How To Temporarily Disable Facebook

Do you want to temporarily disable your Facebook account; this guide here will take you by the hand, and you will do that with ease.

How To Temporarily Disable Facebook
How To Temporarily Disable Facebook

You may think you deserve to take a break and concentrate on your studies or work. Perhaps you have realized that life contains more than this little green dot. Whatever the reason, if you temporarily disable your Facebook account, you will find everything you need to know here!

Can you Temporarily Disable Facebook?

Yes, with Facebook, you can temporarily deactivate your account. It’s not the same as deleting your account and then creating a new account with the same email ID.

With Facebook, you can disable any content in your account that makes it appear that your account is deleted or disabled. However, once you activate your account, all of your information will be shown again. Therefore, you will not lose any data if you temporarily deactivate your FB account.

How to Temporarily Disable a Facebook

You can deactivate your Facebook account via the mobile application or the Facebook site. If you deactivate your account from any device, you will be logged out from all devices.

How To Temporarily Disable Facebook in the Facebook app

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app and tap the burger menu in the top right corner.

  • Now scroll down to “Settings & privacy” Select settings “.

  • Under “Your Facebook Information,” select the “Account Owner and Control” option.

  • Tap Disable and Remove. Now select “Deactivate account” and click on “Deactivate account.” At this point, you need to enter your password.

How To Temporarily Disable Facebook

  • Next, you need to choose a reason to deactivate your account. Once you’ve done this, click “Next” at the bottom of the page.
  • Now tap on the dropdown menu under “Reactivate your account” and select “Do not automatically reactivate.” (Don’t worry, you can easily reactivate your account at any time.)

How To Temporarily Disable Facebook How To Temporarily Disable Facebook

  • If you want to continue using Facebook Messenger, check the box on the next page. Tap Deactivate My Account to complete the process.

How To Temporarily Disable Facebook

How To Temporarily Disable Facebook on the Facebook page

You can also deactivate your Facebook account via the Facebook website.

  • To do this, visit the site and log in with your login information.
  • Now click on the dropdown arrow in the top right corner and select Settings & Privacy> Settings.

How To Temporarily Disable Facebook

  • Now select “your Facebook info” in the left area. Go to “Deactivate and Delete.”

How To Temporarily Disable Facebook

  • Select “Deactivate Account” and click on “Deactivate Account.” At this point, you need to enter your Facebook password.

How To Temporarily Disable Facebook

  • On the next page, choose your reason for deactivating your account (whichever you choose) and click “Deactivate” below.

How To Temporarily Disable Facebook

How long Does it Take for Facebook to Deactivate your Account?

After you’ve followed all the steps and finally clicked the “Deactivate My Account” button, it only takes a few seconds to sign out of your account. As soon as you are logged out, your account will be officially deactivated.

When you start the Facebook app, you will notice that the session has been closed.

What Happens if you Temporarily Deactivate your Account?

The first thing you’ll notice when you deactivate your account is that your Facebook account will be signed out. You will also be signed out of any service where you used your Facebook credentials to sign in.

Please be assured that all of your personal information will be kept securely in your account. However, your friends cannot find your profile online. It will also disappear from your friends’ list. Once you reactivate your account, everything will go back to normal.

If you continue to use Facebook Messenger, your friends can find your username in the app. You can send them an SMS and call them up as usual. Facebook Messenger keeps your Facebook profile picture.

What Is The Time Limit for a Deactivated Account?

Facebook has no specific time limit on how long you can deactivate your account. This means that you can deactivate your account for as long as you want and simply reactivate it whenever possible. Your data remains secure and blocked.

Unlike deleting an account (which is deleted after 30 days), you can reactivate your account by simply logging in with your Facebook credentials.

How often can you deactivate your account?

The number of reactivations and reactivations of your Facebook account is unlimited. Also, no information is lost, so the function is not a problem.

How to Reactivate your Facebook account

Reactivating your Facebook account is as easy as logging in again with your Facebook credentials. You can connect anywhere—mobile app or website.

When you log into your account, it will automatically be reactivated. Your account will also be reactivated when you log in to a service using your Facebook account.

Once you reactivate your account, your profile will be activated, and your friends can search for it again.

Will my friends know that I have deactivated my account?

Facebook does not send a notification that your account has been deactivated. However, your messages will no longer appear in your friends’ feed. If they try to search for you, your name will not appear in the search. This way, you can see that you have deleted or temporarily deactivated your account.

What is the difference between deactivating and deleting your account?

Deactivating your account is only temporary. Lock your account, but keep all your personal information when you log in again. You can log in after a long time, and your data will be retained.

However, the deletion of your account is final. Once your account has been deleted, all of your personal information will be removed. Facebook grants you a 30-day grace period before you permanently delete your data.

You have the privilege to cancel the deletion process within 30 days by logging in and clicking on “Cancel deletion.” However, there has been no way to recover your account in the past 30 days.

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