Everything You Need to Know about Google Contact Backup

I’m going to take a look at Google Contacts in this post today, and share with you everything you need to know concerning saving phone contacts to Google, the latest improvement, and how to move your phone contacts to Gmail account.

There are a lot of features associated with using Google as your safe house. It’s more than keeping documents on your Gmail account or saving it to Google drive. Google has a lot of services, with which you cannot exploit to the last gram. However, one of Google services I enjoyed so much is Google Contacts features that enables you to save your phone contacts, including SIM contacts to your Gmail account.

Not only that, with your Gmail account, you can track a stolen phone using Google find my phone feature, ring a misplaced phone and wipe off your data on your phone if it is in a wrong hand.

It’s more than backing up phone contacts to your Google account. When you mistakenly deleted your Google contacts you can use Google contacts feature to restore it.

What Google does is backup your phone contacts online [both new and old contacts] if your Gmail is auto sync with your Google account. Meanwhile, while Google chooses to make this easy by auto sync your phone contacts online you can also add contacts to your Gmail account manually.

Here in this post today you will get to know how to backup phone contacts to Google, how to restore Google Contacts back to your phone, how to restore deleted Google contacts using Google manager.

Add Gmail to Your Phone

The first thing you need to do is add Gmail account to your phone. This will enable Google to auto sync your phone contacts to your Google account. For Android users, it is very easy to add Gmail account to your Android phone. This is usually done during Android OS installation. And for Windows user, this will be of help. iOS users are fast engaged with Apple ID access to copy phone contacts to an online account.

Here is how to add Gmail to your smartphone running Android OS [Android Marshmallow, Android Nougat, Android Oreo].

1. Swipe down your phone screen and click on the gear settings icon to the upper right of the page. Navigate to “Account” and click other accounts.

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google Contacts

Note: This may be different due to phone manufacturer. Just find your way to account option on your Android phone settings and find accounts.

2. If you have not added a Gmail account before you will not see Google option. But you can add a new Gmail account by click on Add account for syncing your phone contacts.

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google Contacts

3. Under add account section scroll down the page and select Google. The reason is that we are interested in adding a Gmail account to your phone so that you can have a copy of your phone contacts saved to Google contacts online.

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google Contacts

4. Enter Gmail username and password to login to your Gmail account on your phone. Accept terms of service and privacy policy to connect your Gmail account.

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google Contacts

Note: Toggle to YES for Google to auto-create a backup for your phone on Google drive. This will backup your phone apps, app data, call history, contacts, and device settings to Google drive and click on next.

Now you have successfully added your Gmail account to your phone. The next thing now is how to backup phone contacts to Google contacts online.

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google Contacts

First, you need to make sure your Google account is sync with your phone. This is supposed to be automatic the moment you added a Gmail account though. But if it doesn’t, you can just trigger the action yourself so that Google will be able to sync your phone contacts to your Gmail account.

Note: When you sync your phone with your Google account, this will backup your phone contact to your Google account automatically. This is done often whenever you add a new contact to your contact list without prior notification from Google.

Follow the procedure below you will know how to backup phone contacts to Google account.

1. Swipe down your Android phone and click on settings from the list of options. Scroll down the page and click on accounts [Some phone settings may be different from the one I am using for this tutorial. Just make sure you find your way to accounts].

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google Contacts

2. Click on Google icon on the next page

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google Contacts

3. Here you will find all your Google account information such as App data, Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, Google Fit data, people details and lot more. Click on the more option to the upper right and click on sync now.

Sync phone contacts to Google account

With this procedure, your Google contacts will be auto sync with your Google account and you restore it to your new phone at any time.

How to Restore Delete Google Contacts

Google auto sync all your communicated contacts with to your Google account once authorized. However, if you mistakenly delete your contacts on Google, here is how to restore your deleted contacts back to your Google account.

1. Fire up Google Contacts on your browser by visiting this link while you stay logged onto the Gmail account linked to your account.

2. Navigate to the left side of the page, click on more option and click on under changes.

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google Contacts

3. A new window will popup, select the time interval you want to under changes. This will restore your phone contacts back to your Google account.

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google Contacts

Note: If you want to restore contacts you have deleted for more than a week click on a custom option to set the date interval for your Google contacts to restore.

If your Google contacts are restored successfully should see an indicator like the image attached below.

Contacts Backup on Phone

Congratulations all your deleted contacts from your Google accounts have been restored successfully.

How to Add Contacts to Your Phone Book Using Google Contacts

Google has a unique feature to easily add contacts to your PhoneBook directly from your Google account. This makes it so easy. Other than merging duplicate contacts to a single contact on your Google account you can also create a new contact account on your Gmail. And here is how to achieve that in step by step analysis.

1. Fire up your browser to visit your Gmail account. Open another tab and visit Google contacts page here

2. Navigate the page until you get to the bottom right and click on the pink icon to add contacts to your account manually.

Google Contacts

3. A new window will popup. Fill the form according to the details of the person you wanted to add its contacts to your phone book. You can click on more button to add more information about the contacts you are adding a fresh.

How to restore a deleted phone contacts

That is it. With this, you can always add new contacts to your phone when you are far from your phone and doesn’t have a pen around you to write down the number.

You can also merge duplicate contacts from your Google contacts account to save spaces for more contacts storage with contacts that are stored more than one time.

Another feature of Google contacts is to know more about those that often contact you and those you call on a daily basis. The feature is hidden on frequently contacted on your account.

You can have fun with Google contacts playing around the dashboard to learn more on how to exploit the power feature of Google associated with your Gmail account.

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