How to Remove Password From PDF Without Software

Sometimes, people use a password to protect a PDF file document if the information contained in is personal, and perhaps they don’t want you to access it. This is common among organizations like banks.

Most times, when banks send a statement of account it may be protected using a password which will be required before you can access the pdf document. However, the best way people use to unlock a PDF with a password is using a PDF Unlocker.

That may be expensive to comprehend without a trustworthy PDF password removal. However, if you are smart enough and your techie life is above average you can just use a technique on how to remove password from PDF without software I will share with you in this post, precisely using Google Chrome rather than using password Unlocker that is not free or that you may have to pay for to remove password from PDF without contacting the owner with just one time password.

Apparently, uploading a password protected PDF document to Google Drive should remove the password without using any PDF password removal, but since Google Drive itself is fully protected using 2-factor authentication, uploading a password protected PDF to Google drive will not remove that password.

But there is a way to do this such that you can easily remove the PDF password before uploading it to Google Drive.

The idea on how to remove password from PDF without software has to do with your day-to-day computer software.

In the first place, you may want to ask whether it is possible to remove password from a PDF file without software, Or is there any software that can be used to remove password from PDF without paying or how do I get a free software to remove a pdf file that has been protected using password without paying any bill.

Well, the response to these questions is that there is a free software that can be used as PDF password removal without paying a cent.

Here in this short post, I will share with you how to remove password from PDF without software rather with the use of Google Chrome computer browser software.

How to Remove Password From PDF Without Software

Following the procedure you are about to read here you will be able to remove password from Adobe Reader files without a paying software. I will suggest you use this procedure as PDF password removal after opening. If your PDF file requires a password after opening the image attached below follow this procedure to unlock it.

How to Remove Password From PDF Without Software

The first basic advice is you need to download and install Google Chrome. It doesn’t matter the version of Chrome you have. Once you have Google Chrome browser installed on your computer, then you can follow this procedure to remove password from an Adobe reader PDF.

Just follow this link to download and installed “Google Chrome Browser”:

1. Drag and drop the PDF with the password to Google Chrome browser you installed above. For clarity, check of this GIF we created.

How to Remove Password from PDF document

Note: Open your browser and reduce the size so that you will be able to see part of your computer screen where the PDF file with a password is stored. This will make it very for you to be able to drag and drop it without a problem.

2. You will be prompted to enter the PDF password which you want to crack or remove. Since you want to remove the password used to lock the PDF file, here is the trick.

Once you dragged the PDF file to Google Chrome it will ask you to enter the PDF file password, kindly enter it and click on submit.

3. Once the locked PDF is opened, you will be left with three options which are: Print PDF, Download PDF and rotate PDF.

However, if you choose download PDF, the pdf will still require the password when next you want to access it.

So, click on print PDF, meanwhile, we are not printing the PDF in the real sense of it rather we want to find means to remove the PDF password.

A new window will popup, instead of print click on Save PDF as and save the locked PDF to your computer with a name different from the PDF with a password.

4. Now re-open the same PDF file and see whether it still has the password. No, the password will be gone, meanwhile, the old PDF with a password will require the password to unlock. This is the easiest ways you can go on how to remove password from PDF without software.

In addition, you no longer necessarily need to open the PDF with Google Chrome again you can go ahead and open it with Adobe reader for your computer.

How to Remove Password from PDF Without Software

Google Chrome is not the only free PDF password removal but it’s the fastest. We choose Google Chrome means because you can easily use it and you do not need a special techie class to remove password from Adobe reader or other forms of documents.

However, there is another popular tool that you can use to remove password from any PDF files. In fact, I have a good experience with the tool and it’s work perfectly just like Google Chrome.

In the below procedure we have detailed how to remove password from a PDF file using a popular free tool for Windows users called: BeCyPDFMetaEdit.

1. Download and install  BeCyPDFMetaEdit. When you visit this tool, there are two files available. You don’t need to download the entire file, just download the file named: Executable for installer file only.

2. Launch the password removal software and locate the PDF with the password. After you have clicked on open PDF, don’t go straight to select the PDF rather click on complete rewrite so that you will be able to overwrite the encrypted PDF.

3. Enter the PDF file password and click OK. Navigate to the security section and click on the drop menu to select No encryption from the three options and click on save.

Once you saved it successfully you PDF will no longer need a password to view again. With these simple techniques and free software, you can remove password from any PDF files.

Please do let us know if you have any problem with this free PDF password unlocker. And if you are familiar with other means to unlock PDF with a password without software or paid service please use the comment section for update.

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