[4 Methods]: How to leave a Life 360 Circle [2022]

Life360 is an award-winning location-sharing app. with the life360 app, your family can know your whereabouts at any time of the day provided you are in the same circle and your device is connected to the internet. 

However, the features are not limited to that as it can alert other circle members of Your driving speedTime of stay in a location. When you leave a location, etc. 

Most teens/Young adults will agree with the fact that the life 360 app has been a pain in the neck. The App makes it super easy for parents to check on their kids with the location sharing feature, that’s why you’re here to figure out How to leave a Life 360 circle.

However, it’s not the same for kids or young adults who are excessively monitored by their parents.

Most young adults/teens want some level of space on how they go about their lives. but with the life360 app, They are checked constantly and once it’s getting Out of hand, you might have to look for a way to figure out How to leave a Life 360 circle or look for other creative ways to disable yourself from that circle.

And, In this article, I will be delving into How to leave a Life 360 circle without much hassles plus some extra creative ways to disable yourself from the circle with any kind of suspicion.

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How to Leave a Life 360 circle [Method 1]

 How to leave a Life 360 Circle

To leave a life 360 circle fairly quickly follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Life360 app How to leave a Life 360 Circle  How to leave a Life 360 Circle
  • Go to “settings”. it’s at the bottom right corner
  • Select “circle management”
  •  Finally, tap on “leave Circle”

NOTE: It’s less likely that you will b the admin of the group, but if you are, assign it to someone else before leaving.

Below is another trick you can apply if you want to leave a life360 circle 

How to leave a Life 360 circle [Method 2]: Location Redirect

Location redirect is quite tricky, over here you need another burner phone to carry this, out. this method requires you to block out location on your phone, then install the app on the burner phone while leaving the location ON, so that you will be able to device other circle members regarding your location.

Here’s how to do that.

Step 1

Firstly, you have to Turn off the location for the life360 app, the process is similar for both iPhones and Android, but if you are using either of them check below to figure out how to do that.


  • Go to your iPhone settings”
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Now, choose location”
  • scroll till you find the “life360” and tap on it.
  • Finally, toggle off its location


  • Go to your “Settings
  • Tap on “app and notification
  • Locate “Life360 app” and tap on it.
  • On the “app info” screen, tap on “permissions”
  • Now, toggle off “Location”


Step 2

Go ahead to install the Life360 app on another phone. after doing that Login with your credentials and leave the location ON. Doing this will redirect your location from that of your phone to this burner phone.

How to leave a Life 360 circle [Method 3]: Fake GPS

Another method very similar to the method listed above is to use a fake GPS, Instead of getting an extra phone, you simply have to install the fake GPS app, and then start playing with the location.

If you have android you can make use of a spoofing app to redirect your location another thing you can try is this:

  • Navigate to your phone settings
  • Scroll down to developer options and click it
  • Now enable the developer’s option
  • Allow permission
  • Now, look for the lie360 app tap on it, and adjust your location

You can get more comprehensive details on how to do that if you are using an android phone here.

Note: If you are using an iOS device, the process is quite similar to that of an android device, Kindly check here to redirect your location.

How to Leave a Circle on Life 360 [Method 4]: Turning OFF Wi-Fi/Data

Apart from redirecting your location another cool trick you can try out is Switching off your Internet connection or your Wi-Fi

This might not be the best way out there cause, all other members will be notified that the location sharing has been paused. This makes the location redirect much smarted than this. but if you want to try this out and maybe you don’t want it to interfere with your activities,

You can simply block out access to data connection specifically for the life360 app. The process is quite similar for both iPhone and Android devices.

here’s how to do that

For Android 

You can turn OFF data usage access by going to Settings > Apps& Notification > Life 360 > App info>Data usage > Toggle off “Background data” for Android

For iPhone

For iPhone, Go to Settings > Life360 > Turn off Cellular data> Turn off

Doing this will block Off data access to the life 360 app, even while you are online. 

Since you have been able to figure out different ways How to leave a Life 360 circle, let’s Touch on some commonly asked questions regarding this topic.

How to leave a Life360 circle without anyone knowing?

Right now, you can only pull that off by either redirecting your location to another device you have logged in to or by using a spoofing app to redirect your device location. Turning Off your data or leaving the group directly via the app, will get all the circle members notified.  

Does life360 notify you when you leave a circle?

Of course, Others get a notification saying “Location has been paused”. It’s a location-sharing app, and it’s is believed that these in the same circle as you trust themselves

How to leave a life360 family

As I mentioned above there are different methods of leaving a Life360 circle here is the list

  • Turning off internet Connection/Wifi access to Life360 app
  • Using a Fake GPS location
  • Redirecting to another Device location
  • Leaving the circle through the Life360 app

Life360 admin privileges

There are a handful of privileges’ an admin in a life360 circle has. They are listed below.

  • The admin can remove or add someone to the circle
  • The admin can delete or edit palaces in the circle
  • The admin can assign another person as the admin.

where is circle management on life360

The only way to manage circles within the life 360 app is through the circle switcher, which is usually at the top left corner of the app when you are in the “Settings screen

Can you have multiple circles on life360?

You can be in multiple circles in the life360 app and you can create your circles too.

How many circles can you have on life360?

Life360 hasn’t stated the official limit to the numbers of circles you can be in, but if you are more than 10 in a circle the performance surfers, However, the limit number is 99 and the optimal number of people that should be in a circle is 10

What Can Parents see on Life360?

Probably you are wondering if they can see, your call, your texts e.t.c, they can’t they can see just about the same thing other members on that circle can see such as your location, driving speed, the time you stayed at a location.

How to Delete a Circle on Life360?

 How to leave a Life 360 Circle

A circle can be deleted usually by the admin. It’s is advised to remove all members first before deleting the circle. alternatively, you can delete a circle by following the steps below 

  • Launch the life360 app
  • Tap on “settings”
  • Now, tap the “circle switcher” at the top left corner
  • Next, tap the circle you want to delete
  • Tap “Circle Management”
  • Finally, tap “Delete circle members” and “select all the members from the list

Can Life360 know who is driving?

The life 360 apps can only detect whether an accident has happened and the driving speed of a vehicle. thanks to the Crash detection technology from the user’s phone sensor

Can I hide my speed on Life360?

You can, and to do that follow the steps listed below.

  • Launch the life360 app 
  • Tap on settings. You can find that at the bottom right corner
  • Now, scroll down and select Drive Detection under Universal Settings,
  • Finally, tap the button to toggle off the feature.


The life 360 app improves safety and makes it easier for family members or close friends to look after one another.

Now, that you’ve figured out how to leave a life 360 circle, It is important to stay safe and give your parents reasons more reasons to trust you than depending on the app.

Your parent’s obsessiveness on your whereabouts isn’t because they want to break the relationship they have with you. It’s simply due to your safety.

And a good step to take is to show empathy and give them more reasons to trust you than depend on some app.

Feel free to share it with your friends if they are also stuck on creative ways of figuring out how to leave a life 360 circle.

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