How to Put ADT in Test Mode

With ADT Alarm systems, you get the platform to monitor your home or work place, and it does put ones mind at rest. But then, the device usually requires modification from time to time. That said, due to the sensitive nature of the system, you are required to know how to put ADT in test mode before such modification is engaged.

Therefore, here in this article, we will consider the steps to take to put your ADT alarm system into a test mode.

What is ADT Test Mode?

ADT test mode is when you cut off the alarm signals from the central monitoring station before you make changes.

The ADT alarm system was devised to protect itself, and as a form of protection, it would alert the central system of an emergency if it appears there is about to be a breach on its system.

Also, since the alarm can go off during moments of smoking, sanding or with the door chime; you can always activate test mode to turn off the alarm pending the time you undergo this process.

Basically, the test mode is an industrial or construction addition to the ADT system to help secure you while you work on the device alarm definitions.

In other to troubleshoot your system, you can also put your ADT in test mode to be certain.

How the do you put ADT in test mode? You can simply arm it in test mode, open the door to test the door chime, trigger the smoke alarm or whatever.

Doing this, you will get the alert in the panel if your alarms are working fine, and you would not if they aren’t. All this without alerting the ADT central monitoring center.

Conclusively, it is ideal to run your system on ADT test mode to self-monitor as It gives you a certainty of your system’s condition. Also, you get to have some amount of control over the system in a manual mode as it would not contact the monitoring center at every beep.

Simply, it gives the user assurance on the working state of the ADT alarm systems and it is like putting a system under routine maintenance.

In the next lines we will discuss how to put ADT in test mode. These are quite easy steps that would not require a complex know-how, time and energy, completely stress free.

How to Put ADT in Test Mode

As said earlier, ADT alarm test mode is primarily a maintenance mode to ensure that the ADT alarm is working perfectly.

It’s just like your monthly medical checkup, will recommend that you put your ADT into test mode at least once in month to ascertain its condition.  On your diary, or on your phone, you can fill out a reminder that alerts you when this is due.

To initialize this, you can do this through using either your smart phone App or the ADT online portal.

How to put ADT in Test Mode via APP

To activate test mode, follow these easy steps.

  1. Download the ADT app.
  2. Install App, then open.
  3. On the home display, go to Settings > Monitoring > Monitoring Test Mode
  4. Select the timeframe you would like to disable monitoring.
  5. You will be able to find the time set and the countdown till the test mode ends.  You can re-enable monitoring using the same steps, but you will find “Enable Monitoring” instead of disable.

How to put ADT in test mode

How to Put ADT in Test Mode via Online Portal

Here’s an example of how to to use the portal.

  • On your browser, go to
  • Login in to your ADT account;
  • On the dashboard you will find an option, “My Alarm/Alarm systems”
  • Click on the option.
  • Click the System Management tab;
  • Select the test duration; just like when you are doing it via the app.
  • Finally, click “Start Test Mode” to activate the test mode.

Other ways on how to put ADT in test mode can be through calling the ADT monitoring center and requesting that they activate it for you from their end.

After activating test mode, the work is not done. You now have to test the alarm system.

How to Test the ADT Alarm

After activating your ADT test mode you can test the ADT alarm to ascertain the steps.

  • First things first, you must arm the alarm from the panel.
  • Provoke the alarm to alert the system by either opening the doors or triggering the smoke alarms etc. while you watch if it receives the signal.
  • Usually the alarm might horn for about a minute, so you are sure to hear it. 
  • Once you have the expected response, you can stop the test.
  • Disarm the system by inputting your ADT code into your panel and end test. (Or you can just do so from your App by clicking “End Test Mode”) 

How to put ADT in test mode

All this hassle won’t cause a drama with the central monitoring system as they would not be alerted about your test mode exploits.

You can read your activity log, this is required for you to know the full diagnostics of your test. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the website,
  • Log-in into your account.
  • Click on the overview.
  • Go to the alarm activity.
  • Here, you will be shown the activities you had just ran on the alarm.

How to Put ADT in Test Mode: Conclusion

GadgetsWright will advise that you test your ADT alarms regularly, and to do so, you will need to know how to put ADT in test mode. With this article, every problem that can be faced while attempting ADT alarm test mode should be a thing of the past. A minimum of one month is fine for the regular test. 

That said, you can run into some problems. In cases like this, do not hesitate to contact ADT monitoring center, visit their website or give them a call( 800-ADT-ASAP {800-238-2727}).

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