[3 methods]: How to Leave a Circle on Life360

Is it possible to leave a circle on Life360 as a parent or kid? Well, we are considering how to leave a circle on Life360 app  in this article.

Most Parents will agree with the fact that life360 has been a really helpful application, however, it might not be the same case for kids, the need to constantly monitor them and keep track of their every whereabout might not be a good idea.

The life360 app, lets parents most especially keep track of the location of friends and family members, especially their kids plus it shares the battery level of their phone, makes it an impressive app. But as they say, there is always a limit to everything

Parents might be too obsessive when it comes to knowing the whereabouts of their children and in most cases it usually backfires as teenage or young adults always need some level of space.

However, if you’re tired of the excessive monitoring, or probably you want to have your space or you are just tired of having to explain yourself all the time and you feel leaving the life 360 circles, will be helpful.

In this article, I will be breaking down how to leave a circle on life360, but before we delve into that let’s break down what exactly is the life 360 circle and what it entails.

NB: Skip to the next heading after this for instructions on how to leave a circle on life360 if you ain’t new to the life360 app.

About the Life360 Circle?

how to leave a circle on life360

You might have come across viral videos or tweets from people talking about this app, the life 360 app is an award-winning location-sharing app

With the life 360 app, your location can be easily shared with people if you are on the same circle in the app, thanks to the real-time GPS feature of the app. However the features are not limited to that.

The life 360 app takes its tracking to another level by letting other people in the same circle as you, know things such as your driving speed, how long you stayed at a place When you leave a location, e.t.c.

But, how do you leave a circle on the life360 app? Well, let’s delve into how to leave a circle on Life360.

Note: Here, we will discuss 3 methods that can be used to leave a circle on Life360 app.

How to Leave a Circle on Life360 [Method 1]

If you need to leave a life360 circle, follow these instructions below

  • Launch the Life360 app
  • Tap on “settings”. You can access that at the bottom right corner
  • Now, tap on “circle management” > then tap on “leave Circle”

NOTE: In a scenario where you are the admin of that circle, you have to assign it to someone else before leaving.

Let’s explore another way to leave the circle on life360 indirectly adjusting your location.

How to Leave a Circle on Life360 using Location Redirect [Method 2]

This method is one of the coolest ways to outsmart your parents especially if you have two devices on which you can install the Life360 app.

What you are going to do is turn off your location on your smartphone device, install the app into another device while leaving the location on. You can choose to drop it off with friends.

Here’s how to leave a circle on Life360 using the location redirect option or method.

how to leave a circle on life360

How to Live a Circle on Life360 using Location Redirect on iPhone

Follow the steps below to leave a circle on your Life360 account using a location redirect on your iPhone.

  • Open up your iPhone settings”
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Now, choose location”
  • scroll till you find the “life360” and tap on it.
  • Finally, toggle off its location

How to Live a Circle on Life360 using a Location Redirect on Android

Follow the steps below to leave a circle on your Life360 account using a location redirect on your iPhone.

  • Go to your “Settings
  • Now tap on “app and notification
  • Locate “Life360 app” and tap on it.
  • On the “app info” screen, tap on “permissions”
  • Now, toggle off “Location”

NOTE: After doing this, you can install the app into another phone and login while keeping the location ON to redirect any attention to a fake location. In addition to that, you can also use a third-party application to give a fake location.

If you have an android device, check here to figure out how to Fake your GPS location seamlessly, you can visit here if you are using an iOS device instead

How to Leave a Circle on Life 360 [Method 3]: Turning OFF Wifi/Data

Another alternative to leaving the life360 circle is to turn off the data on your phone. You can simply achieve these by doing any of the following

  • Turn on battery saver
  • Turn off the wifi or data connection
  • Turn off the data usage access for the life360 app

You can turn OFF data usage access by going to Settings > Apps& Notification > Life 360 > App info>Data usage > Toggle off “Background data” for Android

For iPhone, Go to Settings > Life360 > Turn off Cellular data> Turn of

By now you should have figured out different creative ways How to leave a circle on life360, moving on, let’s answer some related questions regarding this topic.

How to Leave a Life360 Family

There are different ways to leave your family circle on life360, just as we discussed above. here is the list

  • Turning off your internet Connection
  • Using a Fake GPS location
  • Redirecting to another Device location
  • Leaving the circle through the Life360 app

Where is the Circle Switcher on Life360

The circle switcher is at the top left corner of the life360 app. you can spot the picture below.

how to leave a circle on life360 dd rr

It is used to switch between different circles in the app

Life360 admin privileges

the admin of a life360 circle has a handful of privileges, which will be listed below

  • The admin can remove or add someone to the circle
  • The admin can delete or edit palaces in the circle
  • The admin can assign another person as the admin.

Can you have multiple circles on life360?

You can have more than one circle in the life360 app, they are usually referred to as private groups

How many members can be in one Circle?

The limit to the number of members you can add to the app is 99, however, the recommended size you should add for optimal performance is 10. adding more than that can makes the app slower.

How to leave a Life360 circle without anyone knowing?

Officially there is no way, you can leave a circle without anyone knowing, once you leave a circle the others will be notified with “location paused” however a better workaround to that is by redirecting your location.

That works better by giving the wrong location. You can use a fake GPS locator app to do that if you have n android device. 

What happens when you leave a circle on life360

When you leave a circle on your life360 circle other members of that circle will be notified about it

What Can Parents see on Life360?

Probably you are wondering if they can see, your call, your texts e.t.c, they can’t they can see just about the same thing other members on that circle can see such as your location, driving speed, the time you stayed at a location.

Can You delete a Circle on Life360?

Only the admin has the power to do that, however, the admin has to first remove everyone from the circle, once no one is left in the circle will be deleted.

However, there is a faster way is to achieve that.

Simply follow these steps

  • Launch the life360 app
  • Tap “settings”
  • Now, tap the “circle switcher” at the top left corner
  • Next, tap the circle you want to delete
  • Tap “Circle Management”
  • Finally, tap “Delete circle members” and “select all the members from the list

How does Life360 know who is driving?

Life360 makes use of Crash detection technology. This technology can detect whether a user has an accident either as a passenger or the driver, it can also detect the driving speed via the sensors on the user’s phone

How do I hide my speed on Life360?

To Hide your driving speed follow the steps listed below

  • Launch the life360 app 
  • Tap on settings. You can find that at the bottom right corner
  • Now, scroll down and select Drive Detection under Universal Settings,
  • Finally, tap the button to toggle off the feature.


Life360 is an impressive way of looking out for your family members, not just checking up on your children, but kids can also use it to check out on their parent

However, Privacy should be taken important, especially for a young adult.

If your parents are too obsessive about figuring out your every whereabout almost every single hour you can simply try out any of the steps above you’re comfortable with.

Since you’ve figured out how to leave a circle on life360. doing it should be easy and less stressful. feel free to share it with your friends if they are also stuck on creative ways of figuring out how to leave a circle on life360

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