reasons you have to encounter before you reset your Xfinity cable box.

Certain factors can affect your cable box from functioning effectively. It is common that you might notice that your device stops processing the usual command.

This can be caused by different cause, firstly confirm if you are you are having bad weather conditions at that moment. Heavy rains, snows or winds can affect the transmission of data and as such impedes signal.

So, if you have been having terrible weather, then I’ll urge you to holdfast till the skies becomes clearer.

If you have not been experiencing climate factors, and you have also checked to know if you have no problems with the connection between the Television and the Cable box.

Then you proceed to look out for any poor connection with the power source. if this is also fine, then you can proceed to the reset option.Reset Xfinity cable box

Why Should I Reset Xfinity Cable Box

As aforementioned, many reasons could cause your cable box not to work. And not usually would you need to reset system before it works again. However, you are expect to try the reset option before taking it out to see a technician.

The reset option is tricky because unlike with restarting, resetting refreshes your Xfinity device to its factory settings. So it is mostly reserved for when the restarting does not work.

A factory reset restores it to its initial settings, erasing all data. You can use this method straightaway if you don’t mind losing saved data like settings and recorded programs.

At times, a power outage could cause an error in connection. normally it should reset itself without your help. But, with several number of cable boxes trying to reconnect to the network at the same time, things may go wrong. (Imagine a traffic jam trying to converge into a single lane road at the same time, or a bottle neck pressure.)

If you experience this, try unplugging it first. Remove the backup battery if it has one, ensure that the box is completely off server network. After about 30 minutes reconnect everything, and it should connect properly, if it does not, you can proceed with reset.

How to Reset Xfinity Cable Box

There are different ways to reset  Xfinity cable box, it could be through the Xfinity remote, Xfinity mobile app, or even through box itself.

Note that this procedure will delete anything stored or installed on the device. You can reset your Xfinity cable box through the following methods below;

  1. via App
  2. via Remote
  3. via Box

How to Reset xFinity Cable Box using Mobile App

You can reset also reset via phone application; this is available on both iOS and Android. After downloading it onto your smartphone, you can perform a factory reset from the comfort of your couch.

But you first have to log in to the account via the Xfinity app. Do not worry, this is still one of the easiest way to reset Xfinity cable box;

  • To start with, you obviously have to download the Xfinity app and launch it.
  • After log-in, scroll to the bottom menu  (Overview Menu) and search for TV options.
  • Choose the device you want to reset. (i.e. select the cable box by its brand name)
  • A troubleshooting prompt will come up, tap on continue.
  • Now, select System Refresh to reset Xfinity Cable Box.
  • Be patient when waiting for the app to complete the task.

reset xfinity cable box

How to Reset Xfinity Cable Box with Remote

If you are certain that your remote is in a perfect condition, you can instead try to reset Xfinity cable box via remote. with this, you will need no internet condition or log-in. You can reset with the use of the Xfinity remote with these steps:

  • Press hold the power button of your box. The device must be turned on. There should be blinking green lights to confirm this.
  • On the remote, press the power and menu buttons together, this will reveal the user settings.
  • Press Up and Down direction button together to find the Restore Defaults option
  • Click on the Right button and then press OK to start the resetting process

How to Reset your xFinity Cable Box via Box

Another alternative is to use the reset button on the cable box itself. On your box, there is a reset button used to restore your device to return to its default state. You can reset with these steps:

  • Firstly, note that If you had changed the factory password to a personalized one, it will be lost. Hence, you must recall the original one.
  • Locate the reset button at the backside of the box.
  • After locating the reset button, you will need a tiny pointed object (office pin or toothpick) to push hold the button for about 5 seconds.
  • This process will return the device to its default settings.


Today, most electronics issues can be resolved from home through easy  troubleshooting of your device. To reset Xfinity cable box, it is a guarantee that the content of this article will work as a solution. Simply put, it is test and trusted.

As stated earlier, you need to decide why you are resetting because, it’s advisable to first try rebooting to see if that will solve your problem. This is because resetting erases out your entire data.

Nonetheless, if you are unsure about taking such steps on your own, you can always see a technician. Or if only your case is one in a million would the provided steps not work for you, but if does not it’s time to engage the services of an authorized technician.

Xfinity customer service helpdesk number can be found on their website, and you can then lodge your complaint over call or mail.

Better still, you could visit an authorized technician who could help you with the reset Xfinity cable box process or any other alternative depending on the diagnosis.

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